Mall or Public Market?

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  1. I prefer Public Market. I am just a poor girl I dont care if they will have a negative thoughts about buying in a market. Its just the same. You can still wear hirts, gifts, etc. The difference is the quality but its not important to me. The important is, I will buy what I want and I love it.
  2. Jiljil

    Jiljil New Member

    Malls offers great stuffs and deals in a fixed cost and interest. It also offers ease of purchase, customer services, and discounts. But, public markets is my preferred buying place of my personal goods because you can purchase lower priced products with a similar performance to the products that you can purchase in malls. In my country, "ukay-ukay" is very popular to the public that has a lower budget but wants to have quality products. These "ukay-ukay" stuffs are actually second hand products but in very good condition. Price wise, public market is the winner. Ease of purchase, mall is the winner.
  3. gawis

    gawis New Member

    Public market offers a lot of products that sometimes can't be seen in Malls especially local products. Mall as we know can offer us products that are in their standard stores. It depends on what product you are looking for. When it comes to prices, public markets is a one on one transaction from one seller to a customer. You can ask for a lower price until both of you agrees to a certain price for that particular item or product while you cannot change the tag price in malls. I prefer public market when it comes to perishable goods. They have fresh and newly gathered products because those who like to sell their vegetables or fruits can just gather and go set up a stall in the market and sell, not compared to malls where they rely and wait on deliveries.
  4. Clarkson

    Clarkson New Member

    Malls and public markets have advantages and drawbacks. Malls have a wide selection of products with fixed costs. One of the advantages of buying things from malls is when they have a sale. You could choose from a variety. However, in public markets it is better to buy foods like fish,meat, fruits, and vegetables. These things are usually fresh in public markets. Also, you can ask for discounts if you buy in bulk.
  5. Judyjhong24

    Judyjhong24 New Member

    I prefer public market because sometimes they are just the same when it comes to the quality of the item or products . Of course malls paying for their rent that'w why its expensive . Public market still the best you can buy cheaper food, item or products with good quality .
  6. alapaap

    alapaap New Member

    Depending on what I want to purchase. Let say that if I want to buy fresh meat, fish, vegetables or fruits I will definitely buy it from a public market. But if I want to purchase electronic goods, I will buy it from the malls because as we know there are already a lot of counterfeit products around. I just want to avoid those for safety and reliability purposes. And also I am concerned regarding the warranty claim, as I can claim it easier if I purchased it from the mall.
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  7. man2red4

    man2red4 New Member

    Of course it's mall. ;) but it depends on the distance from home to get there, and it does have the product you want.
    Mall makes us think about warranty, security. Public market about fresh product, familiar.
  8. GFlorce

    GFlorce New Member

    Malls are preferable because of the facilities and equipment that bring customers convenience while shopping. You can also buy most of the things you need in there because malls have many stalls/ boutiques inside that one building, which can save your time.
  9. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    It's more to do and venture at the public markets, they are just more crowded than the malls.
  10. jobadilla91

    jobadilla91 New Member

    It depends. When you're sole purpose is to buy food groceries and you're really in a tight budget, it is much better to go a public market, everything is there and much cheaper when compared to those at the mall. You can also make "tawad".
  11. norbert910

    norbert910 New Member

    It depends on what and how much I am going to buy. If I am to buy a little, then I would go to a mall. But if I am going to buy a large quantity, then I am going to the public market as things are much cheaper there. But if the prices are not considered, then I would definitely go for the mall. The country where I live in is tropical and the sun's heat is mostly scorching. Because of that, air conditioned places such as the malls are to die for. Another thing is that public markets are usually noisy and has a lot of factors that might ruin your mood such as the smell and the sanitation whereas in most malls, it is usually clean and cold.
  12. jessback122

    jessback122 New Member

    Honestly if I want to go window shoping I'll go to mall but for literally buying the needs in our household I'll go directly to the public market because the price at the public market are cheaper than at the mall.
  13. Glorianne123

    Glorianne123 New Member

    Nowadays, people needs to be practical on what to buy and where to buy it. Price is always a big factor so I'd rather choose to buys in a public market.
  14. itsmetoni

    itsmetoni New Member

    Malls are a great destination to shop, eat, and stroll. However, I like going to the public market much better. Aside from
    the much lower prices, the Public Market offers a wide variety of products. You can also get to interact with farmers and producers which is a great way to learn about their lives and experiences. Produce like fruits, meat, and vegetables are also fresh and you can also enjoy the wide spectrum of colors that it offers.

    The only disadvantage/ issue I deal with Public Markets is the cleanliness and sanitation. In my country of residence, where corruption is a problem, public markets rarely get a significant budget to improve its environment. I hope that someday our public markets can be a lot better so that people can better enjoy their shopping experience.
  15. kifayatkhan1

    kifayatkhan1 New Member

    Few consumers prefer shopping from shopping mall and few from the local markets and few of them prefer both. Malls and local markets both have some advantages of shopping. With growing world economy shopping Mall are becoming the preferred shopping option for all types of consumers. Passed those days when malls were only choice for high profile consumers. I enjoy shopping at mall as they provide full day fun. Such as while my is shopping her stuff I can take my children to available play area in the shopping mall.
    Few consumers prefer shopping at local markets. Specially we get fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers at the market. Shopping at local markets save our time and cost on your travel and parking fees. This also promotes the local product and economy. I am from a local village and almost many villagers goes for shopping in local markets except malls.
  16. Sonice

    Sonice New Member

    Public market is a place where you can get every items you need in a very cheap prices. Yes! the quality may differ a little bit compare to those branded items you can buy in department stores or in the malls. Practically speaking if you have only limited budget, it is very wise to buy in public market. On the other hand you are the kind of person that doesn't like smelly crowded and noisy public market and you have enough budgets, shopping in the mall is the best for you to go.
  17. Yhetskie25

    Yhetskie25 New Member

    If I'm going to choose between the Mall and Public Market I will choose the Public Market. Why? because I'm the kind of person who is very thrifty, I always do compute everything (for my expenses only of course) yeah branded items in the mall are really great and worth it to buy but for me it is in some cases or important things, but there are also other items in the mall that can be found in the Public Market with the same styles and looks but can be much more cheaper, you just have to be good in picking items so you can used it in a longer period. Plus, it is much more exciting for me to buy in a Public Market, I am also not that rich so I prefer the public market than mall, in terms of much more exciting because you can also be friendly with the sales lady/man you can ask for a lower prices especially if your buying more than 1 items on their store. :)
  18. a_navor

    a_navor New Member

    It is actually depends on my needs and my budget. If I need fresh vegetables or meat, I prefer to go in public market. However, I usually go to Mall if I want to relax and unwind.
  19. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    Todays life you have to be real.Buy something only need by your family in not expensive price.Public Market is the answer for that.Actually is more preferred to buy in public market.There lots of goods there and most of all it was cheaper than to mall.Fresh and good in a lower price.Exact for nowadays budget for every family.
  20. migzmomo

    migzmomo New Member

    I prefer the mall regards to market because of the cleanliness, convenience, and ambiance. The products are purely meet standard prices.
  21. Scarlett57

    Scarlett57 New Member

    I prefer malls, because it is enclosed. I do not like being in public markets, you are open to the environment. When the weather is bad it does not work. Also, the flying insects are annoying.
  22. naililmuna

    naililmuna New Member

    I like malls. Clean, safe and convenience place even for younger people and babies. You can do window shopping without any guild or just walking around to stretch your back. I you want do do shopping, just average price for grocery, higher price for fashion and luxury items, that's it. No surprises, since I don't like surprises. Public market give too many surprises, worse it you get wrong price or wrong quality.
  23. janisdeleon

    janisdeleon New Member

    Well, this depends on what I want to accomplish, who I am going to be with and what my budget looks like at the time. If I am in the company of adults, preparing for a big party or gathering, and have a limited budget, then I prefer the public market, there are a lot of great deals to be found if you know where to look for them and if you have enough patience to haggle. The mall is a good place to bring the kids, if you have just a little grocery shopping to do or if you just want to go and unwind or just to get out and about. Once you're at the mall you may be able to find a great priced item or two. Just the other day I was able to buy a pair of slippers for a rock bottom price.
  24. jack18

    jack18 Member

    ''Public Market''Recently, several “Public Markets” have appeared in American cities that are characterized by an exclusive appeal to a homogeneous and upscale customer base. Examples include the Grand Central Market in Manhattan and Ferry Terminal Market in San Francisco. These ‘Markets’ tend to be extremely exclusive and expensive. In the opinion of the author, these are not “Public Markets” and are no more worthy of public subsidy than place like Dean and Deluca and Whole Foods.
    Public Markets tend to attract far more customers than Festival Markets. Festival Markets are a concept pioneered by James Rouse and his “Enterprise Development Company”. They consist of an agglomeration of upscale, “specialty retail” chain stores and franchises...

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