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  1. thotays

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    It’s become clear to me that getting a job through a screen makes it hard for you to actually understand what the employer truly wants sometimes. This has been very frustrating for me when I have worked very hard but lost a job do to small miscommunications.
  2. Warren1967

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    You have to invest in a good computer and the best internet connection that your money can pay for if you want to have a clear conversation with your employer online.
  3. tsameyn

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    This always happens to me regarding my job. Sometimes my employer and I experienced miscommunication to how and when I can wrap up my job or when I will have new projects to be done. Sometimes his data is so much more different from me. Our time difference sometimes also results from miscommunication but fortunately, we started to adjust and the instructions were clear on our level of understanding.
  4. ohevit

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    In interacting with people, miscommunication is always present. Either you misinterpreted or misunderstood the symbols and their meanings or the other person or persons were the ones who misinterpreted or misunderstood you.
    There may also be flaws in the relaying of the message or the medium used is defective or vague. Sometimes, biases or closed-mindedness could block the effectiveness of communication or the understanding of it.
  5. To avoid miscommunication, you must really be precise and straight to the point.
  6. Treveez

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    there was clear evidence of miscommunication between the surgeon and anaesthetist"
  7. amorkayee

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    There are things that a person can be made do to avoid miscommunication. One should make sure that he or she really understands the person he or she's communicating with. If one doesn't understand a thing. he or she should not be afraid to clarify things. One should be also responsible in communicating his or her thoughts and intentions well. Additionally, everyone should learn that we all have different opinions. Everyone should learn to accept and learn from each other's point of views. One should learn to communicate his side well without degrading someone. Miscommunication can hinder making good relationships, or worse destroy them. It can give wrong information or destroy one's point of view in life. It's really important for everyone to be responsible with their words.

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