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  1. Anika Williams

    Anika Williams New Member

    Do we really need makeup to feel better about our appearance?
  2. Maddie17

    Maddie17 New Member

    Hi Anika! Well, I think it depends on the person; some people think that makeup is for unconfident people, which I consider is totally wrong. I do my makeup everyday because it is the part of the day in which I pamper myself and I like the way I look, but there are days in which I can not do it and I still feel good with my appearance; I think is more the attitude and the confidence that will make you feel good than the lip gloss and the mascara. ;)
  3. fmorsh

    fmorsh New Member

    I think establishing any ultimatum about makeup would be a mistake. It definitely depends on the person behind the makeup and how they view the process. Some tend to cover their flaws, which by extension covers their defining features. I think makeup should be used as a tool to accentuate features rather than hide any defining features. So many people feel empowered using makeup and taking control of their own look that I consider makeup a positive tool instead of something negative. :)
  4. sonz

    sonz New Member

    First of all you should not be using makeup as a mask and a protection against what you see as flaws: if that is your definition of "to feel better". Makeup when used correctly is meant to be subtle and to enhance or accentuate particular features. Yes it can hide scars and marks that you have that you do not want to show at this moment in time, but ultimately the best way to feel better about yourself is confidence, then even if you have just lip gloss on you will feel better than if you have all the makeup in the World but feel horrible.
  5. marconat7

    marconat7 New Member

    I hate how women are encouraged to use makeup, hair coloring and all these things to make them look like a completely different person. What is it gonna be then when you can't get in the costume? I hate to see so many naturally good looking women bury themselves in makeup. It's sad.
  6. anarodrig98

    anarodrig98 New Member

    If you like makeup, wear it, and if you don't, simply don't wear it. Personally, I love makeup. Something about trying a new look every morning excites me. You can have a soft neutral eye and soft pink gloss during the day, but then at night, you can completely change your look by adding darker eyeshadows and applying a matte red lipstick! Either way, everyone look great with or without it.
  7. Baylee

    Baylee New Member

    No one should NEED makeup. It is a nice pick-me-up and can really help you feel more confident in yourself simply because you feel taken care of when you wear it. Just the process of putting in effort on your appearance can be an ego booster. If it makes you feel that way how can it be bad? It is a very modernized thing now but I feel like girls still get way too much backlash for wearing it.
  8. Rjs5248

    Rjs5248 New Member

    I feel that make up should be used to enhance one's features rather than cover them up or alter them. There are definitely days where I don't feel pretty and make up does make me feel better, but there are also others where I leave the house with no makeup on at all and I feel completely comfortable. I think make up can be a lot of fun to experiment with and shouldn't pose a problem unless one becomes dependent on it for their own self esteem. I have heard of couples in which the wife has never let the husband see her without make up, which is an awful scenario. It also varies on the person as other posters have said. Overall I think makeup is a great way to discover new looks and styles without making a commitment to any particular look.
  9. Mmelba

    Mmelba New Member

    Well done Baylee on your first sentence- no one should NEED makeup with emphasis on "need". To me I feel makeup is an art. The way an artist feels after making a good artwork is the way one should feel after PROPERLY applying makeup. I say this because I believe it involves careful selection of shades and colours that match ones skin tone and a perfect application to enhance one's natural facial/body features. I totally don't see makeup as a mask although I understand why some people say it's a mask because it covers acne and some other skin problems but we all know that we don't have most of these skin problems naturally.
  10. sommet

    sommet New Member

    Makeup is not what most think it is, something to make you prettier or enhance your features, but for me it is an art material, and my face is the canvas. When I walk out of my home, I am so confident, in knowing that my face is a unique masterpiece. I used to leave my home, knowing that my skin has many discolorations, and that i have an acne breakout, but now that doesn't matter thanks to concealer and foundation.
  11. bathologiebylisaz

    bathologiebylisaz New Member

    Makeup can definately make you feel more confident about yourself. I have worn makeup since my teen years and find it fun to try new products. I do feel it makes me feel better about my appearance even though I do not need to wear it to cover any flaws. I wear it by choice and love to look as good as I can when I am going somewhere. It is the same with clothing, we wear it and pick it out to make us feel pretty and confident. Some days we need an extra boost, some days we can just hang out in sweats and no makeup.

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