Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Abbybvega, Jan 10, 2019.


Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter

  1. Harry Potter

  2. Lord of the Rings

  1. Abbybvega

    Abbybvega New Member

    I love them both..
  2. Charlotte03

    Charlotte03 New Member

    For some reason I dont like seeing the characters in the Lord of the rings movie, but I do love Harry Potter movies.
  3. KatBcat

    KatBcat New Member

    The Lord of the Rings all the way!
  4. escoval9d

    escoval9d New Member

    I like them both but The Lord of the Rings is one off the best Trilogies ever made
  5. enesibra0702

    enesibra0702 New Member

    Well that question is rely difficult because if U are fiction fan you simply have to love both.But if u ask me I will pick "Harry Potter" it is multi age understandable I watched 1st "Harry Potter And Chamber Of Secrets " as 5 year old kid.
    and I fell in love withe the entire franchise while "Lord of the rings" I could not get till early teens.
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  6. Eeeee6

    Eeeee6 New Member

    This is truly a hard a question. I did enjoy watching both. However, I only read one of the book series. I was very disappointed in the screen version of the first harry potter book. As the movies progressed they became closer adaptations of the books. But they were way off on the first few. I never read the lord of the rings books so in that case, ignorance was bliss, not knowing if the movie was close to the book or not. It's not listed but the biggest bomb book to movie in this category are the Percy Jackson movies, they were a total let down.

    I am both looking forward to and fearing the up and coming Artimis Foul movie. The trailer makes me wonder, having read both the book and the graphic novel it seems off.
  7. Gabyinho

    Gabyinho New Member

    For me, it's a simple question, because I love Lord Of The Rings the most! It is my favourite movie! And now with the Hobbits series, it's more exciting! Unfortunately, I didn't read the book series, but I will in the next month!
    I hope that they will make, in the future, another Hobbit movie or a fourth part of the Lord Of The Rings series!but for now, I think I will see the series all over again! I can't wait to hear the legendary reply: "You shall not pass!"
  8. reacobe

    reacobe New Member

    Lord of the Rings of course, I watch it for so many times even the Hobbit series. I love the characters and those unforgettable scenery
  9. tooasian4u

    tooasian4u New Member

    I would say both. I used to not like Lord of the Rings because... it just looks so serious and complicated until I saw The Hobbit and it wasn't bad at all. I fully understand people who prefer Harry Potter more thought. It is an all ages kind of movie.
  10. tristan9

    tristan9 New Member

    Lord of the Rings. I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but that's it. With Lord of the Rings, you experience it.
  11. benjamentabs2017

    benjamentabs2017 New Member

    I love them both, the LORD OF THE RINGS has a wonderful war epic scenes. But HARRY POTTER is more to me , its not because of the great story because it has a great story but because it is my child story book everytime I go to bed,the memory that I had with my mom
    telling the story thats the reason behind I more like it. :)
  12. edconsul

    edconsul New Member

    I had a hard time deciding but I went for Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings brings us adventure but the whole movie series is just the continuation of the other. Unlike the Harry Potter movies. Though the movies are basically a sequel, it has a different topic or subject, thus bringing us another taste of adventure. It also has the characters that we all love like Hagrid and Dobby and we hated like Dolores Umbridge. I love both stories though, but since I had to choose, I chose Harry Potter.
  13. dawnsison

    dawnsison New Member

    I love Harry Potter movies though I'm not able to watch all of it's chapter. Thanks to my Auntie and she got us some books of Harry Potter from Sorcerer's Stone up to Fire of Goblet and we still have it.

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