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  1. Ecuador

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    As someone who is jumping into freelancing, this is a question that weighs heavily in my head. I don't plan to quit my day job anytime soon, though is it possible to live as a freelancer. It seems next to impossible judging from how volatile the market can be.
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  2. Carrel Malcolm

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    I would love to be able to quit my day job and work from home because this would give me more time to enjoy parenting.
    I have heard of successful freelancers who have managed to not just survive but live comfortably off a freelancers salary, What's there secret?
    I believe that is consistency and dedication. One has to be consistent because then persons will see you as being dependable. To be dedicated is to perceiver with a strong sense of belief in your purpose, life is a process and so too is the road to becoming and renowned freelancer. I helps too to have a strong support team as they aid in helping you build your network. You'll find that good networking is what will help you obtain a preferential position and give you that leverage to be the most sought after freelancer.
  3. Sharon S. Lopez

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    We have to be careful when making decisions such as having to leave our day job in exchange for a freelance work. We can do the research and everything on a part-time and when we are already earning at least equal or more than we are earning from our current work, then that may be the time we can consider having freelance work as our full-time job. Technically, I am already earning a good income from my online work but I am holding on to my day job because I know that online career may not be as reliable as having a regular day job. So, until now I am doing my online work on a part-time.
    Though I am continuing my research on projects and activities to probably double or triple my earnings and when the time comes that I would be earning more and have saved some amount, I could possibly consider retiring early from my day job to focus more with my online earning stuff.
  4. Well, I am a very new in this industry. This industry of 'Online Jobs' and 'Freelancing', is attracting me more and more everyday. Since I have started discovering the opportunities, on internet, I found couple of jobs that seemed to be really working. For example, Paid survey jobs, Advertising making and viewing jobs, online marketing jobs, App testing jobs, Creative writing jobs, Arts and designing jobs, Online assisting jobs, Web designing jobs, Data entry and maintenance job, Customer service jobs etc. As the forum title was 'online jobs', I excluded the ones which are done independently, or which we can say online businesses. I am also hunting for such jobs which pay good for working from home online.
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    I am also new to the industry so I wont be quitting my day job either. But I know of persons who are well seasoned in the practice and have managed to create an empire from it. So overtime with growth and development it maybe possible to turn this hobby into a full time career.
  6. frgenesis01

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    You can be a freelance writer. You could write for magazines, blogs, and there are even sites that are really looking for freelancers. If you are familiar with Upwork, you could try being one of their freelancers. I think you'd enjoy it.
  7. Solange

    Solange New Member

    Yes, I' am with you. Your writing skills must be good.
    Further I' am a promoter for 05 years. And get paid every single day.
    When you into promoting can send me a reply.
  8. Noel Angeles

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    My suggestion to you is 'test the waters first, it may be too cold, too hot or it maybe just right'. After that, if you feel that becoming a freelancer would be good for you then that's the time to jump in.
  9. dhoyalahoy

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    Freelancing is an opportunity that we have to grab. We are living in the era where technology rules over traditional way of completing job. Western countries outsource jobs; physicaly and virtually.

    It's a great opportunity for all to go with the flow of demands and opportunities. The most exciting part of being a freelancer is we see success stories from others that motivates us to do the same as well.

    However, you must understand your passion before you jump on to any commitment. You have to assess your skills if those are competitive enough to be recognized.

    Every information have been served on our virtual desk. It's our job to take what it offers.

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