Mental Illness and Addiction on T.V.

Discussion in 'Television' started by marlymarl, May 28, 2017.

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    In various television shows that are on currently, we see that mental illness and addiction are being glamorized. As if it is great to be suffering from active symptoms of either. Take the show Shameless for example. We see how far Frank will go to get his fix and what the family will go through to essentially survive without him. The truth of the matter is, mental illness and addiction is great at leaving the shell of the person you knew. I believe putting information about the diseases out there is obviously important but isn't there a better way? What are your thoughts?
  2. Mintea

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    Surely there are many ways of bringing awareness to the public about all sorts of things. Controversial and stigmatising issues such as drugs and psychological soundness are ,I suppose ,hard to tackle in a way that it becomes an effective toll to bring about conversation about these things. I mean, who talks freely about these things? I am sure many people out there that suffer from these conditions might find it very hard to overcome the shame that comes with being recognised as a mentally unstable person, for example. I guess these shows producers expect people to understand the hidden intention behind those story lines but there is a point when the line between exposing an issue and using that platform to exacerbate ill behaviour through morbid and clearly unnecessary sequences in the show , actually end up defeating the purpose of what could be an ,otherwise, valid informative and relevant subject to educate people about.

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