Love or Money?

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  1. fajardo.d16

    fajardo.d16 New Member

    What would you really choose Love or Money???

    Many says and proved that LOVE is something that will make someone really happy in life, that being in love is the most happiest feeling. Love is more important than money? Here's my opinion. Have you ever been struggle to have a food to eat on your table? Have you been in a situation that you can buy food in the supermarket using that so called LOVE? Bitter? Not! I'm just stating a fact that "MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND". Loving is important I'm not saying i'ts not, but in reality and in the world you are living now. Money is really what you need to survive!

    So is it money over love OR love over money???
  2. It's not easy to decide on that. Money is important so is Love. In this century you can't fulfill your day to day needs if you don't have money, so in that case, I will pick Money instead of Love.
    But when it comes to a time when I have money to fulfill my basic needs, but I have given a choice to choose $ 1 mill. or Love, without any second thought I will pick Love.
  3. mitchyyy

    mitchyyy New Member

    I think both of them gives an essential part in our life. Because we cannot live having money without love and on the contrary we can't also live just by having money itself. Money is needed by every individual in order to live, everything that we need in our daily living requires us spending may it be essential or not. Love is needed by everyone, as the saying goes "No man is an island" no man can live alone because everyone of us needs love and needs to be loved.

    For example; In our jobs, we work in order to have and to earn money for ourselves but we cannot have that job for a long time if we'll not put our extra effort in it that's why we need to put love in what we do. it will not only help us in our job but it will always make us feel that we weren't working at all.

    I just believe that we need to know how to balance the Love and Money :)
  4. J.leka

    J.leka New Member

    I choose both of them. With out the money can't find the Love and with out the Love you don't make money. If the maried couple are in love and got no money they probably going to the ending because lifestyleis going to be a stressed. If the got money is the stress of happiness and is going to be the same way. The life has to be with both of them so to have a normal life
  5. Abdussamed0

    Abdussamed0 New Member

    I would choose money because with money you can do everything with me and love can be fake for me. but yes in life you also have to choose love for that, I agree with you. each for himself.
  6. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    Money will always just be a tool in this world.. nothing more yet we confuse it with power, it is nothing more than paper.. true love is above all money .. you can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have any love your soul will perish.
  7. Mark barretto

    Mark barretto New Member

    I will choose money because money is one of the best way to live comfortable and poverty free but I don't forget my love to god,family,friends and myself,I know love is better than money but sometimes don't let your financial freedom ruined by your sweet one or your crush sometimes in our life lovelife is a big mistake and earn money os much better to consider if you want to live happy and pain free
  8. Princess Margaux

    Princess Margaux New Member

    In this era nowadays people are so obsessed in material things they are so ambitious to reach the top to have the kind of luxury lifestyle they don't even notice that they too much lived for the money along they forgot the essence of why we really are in this earth to spread the love. So if I would choose love or money I'd rather choose love over money. Why? Because I believe love cant be seen anywhere nor cant be buy we all know that love is difficult to find nowadays especially when you met someone who will just play and break your hearts if you found the love of your life don't let it go because it's not always there maybe you don't know one day he/she would be in another hands. Money can seen anywhere as long as you do hard work with your love you can help each other to have a better future.
  9. tedzk26

    tedzk26 New Member

    A girl you can buy with money sounds pretty much like a ***** to me. And again, if she's only with you because you buy her stuff and impress her with your possessions she doesn't love you.
    well if she's hot who cares?
    Sound like something that someone in high school would say (no offense). For one night stands (or simmilar), yeah I only look for the girls that are good looking, and dont really care if they are with me because I have the money to blow at the club and buy the drinks and etc, but for an actual relationship, being hot is not enough. If a girl is dating me (or well you) for the money, then that is bad, because thats means that she probably does not love you and is dating you for the things that you can buy her, and if ever you fall on hard times and are short on cash, chances are she will leave you. Anyway as for the topic, probably love, although a mix of both is preferred.
  10. McBurn

    McBurn New Member

    I agree with some people on this thread. I don't think there's a "right" choice here since in my case I wouldn't be able to live without one or the other, and I think that love and money are things that are dependant on one another.

    For example: When you love something (yourself included) you want to nurture it and take care of it, and how do you obtain the means to do so? with money, of course. In this day and age, I don't think that love can last without money because without it, you're basically useless in a relationship (sorry if this is harsh).

    Turning it around, a relationship without love is empty. What does it matter if you can give the world to each other when there's no affinity? you and your partner will just waste away trying to pretend you can tolerate each other's presence.

    Sorry, that was a bit depressing, but the healthiest thing would be to have a relationship where both parties have love and money to give.

  11. rna08

    rna08 New Member

    I would say depending in the situation. What if the person that you love is not worth of any love you are giving, its not fair. In every day life and news I saw in the internet and television that the girl is staying by his love even if she's like a punching bag, or when your loved one always cheats on you but you always forgive him because you love him but with no chance of the boy changing his ways.
  12. Hessocreed3000

    Hessocreed3000 New Member

    I don't really understand why people always compare money and love, when you can always choose to live a life having both money and love. In my opinion, It depends on which you want to prioritize first, your love life or your career? I mean, if you are not ready for a relationship and you wanted to prioritize your career first then don't enter into a relationship. But if believe that you are ready for a relationship then go for it. And if you also believe that you can manage handling both your career and love life then why not, as long as you know how to balance your priorities then you should be okay.

    If I were still choose which is important, I will choose love. Why? Because money cannot by love and money cannot give you that distinct happiness you always feel every time when you are in love with someone.
  13. Constanthine

    Constanthine New Member

    Love conquers all.
  14. paul0000

    paul0000 Member

    Both love and money are important but there are similarities and differences between them. Some people say that Love is a feeling when a person finds someone who will cherish him/her based on his/her attitude. It means he/she accept the person for who he/she really are. And some of them say that Money can buy things that we want in our life in order to gain happiness but money can't buy love. Imagine on another world, Love represents family and Money represents magical power. So which one you will choose?
    If we are in a relationship because of money, it defeats the idea of love because people invest in a relationship for another motive. If you find true love, your life will be complete. There are many people who believe that in the end, it's only loving that matter. Some of them say it is the best feeling and if you are lucky to experience, you are the happiest person on earth. Therefore, money should never be compared to love because love is endless, hence money can't buy it.
    In reality, money is more important rather than love, "How can we love someone if we don't have money?" It's like Concrete and Abstract. Concrete are things that you can experience through your five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch while Abstract refers to intangible things, like actions, feelings, ideas, concepts, and qualities.
    "How can we act if we don't have five senses?"
    "Love is more powerful than money because love is endless while money is temporary and the most important thing in the world is family and love"
  15. Shanetta32

    Shanetta32 New Member

    I agree, love does not put food on the table. Although it feels good to be loved and to love others, let's be real you can't survive off love alone.
  16. Lilly03

    Lilly03 New Member

    Love or money? A hard choice indeed. I would choose love any day because there is truth in the saying that money isn't everything. Love on the other hand is everything, love will carry you through the darkest of days and put a song in your soul that will bring a smile to your face.
    Money will buy you a house but not a home, money may give you possessions but those possessions will not give you a hug when you desperately need one.
    Love all the time, anytime and for always!
  17. Ange

    Ange New Member

    Love or money? I'd go with love. Why? Because it is something that can make us truly happy. Yes, money can make us happy. However at the end of the day I want you to ask yourself. Am I truly happy? Does money makes you feel complete? Plus we can do anything when we are inlove, we take care with the people we love. All the things that are made with love cannot be broken instantly. As corny as it may sound, I choose love.
  18. akirasalunay

    akirasalunay New Member

    I hate to compare love with money because one is emotion and the other is material. If someone asked me "which is more important, love or loyalty", or "love or honesty"; some other character or emotional trait then it would be fair comparison.Love is important for emotional and personal development. Love of oneself, love of your family, love of your spouse, being in love....all that emotional stuff which makes you feel complete.Money in important for survival in this modern day world. The amount you have, earn or spend will determine how important it is to you.
    Money is not important for happiness.Love is not important for happiness.
    Happiness is a choice you make whether you have love or money. Happiness stems from that place where you feel peace of mind, mental balance and contentment. This should depend on you and NOT whether or not you have either love or money.
  19. Yen Marbs

    Yen Marbs New Member

    Love or Money? two different meaning but has great impact on a person.
    Practically speaking, I would be lured by money. Money can make us happy in some sort and be independent. We can live the life we want materially. We can buy the clothes we love, eat the food we crave for, go to places we always dream of. Create our own influence in terms of business and society in general.
    But these things are just temporary. We can not have this in the other world. if you believe in life after death.

    I think the best thing in life is to experience and give love. the most inexpensive thing a person can give and receive.
  20. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    Don't be silly -- it's love over money, of course (assuming you mean the once-in-a-lifetime kind). Struggle isn't easy, but there are ways of surviving tough times, and out of struggle come life lessons and strength of character. It would be easier to go without food or entertainment than to live without the person you love, who you cannot replace as easily as material goods.
  21. fablangco

    fablangco New Member

    Choose love. Love is indeed more important than money. You cannot use money to buy true love, but you can use love to have money. Yes, it would be pretty impossible to "buy food in the supermarket using" love. However, there is nothing in the world's records that will show that love can be used as a currency to buy material things, such as food on the table. Love is not a tool to buy things and it can never be; while money is just a means to buy material things.

    The reality of the world we're living now is up to us. Money is not really what we need to survive. If by surviving, you mean to have food on the table, then you can find if not make ways. We have the nature for our resources.
  22. Skygod400

    Skygod400 New Member

    Money is one tool that makes love more attractive, it's just because money will make you happy and confident. Love is one thing that give sense to ones life, and one of the great source of happiness. If there is only shortcut to love, I dont need any money because in love you will find happiness. The bottom line of everything that we are doing is based on what will make us happy. So love or money depends on what makes you more happy. For my side it's love.
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  23. yellow

    yellow Member

    I think usually love has worser inflation rate than the money..
    And that tels us we can buy and sell love just need a client or order..
    But it depends to love our children, family or fall in love with somebody.
  24. Lissiel

    Lissiel New Member

    Money may be more attractive than love nowadays, but for me love always win.

    Everybody says that if you have the money you will find true love. That's crazy because if someone stays with you because of money-- they don't love you; they love the money-- they don't choose you they chose the money.

    If someone loves you for real, they will continue to love you even when you die-- they cry when you die and will remember you forever. But if they only love your money, people will rejoice when you die and will be very happy to take your money. That's the complete difference between love and money.
  25. vinzero6

    vinzero6 Member

    love of course because the money is quick the
    only one I find not as also love is not easy to find hard to find also serious relationship so when you need love or money to me is love..
  26. Jovilyn Condat

    Jovilyn Condat New Member

    Love because wherever you go it will be your weapon in combating financial problems in the world. If you're a person that loves everything like your family, neighbor or strangers then you will tend to receive rewards to your hard works. They will usually love you back. I admit that money makes the world go round but it creates a lot of discrepancies and confusion. Love should always be our number one priority, If the world is full of Love then every aspect or problems in our world will be gone because with love? It can solve everything.
  27. dennyserbia

    dennyserbia New Member

    Definitely money. Till now I've had some experience which showed me that love is very relative thing and it can disappear in the blink of an eye. You aksed a question in a meaning of choosing between love in a romantic way and money, that is how I see it. On the other side, family and love for them is what matters the most. All you do and what you are becoming, your family has a big role in it. But sure, when it comes to romantic love, no one will stay by you and love you forever, so always choose you and your benefits. Make your wishes come true, and if someone wants to be next to you, let it be. If doesn't, you will do whatever you want because still, you can.
  28. roseblossom23

    roseblossom23 New Member

    True happiness in life can only be found when you make good decisions in life without feeling any guilt or regrets in yourself. So, between love and money, you can only make sure that you know what's more important to you if both your mind and heart agrees to your greatest desire. For example, our mind might say that being practical in desiring to be rich is the best way to live a happy life despite setting aside the things you love to do and the people you love to be with. But then, your heart will then appeal to you that the happiness of being rich is just temporary because you can't find real happiness without enjoying the things you really love to do and expressing your true love to someone you truly love.

    So, identifying your real priorities in life as well as the greatest desire in your heart may help you to carry out a wise decision in living the life you wanted to have. But as for me, anyone can be rich and happy in many ways if you do everything with love.
  29. Momon16

    Momon16 New Member

    I think money because nowadays its very hard to live without money.It is important to sustain all your needs and wants thats why we need money to pay for it..Not all the times you will choose love.
  30. Jenniferdainty

    Jenniferdainty New Member

    Money! Haha.. They may say that money can't buy us happiness but I disagree with this. If you have enough money, you could do a lot of things that would make your loved ones happy. Money is not actually the root of all evil. We could also involve it with Love. We just need to spend it wisely and reasonably. Money could promote love. How? Of course by sharing it with other people without expecting anything in return.

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