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Discussion in 'Internet' started by Aleona, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Aleona

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  2. cfulton33

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    Has anyone followed the links that this user has posted? I am concerned about whether it is a virus-risk. Thanks in advance for any information.
  3. Rexway4

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    I don't trust this program first you should look at the signup bonus given by this program $25 and the money they pay per successful referral is $10 ,I have visited the site but I never see any good task a member should complete to earn such amount of money.
    Most of this site that offer such high earning opprtunity are not reliable .
    I have try this type of program in the pass but to no avail so I won't recommend it now for anyone untill I see the current payment proof and testimony from others members.
  4. JanetL

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    I don't think the program is reliable to join or work with, the signup bonus is very high and they pay $10 just for referring friends,I have work before with this type of program some of them will cancel your account once you reach the minimum cashout thresh-hold.

    They will post a payment proof but at the end of the day you will fine out that some of those payment proof posted there are fake.
  5. Rexway4

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    I will never beleive in this program untill I see the current payment proof and testimoney from others successful users,
    the signup bonus they offer to their client seems to be too high and a wooping sum of $10 per user you refer.

    I have work with this type of program in the pass but they get your account disable when you reach their minimum cashout or ask you for a fee or credit card information,I will stay far away from them untill current payment proof is provided.

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