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Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Grumpy, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Grumpy

    Grumpy Active Member

    When you are participating on forums at PostLoop, what do you do to make your profile at the forum seem real?

    Do you add all of the additional details, such as an avatar, signature, DoB, MSN messenger etc? If not, are there any other things you do to make your profile seem more legitimate and real?
  2. radascars

    radascars Active Member

    Ever since I joined Postloop I make sure to put my avatar on both in my profile and my avatar itself and also add additional details such as DOB, Location, email and the "about you" section. It makes a user real and the site owner will surely appreciate it and will give you a better rating than the average of 3~ish. I've been into postloop since June if I'm not mistaken and that what makes my rating a good one :) But to be honest its been a month or two since the last post I made in one the forums I subscribed LOL
  3. Ansem

    Ansem Forum & Blog Owners

    I fill my profile, that way I look more genuine and that's my what I'm there right ?
    Paid or not, I'm there to represent ME. Not some husk making posts.
    And if you'd post on my forum:
    Is rock-on.
  4. Jessi

    Jessi New Member

    Even when I'm a real user outside of postloop, I don't generally fill out my profile on forums. ><

    I do always add an avatar, though, and often a signature, just as I would elsewhere. If a forum owner specifically wants a profile filled out more, I do it, but I wouldn't do that as a "real" or natural user, so that's over and above for me.
  5. argon_0

    argon_0 Member

    I'm not sure whether it makes much difference. Ratings are few and far between so I feel doing forum owners a favour of knowing you is of little importance. At the end of the day I am honest in my posts and try to give my best.
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  6. Chavaun Jones

    Chavaun Jones New Member

    I actually noticed that I got better feedback and more interaction with owners when I changed an avatar to a picture of myself. I've always filled out the profile and all that jazz, but I think that having a face to connect to the posts that you see has to have somewhat of a positive effect. It doesn't hurt that I'm anal and are terrified of posting some asinine nonsense that will come back to bite me in the rear once/if I become a published author. "Oh Olivia? Yes, her book is nice! But I found some garbage she wrote online.....phew!! Atrocious!"
  7. Petert

    Petert Forum & Blog Owners

    One of the biggest advantages of forums is that (for the most part) you are able to post under an anonymous pseudonym. While it is true that most regular members on a forum will use an image for an avatar, it isn't the norm to use a photo of yourself. I do that myself sometimes, but sometimes not. If you're concerned that something you post will have an adverse effect on your professional reputation in the future, you should most definitely be posting with an anonymous pseudonym and don't use your own photo for an avatar.
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  8. Chavaun Jones

    Chavaun Jones New Member

    Well that's just it :) I'm particularly proud of everything I post. Otherwise I wouldn't put my name on it. I don't use my photo for all forums though because it doesn't really fit all niches. Like, if I'm part of a gaming forum, I'm more apt to use an avatar reflecting a favorite game or something. I think it depends more so on the type of forum you're posting on; that should really have the biggest factor in choosing an avatar. And you can always change it, so what the hay:p
  9. toetapping

    toetapping New Member

    I always put an avatar in and mainly my kangaroo. Gives you a bit of an idea where I am from. Like to fill in my signature with my username and if allowed my forum url. I think it makes a forum particularly interesting to read where everyone comes from.
  10. m0305

    m0305 New Member

    Nice post, thanks for tips.
    I have to say: I hate MSM, Yahoo messenger, Skype.. in my opinion this piece of "add-ons" are dangerous, spycreated, mindharmful..etc. So, I disable it or delete it or whatever's necessary, I cannot fill those columns.
    Yes, address, name and surname, phone number (mob), occupation, interest, hobby, those columns I fill regularly.
    That makes my profile real, yes?
  11. Izagar

    Izagar New Member

    It doesn't matter where I post. If I like the area and I know I'll be active in the future, I at least post some information about myself, such as my age, my likes, dislikes, etc. I also add an avatar to my account and my own personal signature that I made. Sometimes I will add my Skype, but I don't really want to add a lot of people I don't know. I get extremely anxious when I do that.
  12. fantanoice

    fantanoice New Member

    Even though I am obviously posting for points, I still try to participate in the community as best I can, as any other member would. I will upload and avatar, signature (though usually with a link to my website which understandably annoys people but it is no different to what I would do on another site), but I also make sure to read through all posts and respond to other people's individual thoughts, because it's a whole new community, you can't just post the same things again and again.

    It's not a matter of 'seeming' real, it is 'being' real.
  13. Detritus

    Detritus New Member

    Using the same avatar and user name helps you brand yourself across the many aspects of the 'net. It should be Standard Operating Procedure to include some information about yourself, but I never add contact info. Usually forums allow private messaging or will email you themselves if someone initiates a conversation outside the forum structure.

    Don't mind being friendly and "real" but I don't want to tell so much that there is a clear path to my door for those I piss off to shoot at!
  14. kfander

    kfander Active Member

    As a forum owner, I don't expect anyone to fill in the social media or contact stuff. I require a working email for member accounts, but it does not, and probably should not, be available for others to view. Other than the posts themselves, the main thing I am looking for is an avatar since that makes the forum appear complete. Whether regular members or Postloop members, I like to see an avatar. The "about me" stuff is nice, but optional.
  15. zainsaeed

    zainsaeed New Member

    Yes, you are right, I agree with you when we register an account here. After that we have to make our profile looks real I think we have to add our real picture on our profile. I don't know what is avatar because I am new here, but I think that I have to know about it. After this post I will learn about the avatar. But I think we have to complete our profile like we have to set our profile picture and contact info.

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