McDonald's or Jollibee?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jojo_1237, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. rodney0108

    rodney0108 New Member

    A fast food chain that originated in the Philippines (i guess) and a big competitor of Mcdonalds in the country
  2. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    Hahahahaha this is so funny! I love them both ..i love McDonald's fries..and i love jollibee's spaghetti! I both love their burgers though ✌✌✌✌✌.
  3. Marian Mijares

    Marian Mijares New Member

    I like them both, but if I were to choose between the two, I will choose jollibee. When I was young my father and I always eat in jollibee. I enjoy eating there because the store is kid friendly. And now that I have kids on my own I also bring them to eat at jollies, and I love to see them enjoy their meal as much as I do when I was young. Jollibee is not just a fastfood chain, it brings back so many memories.
  4. McDonalds coffee over Jollibee's. I love the different variation of sundaes of McDo. The burgers in McDo are beeffier, my favorite is their double cheese burger. :D(yummy) My tummy's agreeing on me right now. Hahaha
    But I must compliment Jollibee's spaghetti because honestly its delicious. The crispy, spicy chicken with gravy and their burger steak which by the way I can eat possibly everyday but that'll be not so good for my health so once in two weeks maybe. Don't forget the cheesy jolly hotdog! Mom after seminars bring home jolly hotdogs for me and my siblings then. That is why I love it till now.
    I can't choose between the two. I have favorites on both.
  5. extrahotchili

    extrahotchili New Member

    That is not a very difficult question to answer. For some obvious reasons, I prefer Jollibee. I don't know but there something in their Burger, fries, Chicken Joy that keeps me coming back. It definitely caught the Filipino taste. The smell of the food especially the chicken, I just so love it. It has held on to its name crispylicious. The skin is really crispy when you bite and the meat is so tender you wouldn't want to stop. I just can't let go of Jollibee.
  6. latinashaila

    latinashaila New Member

    I choose Jollibee. I have worked in Jollibee before as a cashier. I'm not being biased, I love McDonald's too their french friesh and sundaes are the best but I grew up eating in Jollibee and their service is awesome. Their chicken joy is one of their best dishes and you cannot find that kond of taste to other fast food chains.
  7. Roch Lazada

    Roch Lazada New Member

    My choice is always on Jollibee. When it comes to the taste of food, I think there is something in Jollibee that mostly on their menu just taste so good. I can't even wonder why I keep coming back on their Spaghetti and my favourite Peach Mango Pie! Well Mcdonalds is good too but I think Jollibee has make it a great impact here in the Philippines rather than Mcdonalds. As we Filipinos always go onto the approach of "Truly Pinoy" products.
  8. Elizabeth_Page

    Elizabeth_Page New Member

    Mcdonald's is great but I like Jollibee.:) I'm so proud of this company. They created their menu to satisfy the taste buds of every Filipino especially the kids. Goodness! When I was in the Philippines I have observed how people are so obsessed of Jollibee. All of the variety of their food are so yummy and so tasty. The spirit inside the store also is very encouraging. You can see people from all walks of life dining together in that store. Due to the demands of Filipinos working and living overseas, Jollibee needs to branch out to other countries. Foreigners started to love Jollibee too. Order a meal now!:p And enjoy your Jolly spaghetti, Jolly hotdog and chicken Joy.:thumbsup:
  9. nanettearaza08

    nanettearaza08 New Member

    I choose Jollibee. When it comes to the taste and menu, for me, Jollibee is always better than Mcdonald's. Maybe because Jollibee is made for the taste of Filipinos, and well I'm a Filipino, so that's why. Well, my favourite in Jollibee is there chicken so I kinda compare it with Mcdonald's chicken and I find its batter very hard and so many layer that I usually peel off the batter so I can eat the meat part of the chicken. Also, recently I really love watching foreigners reacting/tasting Jollibee and based on there reaction they totally loved it. And by the way, I just finished eating Jollibee Palabok with Chicken and their Sunday Halo Halo. Yum!
  10. Airah

    Airah New Member

    I love fast food. Although nothing beats home cooked meals, its nice to have fast food once in awhile...ok, most of the time.. hahaha. Personally, I love both of them, but i prefer Jolibee than Mcdonalds. There are things and food products i love with Mcdonalds, like nuggets, chicken ala king meal and burgers. I find Mcdonalds’ burger patties are jucier and has more flavor. And also, in my area, (im not sure if its the same in other places) whenever i crave for fastfood even in the wee hours at night, they’re available for delivery. But because there are more products i prefer with Jolibee, it’s still my first choice.
  11. diana21

    diana21 New Member

    For me Jollibee is the best fast food chain. I enjoy eting chicken joy and spaghetti. Jollibee also has gret impact to the children and I also love their commercial specially on hearts month.
  12. Joco

    Joco New Member

    McDonald's and Jollibee are the two top rivals in the Philippines when it comes to Fast Food Chains. Filipinos are food lovers and we enjoy tasty meals. They go to fast food restaurants and these restaurants, most especially, attract students and working class. They are the group of people that regularly patronize fast-food restaurants, which accounts for the sudden boom in the fast-food industry in the Philippines.

    I just love Jollibee more than McDonald's and every one has to know it!
  13. iAmMe23

    iAmMe23 New Member

    For me it depends, when it comes to chicken I would tell that Jollibee is better. Specially the spicy one, I also love their super meal which is affordable and worth it. But when it comes to fries, man I'll go with McDonald's.
  14. kgail

    kgail New Member

    As long as i can remember these two giant fast food company has been battling for ages and i think it will never stop. But in my honest opinion i cant choose between Jollibee and McDonald's. They have their own strength and weaknesses in terms of their food. For me id rather go to Jollibee when i want to eat fried chicken and spaghetti but when it comes to burgers and fries nothing beats McDonald's. So i really can't choose who's the best all i can say is i love them both they make tummy happy.
  15. ammabee

    ammabee New Member

    I prefer Jollibee of course! I'm a Filipino and I'm proud to eat our own food. The flavor of the chicken at Jollibee is one of the best all around the world and one of my favorite is the burger, the flavor that their adding to the patty is so delicious and juicy. If I have a chance to visit countries around the world I would still search for a Jollibee stall or restaurant to eat their!
  16. If im going to choose MCDONALD'S or Jollibee, i will choose JOLLIBEE but before let let me tell you the story of it i wan't jollibee because my dad always wan't to make me happy when im crying he always bring me to the near jollibee fast foodchain to eat and that was a very memorable moment with me and my dad. I also love to eat MCDONALD'S but i prepared to eat JOLLIBEE
  17. ninotermulo

    ninotermulo New Member

    I prefer Jollibee than Mc donalds. First of all I am a little bit biased because I am a Filipino Citizen. But that is not really the case. I love jollibee's chicken joy so much that I never get tired of eating it over and over again.

    I simply enjoy eating chicken joy in jollibee with my family because Jollibee is a resemblance of a good family bonding
  18. raiwenkai

    raiwenkai Member

    In terms of customer service I like them both, In terms of price its almost the same but in terms of food I love jollibee chiken joy and jollu spaghetti is better than mc do.
  19. kendrickal

    kendrickal New Member

    When it comes to Chicken and Spaghetti, I will go with Jollibee. For me, Chickenjoy is really the best asset that Jollibee has. But when it comes to Fries and Burgers, McDonald's gets my vote. Bic Mac and fries is really a great combination. I just don't like the fries from Jollibee; it just doesn't taste good for me.
  20. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    i love both.these two fastfood offer deliciuos meal.jollibee is more popular than mcdonald in my country.everywhere you you can see jollibee and you can see mcdonald favorite jollibe meal is jollyhotdog and chicken favorite mcdonald meal is chicken sandwich and mcfloat.
  21. ApostoLara

    ApostoLara New Member

    Jollibee still have the best spaghetti compared to McDonald's. Jollibee's Chicken Joy is more delicious also compared to McDonald's.
  22. ctemple85

    ctemple85 New Member

    McDonald's is the best because its never far, and it's what I've always gotten when I'm hungry and haven't eaten anything yet. That goes for most Americans.
  23. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    I like Jollibee and my kids love it. I like their burger steak and palabok with chicken it's delicious. My kids love the toys in their jolly kiddie meal it's collectibles. They also like the fries and spaghetti. So Jollibee for us.

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