mac or windows?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by pauuum, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. pauuum

    pauuum New Member

    windows to go. It's easier for me to access and manipulate and so much cheaper than mac
  2. rgerchalk

    rgerchalk New Member

    Mac for me, mostly. I was a Windows user (and DOS, way back). I was having my Windows laptop fixed way back in 2005. I bought MacBook, the old white model, on impulse. I loved it! I've had several, now use MacBook Pro 2012, they sold until 2016 when I bought mine. Mac just works, with just a few exceptions. Besides, it integrates perfectly with iPhone, which I also love, as well as with iTunes, which I use every day. Also, when I buy a new Mac (I backup to portable hard drive, also possible with iCloud now)–it restores perfectly every time. Windows wasn't bad until the Windows 8/10 debacle. I worked on computers at work, old models with corporate Windows installation, they were fine. However, when they forced their business model to collect data from every keystroke, so they could make money from advertising, the new versions overwhelmed older computers and weak internet connections. Mac seeme to collect data this way years earlier, but things worked more smoothly.
  3. Matipong

    Matipong New Member

    I would choose windows because there are less limits compared to mac.
  4. floreshcarlosa

    floreshcarlosa New Member

    I would probably choose windows because mac is limited to just letting you do the things they want you to do, from installation processes to simply using a tool, everything must be according to their rules, on the other hand windows is a bit more customizable
  5. aneworjin

    aneworjin New Member

    I would choose windows, much easier to use than a mac book.
  6. Treehugs

    Treehugs New Member

    I prefer Windows, because it is user-friendly unlike Mac. Also, PC's are better for gaming than mac due to availability of games and programs.
  7. sabur2000

    sabur2000 New Member

    I would go for Windows because of the more open software and the larger variety of programs you can download. In addition a good Windows laptop will cost you a lot less than a mac. With that being said, one thing Mac has that I really like is the security that Apple implements. There are many fewer viruses and malware issues in Mac's than in Windows.
  8. Dimitri-ov7O

    Dimitri-ov7O New Member

    I don't know if it's as cut and dry as Mac or Windows. Although Bill Gates stole the idea of Windows from Steve Jobs, I think that Windows serves its purpose as a mainstay in the business world. However, Mac rules the artistic and personal genres of computing. Really, I prefer to use both.

    What would life be without Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, especially in the academic and business arenas? Of course, we have come to rely upon the reliability and straight for layouts of Microsoft Office. I think we take for granted that many of Word's original features are now standard features of every typing program. And Windows set the standard for operating systems with DOS.

    Still, Steve Jobs defined our era with a plethora of new ideas, including windows. He was the one who realized that, in order to use a computer, the average person needs a clickable image that executes a computing process. That way, users don't have to compute colors or equations in a machine language. He gave us all of the Apple I products. And anybody who does music, or any type of art for that matter, knows that Mac is the winner hands down.

    In the end, I think we need both.
  9. thisrandomguy

    thisrandomguy New Member

    Been using Windows for my entire life, and well, it would be hard to switch, but from what I heard Mac is really good for the video editors out there so I guess if I ever get into video editing I would consider switching? idk
  10. RonnieG

    RonnieG New Member

    Apple for my phone and Windows for my computer always. never got used to Apples operating system on a laptop or desktop.
  11. taylorrentmoney

    taylorrentmoney New Member

    The one benefit of the mac is that you can easily alternate between your phone and computer; however, strictly operating wise, I prefer windows. The programs are easier to use and to share with others.
  12. Porps

    Porps New Member

    I'm a windows user and I never had a regret having a windows loptop because it's more easy to use and convenient for copying files to other computers. Although I'll give a big thumbs up for Mac because of their security.
  13. alexkt90

    alexkt90 New Member

    I have been using windows since 97 when windows 97 was running in DOS.
    I even learn Computer Subject on MS-DOS.
    SO for me its Windows till now
  14. NewbieGainers

    NewbieGainers New Member

    I'd say windows! windows all the way! But... I think windows is only good as a desktop computer. If you are having a meeting with a client on a coffee shop, or if you're working from different places to places, I'd say go for the mac air. It's easy to bring, very mobile and it can leave an impression with your clients with Oohh's & Aahh's. But if you're a graphic person that demands a heavy load type of work, and it's okay for you to work in one place, then deffinitely go for the windows! Both have strengths so choose dependending on your needs.
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  15. Bigbills

    Bigbills New Member

    I will have to go in for windows simply because it is open source. Although I love Mac interface, I will always go in for windows because it allows me to do whatever i want to do. Besides, I play all my PC games on my PC, I don't see Mac allowing users to play any modern game.
    I love windows:love::thumbsup:
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  16. tf4

    tf4 New Member

    Gotta be Windows. It is a lot more flexible and has a wide variety of programs, much more so than mac. As a gamer, if i used a mac i would be much more limited in terms of games i could play as well as other software available to me, though that gap is decreasing. As a programmer I would choose linux over the two, but as a daily driver it would have to be windows. I don't have any other apple products so im not in the Apple ecosystem though if i had an iphone i would likely find the ease of transfer between the two enough to sway me over. on android though, it's much more practical to have a windows pc than a mac, especially as i build my own PCs so there is a lot more flexibility there. I know i could install mac OS on a custom pc, but windows is a lot easier to set up in that way and less likey to have issues. It would be a big switch after years of windows, and i dont use creative apps for music, photos, etc so i dont need any of those features of a mac
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  17. plambev

    plambev New Member

    If it's for work I would prefer Mac, but for personal usage definitely Windows
  18. dlhathaway94

    dlhathaway94 New Member

    So, I have used both Windows and Mac. From this experience, I would say that both operating systems work for different people, for different reasons.

    Currently, I work with Windows. My desktop is an HP, my laptop is a Dell. I haven't had many problems, but the ones I have had are either extremely simple or extremely difficult to fix. There is no in between. I have a great deal more knowledge about Windows computers, as I have had Gateway, Dell, and HP systems to work with for almost my entire life. Windows works for, well, work. As long as you are wise enough to avoid viruses and keep your systems at peak performance, any computer can be good for work, though.

    I had an older Mac desktop when I was a smaller child, and another when I was in my late teens. Being a creative person, interested in both writing and photography, I enjoy the edge the Mac system and programs it supports gives to creators. I never had any complaints while using the Macs I had; in fact, I'm fairly certain that the only reason I do not still possess a Mac is due to moving and limited funds.

    I would probably prefer to have a Mac for creative and aesthetic reasons. However, Windows computers tend to be cheaper than their Mac counterparts; as such, Windows is likely going to be the option for me for a long time coming.
  19. jhayjhay0911

    jhayjhay0911 New Member

    Windows for me. because it is so easy to use and so many users are using it. so highly recommend WINDOWS for me
  20. Duzzi

    Duzzi New Member

    Windows all the way for me. Many reasons for that, mostly because I want to build/mod my own PC's and can't do that with MAC because I'm limited to using Apple computer, I know Hackintosh it's an option but that is too much trouble just to use that OS.

    JMLANTING New Member

    i'll go for windows because it is easy to used and friendly user
  22. Darticus

    Darticus New Member

    I'd choose Windows. Where I work I have to support both Windows and Mac machines and I've found Macs to be much more trouble than they are worth. The hardware is simply shotty on newer models, the keyboards for instance tend to wear out ever since their 2016 remodel. Sure Windows has it's issues too, especially lately with the fudged updates, but they aren't consistently bad like Mac has been since Jobs' passing. It's sad actually, I'd rather Macs be a good competitor. The market would benefit from such, but Apple as a company just keeps missing the mark.
  23. memalist01

    memalist01 New Member

    I like mac for its aesthetics and simplicity. However, mac is way more expensive than windows. Windows also can be install to different platforms with minor issues because it supports more hardware than mac.

    Macs also has a fewer option than windows. Unless you know what your looking for, picking a windows device can be difficult. Also if you're using other apple devices, mac would be a better choice.
  24. jsoriano10

    jsoriano10 New Member

    I'd say both have their own strengths and downsides, and it boils down to personal preference. Design wise, Mac wins without a doubt. Both Mac's operating system and hardware designs were created in a minimalistic and sophisticated way. The user interface is just stunning, but not the most friendly I would say. Mac's OS is very secured and is almost immune to all types of viruses. The only downside I see is its price point. Mac computers and laptops tend to be very expensive and are usually bought as a status symbol and luxury item.

    Windows on the other hand is a lot more popular based on the number of users than Mac, probably because of its price range. Windows' operating system is more compatible to a lot of applications which makes developers become more motivated to invest. Also, I personally think that Windows PC's and laptops have features that are up-to-date.

    Again, as a buyer and user, always keep in mind to consider that this will be for a long term investment when buying any electronic devices. Personally, I would go for Windows PC and laptop just for practical reasons. :)
  25. denden024

    denden024 New Member

    for me windows. because it's a user-friendly than mac
  26. rynemcdg

    rynemcdg New Member

    I would choose Windows for three reasons: first, practicality for being less cheaper than that of Mac; second, Flexibility that can be upgraded or updated the windows software and hardware anytime; and third, compatibility which offers more applications or even third party applications as well to that easy to use synchronization with other devices. More to that, it is really for the people who wants more than what was expected.
  27. Elle004

    Elle004 New Member

    Windows is more accessible
  28. gwennuuuh

    gwennuuuh New Member

    Windows if more handy for me. Mac is a little bit complicated and hard to navigate especially if you're not really an apple device user.
  29. Keoteu

    Keoteu Member

    Windows for me, because on a Mac device you don't really have much freedom on your device like you can't download specific files just because Apple thinks its a threat or something illegal but its just actually a document for work, while in windows you have freedom from those things..
  30. Impalals01

    Impalals01 New Member

    For me I have to say Windows. I have tried to use Mac in the past and I absolutely hated it. I bought a Macbook Air and it was so terrible it doesn't even come with paint. With Windows there are so many more options on how you can customize your computer, whereas a Mac whatever you have is what you are stuck with.

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