Mac, Windows Or Linux?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by ShaneParkins, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. ShaneParkins

    ShaneParkins New Member

    What's your OS of choice? personally I enjoy using a Mac more, not really for the software but for the design and just overall feel of the machine. I have also never tried Linux as it seems to technical and too much for what I need out of a machine :)

    Whats your choice and why?
  2. Benzgod

    Benzgod New Member

    I've always went with windows, but I've tried linux it is very handy, if You're good with computers linux is a very good OS, I just never liked messing with the terminal on linux, I like windows cause of its easy to use, quick install and overall performance!​
  3. RiggedGaming

    RiggedGaming New Member

    I have always gone with Mac OSX, It's a great Operating system and the good thing is it's meant for fast processors. I love the look and feel of it, It's a very 'Sleek' OS. The bar at the bottom is my favourite part of the OS because all your favourite applications are sitting there ready when you are.

    I also like Linux as it's good for coding, But it lags a bit when I run it through a Virtual Machine hence the reason why I don't use it anymore.

    Thank you.
  4. einproject

    einproject New Member

    For having most of the games today working on it, I choose windows. The downside is: It is quite vulnerable to malware attacks and needed a good antivirus and operation awareness to minimize reformatting it.
  5. SirQuill

    SirQuill New Member

    I prefer Windows 7 for the compatibility and the overall feel of the interface. Linux/GNU with Gnome on top of it is decent too, although you need Wine for most programs and it's a less satisfying experience overall. I only use OS X for testing/running software that's exclusive to it. It's pretty much the same as most *nix based distributions, although it's a bit more locked down.

    For everyday usage and browsing the web, I'd recommend Windows over anything, perhaps Mint or Xubuntu if it's on a very old computer.
  6. Celestea

    Celestea New Member

    I use Windows 7 due to that I like the feel of the operating system, and I believe a much larger variety of programs/games I can run compared to OSX or Linux.
  7. coolguy

    coolguy New Member

    One has to first take into account what their needs are before choosing an OS. Its difficult to get all you want in any one OS but there are a few things to consider. It you are just looking at everyday common tasks like typing a document, surfing the internet, checking emails, playing computer games, then Windows OS is just fine. If you are a power user who enjoy and create digital designs like graphics and animations, movies and videos, and other stuff along the design path, then i would definitely recommend the Mac OS. Now Linux is more for security and power as it allows you to execute scripts to do complex tasks like Pen-Testing and other I.T. related duties as well the everyday common tasks of the Windows OS.
  8. barry

    barry New Member

    Which operating-system is the best? I believe that depends heavily on what type of task are needing to accomplish. I use Windows and some Linux, whereas my wife uses an iMac (that runs both the Apple operating system and Windows (in a separate partition).
  9. a73144

    a73144 New Member

    Windows is my first preference as you have so many choices of software's and many software are available for free. :)
  10. MallieX3

    MallieX3 New Member

    I have to state an overall preference for Windows - as there are very few programs I regularly use that have been ported to Linux currently. However, I think Linux has a more overall 'clean' feeling (especially with gnome on top of it). And it already has the advantage of not forcing Internet Explorer (and all the security deficits that come with it) on whatever system installs it.
  11. cptcool

    cptcool New Member

    Linux of course!

    I made the switch when I first had a major virus problem on Windows that took advantage of a Chrome exploit. I tried booting Ubuntu off a flash drive and instantly fell in love. This was around 2008. Haven't looked back since.
  12. Parkergolf

    Parkergolf Member

    I enjoy using a Mac rather than anything else. I used a borrowed PC before I got my Mac. I will never go back to a PC. Mac's are so much easier to operate and navigate. I love them so much.
  13. FerAl

    FerAl New Member

    I like Linux but I need to use Windows. Most of the games today runs better on windows machines. So I choose windows. I bought Windows 8 and I'm running it without problems. I can do whatever I want on it. It's perfect for me.
  14. mustbeza

    mustbeza New Member

    I work with both Windows and Linux. All my computers at home have Windows installed, and at my work I have to use Linux which I prefer. I would prefer to use Linux at home also, but that would be to complicated for my family members to use. I not a fan of the Mac OS, I have used it before but never on my personal computer.
  15. mustbeza

    mustbeza New Member

    I work with both Windows and Linux. All my computers at home have Windows installed, and at my work I have to use Linux which I prefer. I would prefer to use Linux at home also, but that would be to complicated for my family members to use. I not a fan of the Mac OS, I have used it before but never on my personal computer.
  16. CryptedCalvin

    CryptedCalvin New Member

    As a Windows fan, I have always been fascinated by what they can do. But, WHAT exactly can they do you may ask?

    Firstly, the functions on Windows are CUSTOMIZABLE and very convenient to use. I do not deny the fact that Macs are also very convenient but in my opinion, I find Windows as my personal favorite.

    Secondly, on Windows, you can practically do ANYTHING on it. If you were to be using a Mac, many games and programs may not work but ON windows, it will!

    Lastly, Windows are VERY affordable. If you were to get a Mac, you would need to pay about $1500 for just a mac book while you can easily pay about $500 for a decent windows laptop. If you compare it, Windows win for sure!
  17. Firststrike

    Firststrike New Member

    I prefer Mac, Mac's tend to be more secure. Viruses, spyware and malware are rarely an issue, so you don't have to load a ton of security software just to get onto the web. And that's a big, very big plus for me. Mac's are just easier to use.
  18. Kevin Jordo

    Kevin Jordo New Member

    Mac User Here,
    I love macs, and I had a very bad experience with windows. I love macs because of their simplicity, their security, and their great software. I have had my mac for over a year now without a single problem from any sort of virus. The Mac OS has always been very easy for me to use and get used to whenever there was a new upadte. However, the rumor is true that Macs are completely incapable of playing games. I mean any type of games. If you are looking for gaming, go with windows, but if you are looking for a great computer for doing work and getting things done, go with mac and buy an Xbox360 or a PS3.


  19. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    Windows, because most games only support Windows. Most programs in total actually. I have been thinking of using Linux, but I want to learn how to program and such, before I do so, as Linux is an OS for hackers/programmers.
  20. dilshanmudugamuwa

    dilshanmudugamuwa New Member

    Windows is the best.Microsoft essentials virus guard which comes with the windows is one of the best virus guards which i ever used.And also tons of pc games supporting only with windows operating system. But linux is also good.
  21. LuxeNovice

    LuxeNovice New Member

    I enjoy Windows being that its the only operating system that I have ever purchased. I have used Mac before but I just find that windows is the most user friendly, and is very universal when it comes to downloading or installing products . I love how sleek the Mac design is and longevity but Windows is the bang for my buck.
  22. Alanmdoc

    Alanmdoc New Member

    Windows = A little bit of everything but it's mostly great for gaming if you compare them with the other two OS's.
    Linux = Definitely targeted towards developers.
    Mac = I'd say it's also just like Windows, a little bit of everything, except switching games for great work related software.

    Just my two cents, from experience that's what I've been able to tell, it's personal preference in my opinion.
  23. jesterscript2319

    jesterscript2319 New Member

    I have to go with Windows all the way. It gives me the right amount of access to my system and if I need more I can always find a way. I'm an IT Professional by trade so knowing the ins and outs of the majority system is kind of my bread and butter anyway.

    I also have a couple of Linux computers set up in my house. One I use as a storage/media server and the other I play around on to increase my depth of knowledge in the system.

    My wife does a lot of artwork and prefers a relatively hassle-free experience so we got her a Mac. I'll admit I do fiddle with it too as I tend to get a lot of people asking me to fix their Macs. I even recommended my geriatric parents get one for the OS's ease of use in their old age.
  24. BTCGuru81

    BTCGuru81 New Member

    For me, nothing beats the industry wide compatibility of Windows. Especially when talking about editions like Windows XP or Windows 7, I have a hard time turning to any other for the simple fact that I know virtually any piece of software put out is going to have a Windows edition. In terms of style, it does come up wanting. But, in terms of pure utility, I've found Windows to have a great balance between the flexibility of a Linux build, and the ease of use of an OSX release.
  25. _helix

    _helix New Member

    I'm all for freedom and you can choose which ever operating system you want but please do not say made up facts with no proof. No operating system is "made" for fast processors. The same processors that are found in Windows/Linux computers are the same as mac although with Windows/Linux we have the option of using AMD chips which bring speed and price together. And although the OS determines the load on the processor Windows and Linux are just as fast as OSX. If not Linux is the fastest (If you are not using Ubuntu).
  26. _helix

    _helix New Member

    Yeah, that is why IBM and Dell ship with Windows, because it is just for gaming.

    Windows has always been the leader in business, but has always had the ability to be a great platform for gaming.
    Mac OSX is more for art and crafts, but then again Windows can do that to and shares a lot of the same software with OSX.
  27. xolker

    xolker New Member

    It depends what I'm doing or using the computer for. For everyday use I prefer Windows because it is easy to use, efficient, and supports all the programs I could possibly need it to. For wardriving or the likes of course use linux or unix. There really isn't any reason to ever use a Mac. They cost more, they have lower grade hardware, Windows supports all the same programs that Mac does, and a Mac is more difficult to upgrade yourself because of its design.
  28. Mickypoo

    Mickypoo New Member

    There are also the BSDs (FreeBSD etc).

    I exclusively use Linux at home these days. I seem to keep coming back to Fedora after trying just about everything (Red Hat 8 was my first 'dabble' at Linux). Archlinux was and probably still is a really great distro... you've got to love rolling-releases. I got a little tired of 'pacman' updates breaking my whole system though.

    I am a bit of an IT nerd, and it has been a long process to get comfortable with the terminal/file system, but you don't have to know any of this to get something out of Linux. Ubuntu etc is perfect for a computer newbie, or your parents, who only use Internet etc.
  29. Adam Stone

    Adam Stone New Member

    I find Windows to be the best operating system out there. The machines that come running Windows are generally more reliable than others. The public also generally trusts Windows more, and the majority of computers in the world run Windows. I am more likely to go with a popular product than a new, relatively unknown and unused product. Windows 7, their second-latest release, is simply amazing. It has all the smoothness of Apple coupled with the simplicity of Windows.
  30. singledad

    singledad New Member

    I've used them all. I can honestly say I like pieces and parts of them all, too. I prefer the look & feel of Mac, but I'm not sure how much of that is hardware related and not just the OS. Some of the features of Windows that are missing from Mac are tough to do without. Simple things like snapping/tiling windows in place don't go unnoticed in my world. My perfect OS would be a Mac+Windows hybrid (blasphemy, I know).

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