McDonald's or Jollibee?

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  1. Sofia0730

    Sofia0730 New Member

    I always choose Jollibee because their foods is very delicious and very affordable unlike the Mc'donalds. I like the taste of their hamburger than Mc'donalds because Jollibee burger is more juicy and tasty unlike the burger of Mc'donalds. Also there is a lot of Jollibee store near in our house so that is so convenient to go. My son is always a Jollibee fun ever.
  2. MariaPaulino

    MariaPaulino New Member

    Jollibee for me is a hit. The food is really tasty and it really goes with the slogan "langhap sarap".It has an after taste that is just good to the palate.The crew are very friendly as well. It's ambiance is also very attractive especially to kids and they wanted to stay longer.It's price is also a value for money since they have different combo meals to choose from compared to McDonalds. It's branches are very accessible and has a lot of parking space as well.The only problem is that it's always crowded since a lot of people are eating and love it so much.
  3. meredith18

    meredith18 New Member

    I will go for Jollibee, not only I grew being a Jabee baby as I call it I always loved there food. It is really filipino vibed. Their chicken joy is undeniably delicious! Whenever I go past Jollibee, I really can't help my self to buy some chicken joy. Good marketing strategy Jollibee.
  4. mitchellponce

    mitchellponce New Member

    Talking on varieties of dishes offered by McDonald's and Jollibee, Jollibee has more. If it is about their burger, chicken and coffee, I would really prefer McDonald's. Their chicken and burger has more flavor than that of Jollibee. They even have an unlimited gravy for their chicken. What I love most from McDonald's is their coffee. I would really buy McDonald's coffee everyday. The rich aroma from their coffee is very invigorating and would really start-up my day.
  5. jbmurillo

    jbmurillo New Member

    Jollibee is good but I love McDonalds more. I once worked as a Jollibee staff in one of the establishment here in my place and I am so much into the hot dogs, spaghetti and others and it is too much for me to the point I don't like it anymore. Though Jollibee really caters the masses and the Filipino taste, they are outstanding in that term. McDonals on the other hand is really american in taste and flavor. I really like the taste of their chicken and the gravy is good, the fries is alright but not my favorite. Soda is not stale compare to the other establishment :) Much more thing is that McDonalds ambiance is much more conducive and clean. The thing here is some other compare both with the social status of an individual, Mcdo is for the rich and Jollibee is for something below, well, I don't believe this, they are both fast food and some of the food they cater is the same and not healthy.
  6. guardiansirk

    guardiansirk Member

    Joliibee, not to be rude to Mcdonalds but somehow when I compare their chicken It seems like McDonald's way smaller and tastes off most of the time compared to Jollibee.
  7. Annajullia

    Annajullia New Member

    Mcdonalds! I actually grew up patronizing Jollibee because mom introduced it to us since we were a kid but when I went to college, I started trying out Mcdonalds and I find it more appetizing and the menu really satisfied my cravings! from chicken burgers to fries together with their vanilla coffee? hmm... oh my, eat out guys?
  8. danahabarro

    danahabarro New Member

    My answer is Jollibee! No doubt every Filipino will choose Jollibee! I remember when I was a kid, whenever I get sick my mom will immediately go to Jollibee to buy Shanghai and spaghetti! Then after that, I will be okay. Alive and kicking again. Lol! And during elementary days. Mom and Dad will promise to treat me in Jollibee if I got good grades in school. And since I love it! I will strive hard to have honours then I will have a treat from them.

    Jollibee has been a part of our meaningful and colourful childhood, even now that I’m an adult! I would choose Jollibee. I remember I was in Dubai for 5 years, whenever I’m coming to the Philippines and have my yearly vacation. The first thing that will come to my mind is to eat at Jollibee! Whenever I smell the chicken joy. And the ambiance of their store I feel like I’m home. Kinda O.A but I’m having this teary-eyed effect. That's why I will always be a Jollibee baby! How about you? What’s your Jollibee story?
  9. J143E

    J143E New Member

    It really depends on the food. If you're talking about spaghetti and hotdogs, I choose Jollibee. But if you're referring to fries, floats and cheese burger, I'd choose Mcdo. Look am not really someone who completely agrees with something. Nothing in this world is perfect, there will always be something that we don't like in something or someone, and that's perfectly normal. Besides, we all have our own taste in food. Someone will always be better than you in somethings but remember that you can also be better than others on other things.
  10. enuh bler

    enuh bler New Member

    Jollibee, I love their chicken and their burgers. My daughter loves yum burger so much, i will request for the double patty burger yum to the crew and of course you will pay for the additional patty. But, sometimes the kiddie meal toy is not so cool to me. Sometimes, I go to Mcdonald's to drive thru or dine in because of my daughter's happy meal. The Mcdonald's toy is so pretty because they are offering the toys which is latest movie cartoons. Mcdonald's spaghetti is good so when we ate at Mcdonald's we're ordering spaghetti and nuggets for the happy meal. But, my favorite among the two of them is Jollibee Happy!
  11. BT005

    BT005 New Member

    Eating Jollibee is like walking on a nostalgia lane. I grew up eating their Yum Burger and Jolly Spaghetti. When I was in high school, I always buy their peach mango pie and fries. While McDonalds is seen as a more cool and hip fast food joint for millennials, their products didn't catered well with my Filipino taste buds.
  12. Rowie

    Rowie New Member

    I won't pick one over the other just because there are food items that I like on both chains. Although Jollibee is a childhood favorite of mine, McDonald's has grown on my through the years. So I'll break it down with the items that i prefer from each chain. For Jollibee, I love their chicken of course, spaghetti, yum burger and burger steak. And for Mcdonald's, I love their fries, cheeseburger, coffee float and desserts. So as for me, it would depend on what food item I am having.
  13. Jade30

    Jade30 New Member

    Oh my god, is that even a question? It will always be Jollibee! I love everything on their menu. I think that their food is tastier and looks more appealing and appetizing than McDonald's. Who wouldn't love there crispy and juicy chickenjoy? But i still like McDonald's fries and sundae than Jollibee's.
  14. Both are good fast food restaurants. But i like McDonald's the most, because they offer BFF Fries, and Fries are my favorite food in fast food restaurants. And i love the taste of their fries and burger. Jollibee got the best fried chicken tho
  15. Hulyoalindog

    Hulyoalindog New Member

    This topic is cool but it will be a long debate whether what is better, But if i were to choose between McDonalds and Jollibee, I would choose Jollibee, Because Jollibee is the first fast food chain in the Philippines, And it's the most dominant, And Jollibee captured the taste buds of millions of Filipinos, Its much cheaper than McDonalds, In fact, You can eat at Jollibee with just a Dollar, And Jollibee is the symbol of fast food industry in the country,
    They give the best food and best service for the past decades, Its just a shame if you not patronize a Filipino company rather than a foreign fast food company right?? So i prefer Jollibee;).
  16. Jennifer M Bigotta

    Jennifer M Bigotta New Member

    My choice is easy because I have only seen McDonald's. Now I'm really curious about what Jollibee is. What states can they be found in?
  17. Carlo

    Carlo New Member

    Honey, Jollibee all the way! Just by the aroma of every jollibee chain. I remember when I was little passing by a Jollibee chain and for an instant suddenly I want to cry and ask for a Chicken Joy. This fast food chain is sooo iconic and timeless, until now if someone ask me to eat at jollibee i'll drop everything that I'm doing and 101% be down and I'll start rushing thru the transparent gates of Jollibee and of course after every meal I'll feel guilty because of all the grease and trash that I just digested but c'mon it's all worth it! Am I right fellow Jollibee Lover?!!!
  18. prettymountaineer

    prettymountaineer New Member

    Mc Donalds! I prefer their hamburger and chicken! And maybe because I grew up eating in Mc Donalds twice a month so my body and psychological preferences are directly towards Mc. I am really comfortable ordering foods in Jollibee but I am pretty sure their foods are tasty too!
  19. Beblts

    Beblts New Member

    They are both good foodchains. Both selling similar foods. In case were hungry and one of this foodchain is accessible or near to where we are then its where we would come in to eat. Also, if one of these store has long line of customers then we go to one with shorter waiting lane
  20. drpdm40

    drpdm40 New Member

    "Love your own" is quite a popular phrase in our country.Grammar gurus would probably raise an eyebrow over this phrase. It simply means to patronize what you have or what you made. Jollibee originally came from our country and the food is really made to satisfy the Filipino taste buds. Although, I must say I do have some favorites over at McDonalds like pancakes and hashbrowns, after all western culture is incorporated too in our country.
  21. badetreyes

    badetreyes New Member

    For a true-blooded Filipino, nothing beats Jollibee! Their famous "ChickenJoy' and meaty 'Jolly Spaghetti' is irreplaceable! Affordable and delicious! No wonder that it expands to every part of the Philippines and even continues to expand worldwide!
  22. mrnndsyrfbc

    mrnndsyrfbc New Member

    I love Jollibee. Ever since I was a kid, my parents always take me to Jollibee. Jollibee served as a reward whenever I excel in class and whenever I achieve something. Jollibee makes kids and kids at heart happy. I love Jollibee but I also like McDonald's, I like their fries, chicken fillet burger and their float. I just don't like it as much as Jollibee because of their fried chicken.
  23. Diana Jane Perez

    Diana Jane Perez New Member

    I prefer jollibee over McDonalds. I don't know if it's sorcery or just my preference, but all of the foods in jollibee is my favorite ever since I was a child. I remember when I was a kid, I never ate other spaghetti. I only want the one that jollibee offers. My parents even tried to trick me by putting other spaghetti in jollibee's container but that didn't fooled me. To be fair to Mcdonalds, I also like their fries and ice cream. That's all!
  24. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Jollibee is better than McDonald's, Sadly both of them downgraded the quality of their products to cut on cost.

    There was a time 30 years back when jollibee served the second most flavorful and juicy burgers with a unique yummy super beefy smell. That's why their tag line is "langhap sarap", or in English "food that smells delicious". The number 1 then in taste was Tropical Hut and the third was McDonald's which with the exception of the quarter pounder with cheese, most of their food items taste bland.

    Jollibee scored big with its spaghetti and crispy fried chicken with its flavors attuned to the Filipino taste buds.

    That's why Jollibee is to me is better than McDonald's.
  25. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    Jollibee! Yehey! That's what my kids are shouting whenever we decided to eat out. It is very mutual, as I felt the same way when I was a kid. And for some reason that I don't understand, Jollibee has this taste that we Filipinos can't resist and we are tireless to eat the variety of food they have even everyday. If you know what I mean?! :p Of course, plus the good and friendly service they have.
  26. Primigravida

    Primigravida New Member

    In the Philippines, Jollibee is definitely the superior choice. While both fastfood chains have essentially the same offer of service (save for some employees, which is a personal thing), convenience (where there is Mcdonald's, there is Jollibee), and quality (in terms of fastfood), I don't think Mcdonald's has gotten the cultural side of Filipinos enough for my liking. This is most evident in their spaghetti choices and the tangy sauce of the Jollibee Yum Burger. I will say though that while I love the Chickenjoy, the Mcdonald's chicken is not that far behind, considering that this menu item is made especially for the country.

    Outside the PH, however, Mcdonald's have the edge in terms of variety and in adjusting their menu to be more culture-sensitive to other nations. Jollibee still has the Filipino-style food which only really works with Filipinos overseas.
  27. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    Jollibee! Yehey! That's what my kids are shouting whenever we decided to eat out. It is very mutual, as I felt the same way when I was a kid. And for some reason that I don't understand, Jollibee has this taste that we Filipinos can't resist and we are tireless to eat the variety of food they have even everyday. If you know what I mean?! :p Of course, plus the good and friendly service they have.
  28. valiantranger

    valiantranger New Member

    I find it hard for me to choose which fast food restaurant is the best among the two. It really depends on what I crave to eat during the moment. If feel like eating a hamburger, I would go to McDonald's and order a Cheeseburger Deluxe with a helpful of large fries. With regards to Jollibee, I would go order 2 pieces of Chicken Joy and request for extra gravy.

    Come to think of it, when it comes to their Happy Meal giveaways, I prefer McDonald's because of its quality and sometimes value as a collectible.
  29. Rosamistika

    Rosamistika New Member

    I love going to Jollibee and for me every food they offer is worth the price. It's not only the food that makes me want to go back more often, but also the ambiance and their mascots too.
  30. rodney0108

    rodney0108 New Member

    For those of you who doesnt know what exactly is Jollibee, well, basically its a Philippine version of Mcdonalds. Well I would personally pic both because why tf not.

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