Love or Money?

Discussion in 'Books' started by phempia, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. phempia

    phempia New Member

    If you were asked between LOVE or MONEY what will you choose?
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  2. Dame000

    Dame000 New Member

    I believe that Love conquers all. So I choose Love over money. For example, A family. When both parents love their children, they will do whatever it takes to provide and give what their children needs. So they will find money for them to provide their children a life they deserve. Another one is we all know Steve Jobs, when he was on his sickbed he realized and utter these words "I realize that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death." Meaning, we can't be happy and fulfilled with our lives with money alone. I strongly agree that Love first and second is money.
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  3. princezrhed

    princezrhed New Member

    Love or Money? I will definitely choose love! Because I believe love is the answer to all the problems in the world. Love will make people happy and contented. Love will make us unite. Love will make us one. Money on the other side will make us bad if we don't know how to handle it properly. So i will choose love over money. I will choose to love and be loved rather than be rich and but not happy.
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  4. vanessa37

    vanessa37 New Member

    It depends on the situation. If the one I love is not rich but still able to meet our financial needs I've got no problem with it. For me, thesedays we should be practical and should think of ways to live. But in some instances for example one of you're partner got sick and you need to spend money for her or his medicine, then you have to choose if you more love keeping the money or spending it for the medicine of you're partner. While on other scenarios, ambitious people prefer money than love because they believe it will help them fulfill the highest way of living.
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  5. Jebwell05

    Jebwell05 New Member

    LOVE! With love comes riches. Not just riches in the monetary form either. With love you will be content with your life and money will just be paper. Money can buy you things that can temporarily make you happy. However, temporary happiness is not happiness. I would take love over money any day!
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  6. Justus Mark Maina

    Justus Mark Maina New Member

    Love!Love has been there since creation,if God didn't love the world then he wouldn't have created humans and other forms of creation.So he started love this gives us good example to us as humans to love each other no matter the outcome.Romantic love cannot be substituted with material things like money.Money comes and go but real love stays for ever.If you 'love' your partner for money that's a doomed relationship.But if you choose to love your partner for thick and thin, then thats a lasting relationship. Never put money first it can wreck you hard.Real love waits and works.
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  7. kyle05

    kyle05 New Member

    I will vividly choose love over money but it depends on the situation , Let's be honest to ourselves we can't eat love when money can buy everything we want , Money can get you a lot of thing that you could never though you could have in your life , It can make your whole world turn around , if you have money you have power that can make anything possible in just a snap of a finger , But there is one thing money can't buy and that's love a real true love.
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  8. Gayne2118

    Gayne2118 New Member

    Love! Love conquers all, someone that's in love will go to any length for love. Although without money love hangs by a thread.
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  9. alice wonderland

    alice wonderland New Member

    Both love and money is important for me its hard to choose between the two. Love serves as our inspiration to wake up everyday and motivates us to do much better things, whether its our loved ones, friends or special someone. While money makes the world go round, lots of people don't want to believe with this saying but let's be realistic in here. We work hard for money to sustain our everyday needs and provide to our family. So if I would asked to choose between love and money I'd rather not because both of these two is significant for our living.
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  10. xobe

    xobe New Member

    Both of them are mandatory I guess because love is useless without money. It will balance the relationships towards the duration of couples. Yes, you can love someone but how are you going to fulfill your partners happiness if you cannot buy or treat him/her simple things? For some, money is evil because it controls everything. But practically speaking, we need it, money is a tool for everyone to meet our needs for living. Of course, money can't buy any kind of love, because love is something natural comes out in our heart. Its not a thing or material, love is an emotion that lasts forever. At my age, I can absolutely justify that love and money should be in tandem, just make sure on how to manage them well, it will be hard to accept if you lose both.
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  11. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    Love and Money are two different things. Some times in order to show and experience love requires money. Money on the other hand does not require love. You can earn money even if you hate the process of doing it. Love and money can also be an effective combination if you know how to balance the idea of money and knowing how to love unconditionally without money. If you can learn how to value money and know what should be the value of money in your life then loving and being loved is easy.
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  12. Gere Mieh Y. Durato

    Gere Mieh Y. Durato New Member

    Good day everyone! I'm just a novice here.
    Well, they said if you have all the money you can buy all the things that you love. And even if you have all the love you can't have all the money you want. But even if that's the case most people have seen, I would still choose love, because I have seen love promotes peace both in the family and in the community. And I have seen money promotes selfishness which cause much trouble both in the family and in the community.
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  13. jgh

    jgh New Member

    Love always wins. Yes, it's not enough that you just love each other and have nothing to sleep or eat but if you truly love one another, you will find a good way to solve shortcomings. Money is important but every kind of relationship, even if it's family or romantic relationship, we should not focus on that. Having that love for one another is more important and it will lead to a greater foundation of a relationship.
  14. Sheena Abines

    Sheena Abines New Member

    I choose love. Love is one of the most powerful force here on earth. To be able to connect, within your soul, to another living person would be extraordinary.They say money doesn't grow on trees, but neither does love. So many people crave and desire love so much and they never get real love. I would choose always to take the drama and face it head on, with the person of my dreams, knowing that love is our strengthening factor.
  15. Albert Isip

    Albert Isip New Member

    I definitely choose love because love is everything. Love is everything we need to live. Yes, money is also what we need but we can obtain that money from love. Love can give us unmeasurable happiness but money can only give us temporary happiness. The power of love is always the best. So I definitely choose love.
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  16. danilo0809

    danilo0809 New Member

    Money and love are both important in all aspect of our lives. But if I have to weigh which between them is more important, i"ll go with the love. If and only if all people choose to love, everything is possible. As the bible says, "Love conquers all". By applying that, we may now live peacefully. If we have that love, we opt to share, to help, to be forgiving to trust, to be humble and to be loyal, to be kind, and many more positive attitudes... All of that can be made to be in opposite of choosing money. Just as what the bible also says, money is the root of all sorts of injurious things. Too much love of money can make us boastful, haughty, disloyal, fierce, puffed up with pride and many more negative attitudes if not controlled.
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  17. jaygielyn12

    jaygielyn12 New Member

    For me, love should be more important than money for anyone who has a husband or wife. Love is everlasting. Money is important to live, but having a companion you can always trust and care about should come before that. If you love each other, you will both work hard to help each other live a wonderful life together.
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  18. Ting

    Ting New Member

    Let me share a brief story of my life first, if you don't mind. Hehe! I'm from Philippines, It was in 2013, when I got a call from an Oil Company in Saudi Arabia offering me a job that was 8x higher than my last salary. It was like a dream come true to me. So I immediately accepted it. At first, I thought I could bear to be away from my loved ones. I worked there for 3 years, but that 3 years feels like forever to me. I got depressed there. I missed my girlfriend, friends and family every single day. So, 2016, after 3 years, I decided that i had enough and go back home. Now, maybe my income is just enough for our daily needs, but I've never been so happy and contented in my life now. Going back home is the best decision I've ever made. So, to answer your question. Love definitely comes first!
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  19. jazelle

    jazelle New Member

    If I will choose to love or money? I will choose love, why? Because love will give you everything, they say love conquer's all, if you chose to love then nothing is impossible! You can be inspired by your love and give everything just to have it, love is an inspiration to have all of your dreams came true, for you to make your own future and have your own life, career and fortune.
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  20. yamen

    yamen New Member

    I would chose Love over money, because God is Love. Simply put because I serve the Creator who created it all but need none of it and in believing in Him I know that all of my needs will be met. I am happier, I am complete and I am whole.

    It's the lack of love why people are willing to kill somebody and it is the love of that money that can make people who chose money to do any and everything for it. just look at some of these singers, serving and worshiping satan for money and power, but in the end they will all go down together in the Pit of Hell to burn for all eternity.
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  21. educator@16

    educator@16 New Member

    i would choose love, simply because love is so powerful, it could change everything the way how as person. money is always there ,easy to get but love it so hard to get and if it with you you're so lucky. You cannot buy love with your money, if someone say he or she buy love through money , it is not love anymore..
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  22. ion

    ion New Member

    Well, I'm hypocrite if i'm not going to choose money, because deep inside that's my first choice. Although love is the good answer, and i know a lot of people will admire you by choosing love, but who is the people? are they always there for you in case you have a problem? Are they concern to you about your monthly bills? your needs, your wants in life? No! You will earn a lot of respect but after that? What now? I believe that there's a lot of character or attitude which is not applicable today, in our society now.
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  23. Star Seduco

    Star Seduco Member

    Love because money can't buy love. Love is something you earn. Love is a thing that all of us humans hungers for. every one is searching for the right man or woman because they want to be love.
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  24. Supremo21

    Supremo21 New Member

    I would prefer to choose love than money. I believe that love conquers all. Love is the one that makes us happy than money. Money is temporary but love is infinite. We can do anything in love, i can't imagine life without love.
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  25. LudyP0521

    LudyP0521 New Member

    Practically speaking, I would choose money. I need to live, eat and feed my loved ones. Love is patient. Love knows that we need to sacrifice for money. At the end of the day, love will conquer all but money will save the day. I know that many of us are working hard to have a good life, because if you have a good life it's easy to find someone to love you. Money is essential.
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  26. roseanthonette

    roseanthonette New Member

    Both, We need both. Of course Love is on top of it. Love conquers all, love is what everyone needs to live. Love gives you comfort. Love feeds an empty soul. Love improves everybody personality and perspective. And yes Love make the world go round. Second is money. Money is essential. Yes there are things that money can’t buy especially Love. Then again, these days you have to be practical, especially if you’re raising a family. You needed money to survive. You needed money to show appreciation to the ones you love. You can take them to places, give the daily needs to pamper them. Your needs as a person not just to live but to survive.
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  27. romeo taan

    romeo taan New Member

    Surely both. You cannot live without love, you cannot also live without money. A simple and practical explanation.
  28. LaQu33n13

    LaQu33n13 New Member

    Love is powerful and has very many levels of how it affects you. Without love there are no morals, boundaries,
    or structure. You need money to buy certain things, but some people can manage whether to live with or without it. When some people choose money a lot of times they become, a little out of control, and feel emptiness.
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  29. nolimanalo20

    nolimanalo20 New Member

    I'd choose money for practical reasons. I'm not saying that love is not important but money is more essential. Yes, with love you could survive but as necessity dictates we should prioritize money. Those people who love you could just give you money but isn't it better that you're the one giving others? And by giving them what they need, you could make them love you.
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  30. kcee88

    kcee88 New Member

    I choose LOVE! Just like the story of a woman who invited LOVE into her home, SUCCESS and WEALTH came with it, because where there is love, there is also wealth and success. Money is just a tool to provide us with a comfortable life. It can never buy happiness, most of all, love. Life built around money is hollow and lacks purpose and meaning.

    "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)"

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