Marathons or single episodes?

Discussion in 'Television' started by andeeonthejobs, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. andeeonthejobs

    andeeonthejobs New Member

    Do you wait for a series to be completed to watch a marathon or do you keep up with the series and watch new episodes often?
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  2. mattheww

    mattheww New Member

    Marathon, whenever possible, but in reality, I rarely have the time these days. Between work and a home life, I'm lucky if I get to watch an entire episode in one sitting.

    However, when I have a few days to myself, I definitely try to find the time to get some decent food, and queue up something that I've been saving. Right now, I'm looking for time to work my way through all the Mad Men seasons. After that, I'm planning on getting caught up on Walking Dead.
  3. kaiserflame

    kaiserflame New Member

    Most definitely marathons. Most shows I enjoy watching come out once a week and I almost end up pulling my hair out because of the wait. I do not handle cliffhangers well and GoT has scarred me. Almost a year of waiting? Help me please.
  4. anarodrig98

    anarodrig98 New Member

    Definitely single! Don't get me wrong, I love binging on Netflix, but there is something about the thrill of having to wait a week to see what happens excites me!
  5. Baylee

    Baylee New Member

    I would rather to marathons. My free time comes in chunks because I work and attend school full time. I love binging on amazing seasons. Netflix and Hulu are the best places to do so.
  6. catwoman414

    catwoman414 New Member

    It can be a lot of fun to watch marathons of television shows when you have nothing else to do on a rainy weekend. Unfortunately, time is a factor so sometimes it is necessary to watch only one episode at a time. :) On the upside, when watching one episode at a time you have something to look forward to later.
  7. Alparlabud

    Alparlabud New Member

    Most of the time I watch two episodes at once. One is not enough and I am always curious about what happens next, however the event that transpired take time to digest. I have only done a marathon once: when watching the first three season of Breaking Bad, and I regret doing so. By the time I was halfway into season 4, I could barely recall any events from the first three seasons. Time is also a factor, I can't afford to watch TV series all day long.
  8. goldenbabe01

    goldenbabe01 New Member

    I like marathons, especially if it's one of my favorite shows. Luckily whenever a favorite show of mine is on marathon mode, I'm normally off!
  9. benignCole

    benignCole New Member

    I happen to be a part of the minority which prefers to watch shows spaced out and one at a time. It's just that I love the cliffhangers and suspense that some of the shows can create.

    An added advantage is not having to deal with the feelings of guilt after completing a binge watching session :p
  10. DonaldoTrampi

    DonaldoTrampi New Member

    I think it also depends on the show I'm watching but I mostly prefer marathons and I even try to wait a few months just to let a show/season end so that I can watch all the episodes at my own pacing.
  11. juraviel

    juraviel New Member

    If I had the patience I would certainly finish for a season to air completely before I "consume" it, however, I don't.. I love House of Cards for this reason, you are free to watch the whole thing at once if you so desire. Actually all tv shows these days end with a cliffhanger to keep you "hungry" for the next episode, and binging is a way of satisfying that urge. If you don't feel the need to immediately start watching another episode, then you're just not that much into that tv show, I think ;) On the other hand, it's the best feeling ever when the day you're favorite show, game or book gets finally released and you get to enjoy it!
  12. Shelby Lynne

    Shelby Lynne New Member

    It is almost impossible for me to keep up with current TV shows. I don't consciously wait for shows to posted on Netflix. I have a tendency to pick shows that are still running. I marathon them online and then get distracted when trying to watch the current season. A year or so later, I usually end up back and the show, re watching. I have been working my way through the BBC show Merlin for 3 or 4 years. As far as I know, it is now ended, but I have yet to actually reach that far. My schedule flip flops between very busy and super relaxed so I am a a big fan of marathons that I don't have to follow too closely. I like being able to pick a show back up without needing to re-start at the beginning.
  13. Rothen

    Rothen New Member

    I thought that I was the only person to do this, but I cannot watch a tv show without it all being finished! I have to make sure that they have finished making it, so that I do not have to wait weeks or months or even years to fins out what happens next. It is so frustrating with some tv shows that I like when they do not release a new series for a long time and I am waiting for ages to fins out what happens! It really does get annoying haha!

    With some things though, they do not follow an orderly series, they just do one off episodes and it doesn't matter if you have watched any of the others, it will make sense anyway. I like those kind, generally comedies, because they are much more easy to get into and you do not need to keep up to date with everything. I just find that so much more relaxing and easy to watch.
  14. Znailz

    Znailz New Member

    I'm super slow, so by the time I get around to watching a show it has usually been completed. With ongoing shows I don't really have the time or energy to keep up with when new episodes are released, so I just watch whenever I remember to :)
  15. k8em

    k8em New Member

    I love TV marathons! I still watch single episodes though because I need something to watch and some shows have too many spoilers online.
  16. Willowstar

    Willowstar New Member

    I would definitely choose series marathons! When I have "me" time on weekends, there is nothing better than watching episode after episode of a captivating series. No waiting in anticipation for the next episode to be shown!
  17. brandiesha

    brandiesha New Member

    I prefer marathons! I love to follow a good story line. But I'll be honest after I binge watch a series I'm so upset that I don't have another episode.
    For my reality tv shows that are popular all over social media I have to watch weekly so that I can keep up with posts and hilarious memes.
  18. smpedraza

    smpedraza New Member

    I love marathons cause once you start watching a series and its catchy you want to keep going. Series like NCSI, or comptetion shows you just want to keep going and going.
  19. CookieParty

    CookieParty New Member

    Definitely Marathons! I love binge watching an entire series on a rainy day. There's also the added bonus of no commercials! I don't even have the patience to fast forward through commercials if I record an episode on my DVR. Sign me up for a cozy re-watching of an American Horror Story season.
  20. Tanna1215

    Tanna1215 New Member

    I would like to watch the episodes in real time but hate waiting. I am torn between single episode or marathon. Prime time television I watch on Hulu the very next day and extended channels I marathon watch on Netflix. I can't pick a side. I will right the fence forever!
  21. jenncru

    jenncru New Member

    It really depends on the show that I'm going to be watching, if I'm honest. Ever since the creation of Netflix and Hulu, I've found that I adhere to binge watching everything all the time - I marathon so much, I should be given a medal for it (HA!). I like binge watching, mostly because I've gotten used to the whole idea of instant gratification when it comes to watching things now. It gets rid of the whole idea of a cliff-hangers! However, if it's a new show and I'm super interested in it, I can bite the bullet and wait the week between episodes.

    TL;DR -- I love running the show marathon but will wait in between weeks if I like the show enough.
  22. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis New Member

    I go back and forth between single episodes and marathons. Some shows, I simply can't wait for the season to end. This is definitely the case for really talked about shows like "The Walking Dead" or "Game of Thrones." Too many people tend to talk about these shows on my social media pages and I can't resist waiting for the end of the season to see what the buzz is about! However, sometimes I don't "discover" a show until it's been on for a while and then I like to marathon it to catch up to the recent seasons.
  23. Bri86

    Bri86 New Member

    I would rather watch marathons because I am an impatient and curious person by nature. I enjoy not having to wait until the next week to watch shows. But I do have a 3 year old and sometimes 1 episode is about all I have time for, especially during the weekday. My new habit is recording shows. It is very difficult for me to sit and watch a show with commercials that I can't fast forward through. I'm now accustomed to fast forwarding through all commercials when I record shows. On the weekends, if I have time to myself I definitely watch marathons. Law & Order SVU marathons are the BEST!
  24. Ken

    Ken New Member

    I'm guilty of marathons! Especially on Netflix and channel 1000 of my cable network which has on demand channels with various series on them. I've even been accused of cheating by watching three or four episodes ahead without my wife being present; yeah...not good!
    Actually it depends on how much I enjoy the show if I will marathon or not. The three shows that I have done this with are "Burn Notice", "Sherlock", and "The Walking Dead". Other than those three shows so far, I am a single episode person.
  25. salsa1877

    salsa1877 New Member

    I do not watch television because as a teacher I typically do not have enough time during the school year. Additionally, with so many after school activities I never have a consistent weekly schedule to keep up with catching every episode. I am much more of a binge watcher who will watch the entire season in one sitting if possible. The only problem with this method is that the students often give spoilers throughout the year, so sometimes I know how the season ends before I even know how it began!
  26. Bri423

    Bri423 New Member

    There's not much on TV these days that I am consistently good about keeping up with. Even shows I love, with my busy schedule, I "forget" about or simply don't have time to watch on a weekly basis. For that reason, I'd have to say marathon, but even then, it's more likely to be a two or three episode at a time marathon.

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