LOL or DOTA 2?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by azevedofernando, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. azevedofernando

    azevedofernando New Member

    I know this question has been very debated over the course of the coexistence of both games but i've been playing LOL for like 4/5 years and i'm getting a bit sick of it's community and i wanted to know if it would be a good idea to move over to the only real competitor.
  2. sniperlove

    sniperlove New Member

    Well it defends how do you gonna adopt each games.
  3. sniperlove

    sniperlove New Member

    I will rather play dota 2 than LOL.
  4. amadeo7734

    amadeo7734 New Member

    That depends on your taste, if you want more cartoonish graphics and not that complicated then I suggest you to pick LOL but if you want a challenging one then choose Dota.
  5. jjhanlyn

    jjhanlyn New Member

    For me I prefer Dota2 well we cant deny that dota2 has a good graphics than LoL. in terms of gaming they are similar in almost everything.
  6. MarcFrancis

    MarcFrancis New Member

    For me it's Dota 2, because I've played it since dota 1, but ofcourse it depends on what you used to play, both has a unique style, characters and gameplays so I think there's no need to compare.
  7. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    dota 1
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  8. Toni251

    Toni251 New Member

    League Of legend , i tried Dote 2 , honestly is was so boring :p:p
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  9. JosonAyuso

    JosonAyuso New Member

    foe me DOTA 2, The graphics of DOTA 2 are far superior the LOL. The game play is the same but there are more exciting things on DOTA 2 than LOL. Start from the items, you can counter heroes by building items. The skin of heroes are also better than LOL. The skills of the heroes are much better. But the very obvious advantage of DOTA is the graphics. :thumbsup:

    I was a fan of DOTA since the first version of it. Even the first version of DOTA is better than LOL :p

    We cant deny that there are a lot of known player on DOTA than LOL. I honest opion I think LOL just duplicated what DOTA has now. Except with the graphics :rolling:
  10. cozhart

    cozhart New Member

    DOTA is really nice ;) I was first addicted to LOL before I changed to DOTA 2. The reason is because I find DOTA quite challenging and I really like the feeling of coming back to a game in DOTA2. Seriously, coming back in LOL is easier than in DOTA...
  11. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    I played LOL but Dota 2 is a game that I really enjoy and lots of players and my friends play it too.These days DOTA 2 has more followers than LOL. Seems that DOTA 2 has a good variety of players and also really good animations in the game.
    So I would go for DOTA 2 over LOL any-day.DOta 2 is really challenging sometimes because in late game its quite hard to do a comeback if you or your team didn't play your strategy well.So having a game strategy in the game really helps in the late game.And there are many game modes that a new player can really learn the game well,before stepping in to rank games you should try every hero there,if not you will be hunted unexpectedly in the game.In LOL comeback is easy comparing to DOTA 2.So I personally like challenging games,DOTA 2 fills the slot for that hehe.Give a like and a comment gys ty.
  12. fajaybar

    fajaybar New Member

    i will play dota 2, so nice with nice graphics LoL is 2nd to dota 2
  13. LightPatch

    LightPatch Member

    Dota 2 has a much wider variety of gameplays with heroes in contrast to League of Legends. This is due to the fact that items in Dota 2 has more complexity to the extent that even some support heroes can turn into carry that wreck tanks. Another advantage that I see is that, all heroes are free to use while the latter requires you to purchase heroes that may otherwise be stressful to acquire.
  14. Baggie

    Baggie New Member

    Well even if they are in the same genre they are still 2 different games. But my personal favourite is DOTA 2. I started playing LOL first but since my friends played DOTA I started to play this game too. I don't regret anything.
  15. XirZyX

    XirZyX New Member

    I play both but my vote is for LOL because it's easy to play and easy to play is easy to enjoy. I only play for entertainment and to enjoy, that's why i didn't chose DOTA. DOTA is a good game and i love it too since it was established first than LOL, but it uses a lot of keys that gives me stress instead of enjoy and also it needs a mid end gaming pc that is also not practical now a days for gamers.

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