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  1. uwuvois

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    With the sudden comeback of Minecraft this 2019, what were the things you loved the most while playing the game when you were little? Experiences with friends?
  2. donjandex

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    One reason Minecraft is good for kids is the promotion of creativity, problem-solving, self-direction, and collaboration—all of which stand out as the less-tangible, non-academic benefits Minecraft provides. It is these life skills that will give kids the boost needed when they eventually work their way towards succeeding in college and future careers.
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    do not play
  4. MasterTyper

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    I was first introduced to Minecraft in 2012 by one of my friends, I look at the game in 2019 and i still find it amusing to play, Just because it's a giant world to do anything you want in it, But also because of how calm the game could sometimes be. It's just a great game, Play it if you haven't already.

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