Love or Money?

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  1. mrllevarita

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    People might choose money. But I choose love. Yes, money is a very important and essential thing to survive nowadays. But what is money without love? But if you have enough love or you're with someone you love, I think you will just be fine because you will be together and you can work together.
  2. Esse

    Esse New Member

    BOTH.But the greatest of these is love
  3. Tolitz77

    Tolitz77 New Member

    This is my reaction on the question love or money?:

    Hello my name is joselito gerlingo pls for your eyes only (respect do not repost this) i am from the poor family in metro manila. My father is from samar, i grew up in simple living our father brought us here last april 1990 in quezon city i was 12yrs old that time. But before that we live in eastern samar i remember i was 7yrs old but before we settle in samar i remember we live in muntinlupa were i knew we live first... but since my father is from samar and his parents lives there he decided to go back there. Its his decision sometimes i cannot understand when i was a child because my grandparent has a lot of hectares of ricefield at mountainous land for their 4 children my father is the 3rd among the siblings but my father is so independent not relying on their land he decided to take gamble in Manila as a driver... i remember telling us that when he left samar he has no money yet he survive getting there... and he promise also he will going to be professional... well he got it as professional driver restriction 1&2...

    Oh dear sorry i will cut here sorry i will just summarize it coz its already 12am, in short we live as poor here in metro manila yet we survive but honestly if we go back to samar we can claim our fathers enheritance from our grandparents yet we do not do it coz we would like to be love by who we are not as a rich guy but what i am to you... my wife always saying this to those who do not know me... " ganyan lang yan asawa ko akala nyo mahirap cya pero sa totoo lang mas mayaman pa yan sa inyo ektaektaryang lupa meron cla sa samar koprahan at palayan pero ndi nila kini-claim yun... " and i always say to those side of my wife that when my wife will going to die first i will not going to claim any of the lands nor my child will i will go back to manila and live there i can work or find any work so that me and my daughter live with nothing coz my father thought us that... not relying on money but rely on love... coz love can move land & mountain...
  4. yuzupon

    yuzupon Member

    Love. One can always work for money but never for love. If you have one, then keep it yours forever.
  5. Claudiu2018

    Claudiu2018 New Member

    I need love. So this is my choice. Love give meaning to our lives and make me better. If i don't have love my life is useless.
  6. lyz07

    lyz07 Member

    Love because i cannot buy a person to love me. people who live in love are so blessed because they are lots of people who loves you that is the proof that you are kind, humble and important for them and they are on your side when you need them. and they didn't forget you forever. the love of parents, love true friends, and true love you cannot change them and its so hard to find and forget them they are in your heart forever.

    money is just a temporary and money cannot but a true friends and true love.
  7. of course love. money cannot buy your happiness but if you love more than happiness might you feel. we can love and earn money at the same actually.
  8. Shaynako

    Shaynako Member

    I hate to compare love with money because one is emotion and the other is material. If someone asked me "which is more important, love or loyalty", or "love or honesty"; some other character or emotional trait then it would be fair comparison.

    Love is important for emotional and personal development. Love of oneself, love of your family, love of your spouse, being in love....all that emotional stuff which makes you feel complete.

    Money in important for survival in this modern day world. The amount you have, earn or spend will determine how important it is to you.

    Money is not important for happiness.

    Love is not important for happiness.

    Happiness is a choice you make whether you have love or money. Happiness stems from that place where you feel peace of mind, mental balance and contentment. This should depend on you and NOT whether or not you have either love or money.

    Choosing your life partner should depend on what you want for your future. Are you seeking emotional security, financial security or both?

    There is nothing wrong with choosing to love someone rich, nor is there anything wrong with choosing someone poor just for love.

    If money is important to you then choosing someone for love alone may be a wrong choice.

    As I said your choice depends on what's most important to you.
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    Brijesh Dixit
    , BI Developer at ANZ Australia (2017-present)
    Answered Dec 30, 2016

    Loving someone is easier than earning money. Say you are poor. What will be the most important thing you will need? Food obviously. You can live without love if you can convince your sub conscious mind that it is just another lame thing which people go for. But you can never compromise your mind saying that food isn't important.
  9. 4TheBestWriter4

    4TheBestWriter4 New Member

    I choose both! For me choosing between love or money is like choosing between a hand or a leg! Why do we have to choose between two very important chapters or our lives? We as a human being are 100% in control of our reality and we can shape it in the way that we want. STOP choosing one or the other and START choosing both because we can have both of money and love and it's a great reality to experiment and live.
  10. justmegwapo

    justmegwapo New Member

    money and love that I choose because its important to life and its helps me to live up to the good
  11. dariosni1

    dariosni1 New Member

    If I were asked between love or money I would choose love because you find love in 3 basic things: God,family, and friends. If you have a hard time with these three things it could affect your money-making opportunities. In life you must secure first these three things. If you hate your family it could affect your routine and affect your job. If you hate God, you have no religion which could lead you go astray. Religion gives us guidance in life and in the end old people end up going to church. If you don't have friends that means you're life is boring or you don't have life. If you don't have life your life would be worthless. Also having no friends is like having no religion because friends nowadays is our tool for valuable information like the latest trends, the fastest news etc. If making money is pointless, whats the use of it?
  12. cari

    cari New Member

    This maybe hard but not .It is the most beautiful experience. It is involuntary . It isnt just attraction it is Attachment too. It isnt about the distance but connection. It is the essence of life. It is the strongest emotion. It is selfless, passionate, unconditional, self enhancing, forgiving, understanding, togetherness ,completenessYou always marry for love because money can go away and then what now your stuck with a person you have no connection with if you commit to a person it should be someone you enjoy who you always think about and makes you so happy someone you would do anything for and you feel you can depend on no one is perfect but someone makes you feel perfect but marriage is like a full time job so you also feel you can handle their faults and know or at least feel they can handle yours in saying that i say this before you make any kind of commitment you should make sure you are in a stable situation that you can handle the stresses that involve a relationship whether financial or emotional. I would rather have love and know love than have all the money that could never buy real love.

    No matter you choose which life, life can’t be satisfactory. So how to choose? Be the kind of person you more want to be.
  13. iob8888

    iob8888 New Member

    If I were to choose between love or money I choose love, because true love is hard to find and if you are lucky to find it you should keep it forever. Money can be replace, it will come and go but love will stay in our minds and in our heart.
  14. casnik28

    casnik28 New Member

    Either way we need to be wise. But of course if you are a person who is practical in life you would choose money over love. But we all know if you know how to love then everything follows,. I personally choose love over money. Money cannot really buy everything in this world When we talk about love it discuss many things it can be GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, as a simple person I must admit that if someone truly loves you money is not really a big thing, thou we know that money is important to live. Money can be earn but you cannot buy LOVE (genuine love) . Love conquers every heart and if you know how to love, respect and work hard then you can have money for sure. LOVE is powerful
  15. justmegwapo

    justmegwapo New Member

    Love is more important everyone will have a different opinion, but personally I believe that love is more important than money. the only reason material possession is important is because we live in a society that depends on it. money is these day quite literally for survival.
  16. matikalako2017

    matikalako2017 New Member

    I choose love i how ever wont say that i don't need a money but if the question is something like that i would pick love because a person who don't know how to love is some how don't have anything special in their lives. There is nothing more important in life other than the person you love the most.
  17. Adeyson

    Adeyson New Member

    Although the Bible said it in the scripture that money answer all things, but for me i think i will choose love because love is the reason why we are still alive and existing till today, Christ love us so much that he gave all to save us from all sins, money without love is an aimless life, love will always attract blessing that is even greater than money.
  18. Shane1992

    Shane1992 New Member

    Money,its what is more important now a days being practical is what
    really matter most..
  19. vicdragon

    vicdragon New Member

    For me we need this two together because if you have a love or a pantner you always need money to provide the expenses.
  20. johnjovenx28

    johnjovenx28 New Member

    I choose LOVE over MONEY. True, money is essential for us to live but it cannot buy real happiness. The happiness that money can give is only superficial and temporary. The smile it can bring is only skin-deep. It cannot buy love,and it cannot buy life. You can have all the money in the world but you can still be lonely and unhappy if there is no love. Love, on the other hand, is priceless. A person may be poor financially, but if he is been showered by love and affection and freely gives it without condition, he would feel as rich as a king.
  21. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    If I asked to choose between love and money, yes they are both important for our everyday life because they both help as to become motivated and dedicated to goes on with our life but definitely I will choose Love over Money. Why? Because love are the most important and powerful peacemaker it helps people to build good relationship and love give as inspiration to pursue in our life and become contented on the things that we have that is why money can't buy happiness. Money is just a paper that we valued to live but to have a value our lives we need to love. Lets as say that you have money but the question is are you happy nor satisfied in your life?

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