Midnight Cravings

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Noel Angeles, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    I do my writing projects at night, when it's all quiet and serene, Its when my concentration is at its peak.

    Waiting patiently for hours until the flow of ideas come, at about midnight I always feel this sudden craving for Pizza, it's my favorite comfort food, speedily, I grabbed my keys and drive off to my favorite 24 hour pizzeria, I placed my regular order for a large box of Pineapple and Bacon pizza with extra cheese. I love the contrast of flavors of this variant, with the sweet and juicy pineapples and the salty and smoky flavor of bacon.

    Waiting for my order, I went out to smoke a cigarette, suddenly a flow of ideas came rushing into my mind, I started typing on my smartphone, the pizza's ready, I jumped to my car and hurriedly returned home.

    Sitting in front of my laptop I quickly opened the box of pizza, a wonderful aroma engulfed my senses, slowly, I grabbed a slice, biting into it, an explosion of flavors filled my mouth, and then I started typing, effectively expressing and translating my thoughts and ideas into words on digital media.

    My work is done, the pizza box is empty, it's now dawn, the start of another day and it's time again for me to sleep.
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  2. healthcongo

    healthcongo New Member

    I am not sure why, but for some reason I always seem to crave sweet things at night. Some people get restless whenever they eat sweets, however it seems to be the opposite for me. I work very late at night and therefore I always sneak in a piece of cookie or a slice of cake to keep me going. A slice of cake always raises my dopamine levels and sends me to sleep right away at night.
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  3. ZLL

    ZLL New Member

    Midnight cravings frequently occured in my mid twenties. But now I'm in my thirties already and presently I am able to mange my sleeping habits and control the time of eating. Way back many years ago, I remember when I go to bed, I cannot sleep immediately as a result of imagining desserts. I was really craved that time to the point that I went to the kitchen and open the refrigerator and got something sweet. As a ate and satisfied the food in my stomach, I returned to bed and slept serenely. Currently I just smile when the memories about midnight cravings become part of my life.
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  4. marykjo

    marykjo New Member

    Ah, yes, Midnight Munchies. I always find myself absolutely starving when I stay up late working. I can ignore my cravings when they're earlier in the evening, but after midnight? I am weak. I especially crave pizza -- usually after every single pizza joint within a reasonable driving distance has closed for the night. When I know I'm going to be up late, I try to make sure my fridge is stocked with munchies. Sometimes I even try to make sure they're healthy munchies, but let's face it: carrot sticks will never replace a stuffed crust pizza.
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  5. puregrace

    puregrace New Member

    I too crave at night sometimes when I am asleep, mostly for drinking water. When I am awake at night, I surely feel like eating something like pizza or any other delicious recipe. I think at night our mind is silent and hence our body craves for what it wants.

    Sometimes, I want to eat cakes, chocolates, burgers and many such snacks. I also feel like eating delicious recipes and drinking more water. Then, craving for a cup of coffee is also usual at midnight.
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  6. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    I love pizza and I just wanted to share a simple recipe for the crust. It has only 2 ingredients Selfrising Flour, actually any flour will do and yoghurt, and a pinch of salt. Just mix yoghurt and flour and knead it into a ball adding some flour so that it wont stick, cover and rest for an hour then flatten out to make the crust. Spread some Tomato Ketchup or Pizza Sauce or Spaghetti Sauce and then some grated cheese and some toppings and bake in an oven or in an oven toaster or cook over a stove top using a cast iron pan. It's cheap, it's easy to make and it taste delicious.
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  7. pisceslei

    pisceslei New Member

    I know midnight cravings is not healthy 'cause after you eat you usually get sleepy. But still I love to have some burger perhaps or better yet PIZZZZZA!! can't help it
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  8. ekw1026

    ekw1026 New Member

    Midnight cravings is my kryptonite! I have a love for eating Tositinos Pizza Bites and or Taco Bell well passed my dinnertime. I try to stay away from these two foods, but I get weak in the knees and my stomach roars like a dominant lion in the Sahara. The temptation of the crispy, delicious breaded Tostinos make my mouth salivate as I prepare them in my oven waiting for that timer to buzz. Taco Bell what can I say, the steak Mexican Pizza, Chalupa with diablo sauce, and a Caramel Empanada makes fighting the late night crave irresistible.
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  9. ferlina

    ferlina New Member

    I love eating specially during midnight.. It is really fun to explore.. inventing food recipes and preparing something unique for my love ones who I often hear that late-night snacking is a bad idea..it's not great to eat right before bed, so what's the best thing to snack on when you're starving at night? So if you're actually hungry, you should eat.. no matter how late it is. If you're going to eat before bed, I suggest pick something relatively light and leave some buffer time before you sleep..I often eat high in fiber and adding a little protein that will keep me full until breakfast.And If I'm really craving something sweet, something with naturally occurring sugar like fruit or dairy are my better options. Remember, it's acceptable to give in to those late night hunger feelings. Avoiding hunger can keep you awake longer, leaving you exhausted the following day.
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