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    love is no gender, all is beautiful,
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    In this world where we live as prisoners of the "flawless" norms that we created, we slowly deprive ourselves from the real essence of happiness.


    “Sam, I’m sorry, but this should come to an end.”

    These words barely left her mouth. They both knew that this was quite the opposite of what she really felt inside. She loved Sam so much – so much that she could hardly feel the thrusts of knife in her chest in every word she had just uttered.

    She could see the tears streaming down the face of the person in front of her. She wanted to hug this person, to ease away the pain, but no matter how much she wanted to tell what her heart really felt, she just remained still. She had to do what was right while she still can. While her mind still works.

    She looked at the person in front of her for the last time. Sam is one of the most wonderful persons she had ever met.

    Sam has these sky blue eyes that caused her to quiver and shiver the first time they locked their gaze to each other. She was enthralled by this person and felt like she was instantly put under the spell of love.

    Everything was perfect. Everything was perfect for her and Sam except this one thing – one thing they knew they can never change.

    It was raining. Even the sky was weeping for them. She now stepped out the door despite the heavy rain, just like how she would step out of Sam’s life despite the love she felt for this person. There was no turning back anymore. She knew time will come and they will soon forget how true love once failed in their lives. A love that made them feel how something wrong could make you feel so perfectly right.

    Under the pouring rain, she felt someone hugged her from the back. The quite familiar desire was there once again, Sam was the only person that could make her put into fire despite the coldness of the rain. She had to remove it before she could follow what her heart was screaming once again. She had to remove this person permanently from her life, but Sam just held her tighter.

    “Please, just let me hold you for one last time...and I will finally let you go,” Samantha said between her sobs as she held her closer.

    (Indeed, love sees no gender.)
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    Love has no gender. Love is not necessarily always between just a man and a woman.This may be confusing to some of us but this is much more confusing to the people who find their true self in the identity that far from their gender they were born with.Love is really complicated to them but at the end of the day what really matter is they being true to themselves and stand for who they really is.
  4. jhonuarin03

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    Love has no gender. The energy of love is neither masculine nor feminine. It is all inclusive and in the presence of that energy is true equality. We all meet as equals through our connection to the loving presence.
  5. deadfire

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    "Men and women—they always seem to find a way to end up at odds with each other, creating power struggles through their cited differences. And physically, we are very different, right down to our chromosomes.

    But physicality is where it ends.

    In our humanity we are as diverse as can be, not only men from women, but person to person. We travel different paths, like and dislike different things and as results of our upbringing and moral standards, have varied beliefs and ideas which often drive us apart.

    But we are not only human, we are divine and in that divinity we are very much connected.

    The center of our human thought process is the Ego self—which strives to divide, separate and create—conflict at every turn. From it, anger, fear, hatred, guilt and shame are born. It continually creates problems based on “anything but this,” in other words, “take me out of this place I’m in and take me somewhere else that promises happiness.”

    But it’s a promise of happiness without the actual deliverance of it. This is what keeps us in a state of suffering and unfortunately, what keeps us tied to our human identity. The Ego believes in time, space, gender and boundaries of all kinds and it uses these to lead us down the rabbit hole as long as we are willing to follow it."
  6. Love no gender. Love is not only regarding the love for opposite sex or a romantic one. Love no gender is basically love one another, it is like loving your sister or brother, your guy bestfriend, girl bestfriend. Love no gender are also applicable for lesbian and gay people they are also human deserves to be love and to be accepted.
    "Love is pure and true; love knows no gender".
    God loves us all, regardless of sexual orientation.
  7. GolGalore

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    Absolutely, love has no gender. I am part of LGBT Community, I am a G in it. And I believe that if you love someone regardless of their gender, as long as it is a real love, there is no wrong with that. Scientifically speaking, being inlove with the same sex is not an abnormality, it is not a disease, it is normal.
  8. StarvingBeing

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    I believe that love is not to be limited with gender. One should be able to love whoever he/she wants to. Loving another person who has the same set of genitals as you should not be considered a sin. Why? Simply because it's not much of a difference than having a boy-girl relationship. the only massive difference actually is the way the couple have sex. Love is love regardless of what is own below.
  9. HORR

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    I in my opinion do not appreciate why so many people have a badly-behaved with homosexuals, because they are not hurting anyone or imposing on anyone's life besides the fact that they just do not want to see it, that it disgusts them, or they do not want their kids to see it. It is 2018 you see people showing each other affection every day, look away if you do not want to see it.

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