Mobile games or outdoor games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by tifanyshinL, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. tifanyshinL

    tifanyshinL Member

    Mobile games or outdoor games?
  2. normen

    normen New Member

    i recommend outdoor games, why? it is because it develops yourself fit, excercise and good for your health. If your always playing mobile games, you are being addicted to it.
  3. zscott

    zscott New Member

    I would recommend outdoor games as the better health option. Now a game I have been playing quite religiously is Pokemon Go. I find this a nice mixture of the two because you get both physical exercise, and you get to socialize with friends.

    Honestly, Pokemon Go basically saved my life. I was on EI, living in a basement apartment, not looking for work, barely eating. I saw that Pokemon Go game out and gave it three days to see if the game was still being played. I ended up going out and meeting, who is now my fiance who I've been with for almost two years. When we first met, I was unmediated because I justified to myself that I didn't need my medication. This was a very bad decision on my part which was caused by the mental unstability of losing my job I loved. She helped nurse me back to health, got me on the right track, and put up with my everyday breakdowns. Since then, the past year has been a MASSIVE improvement. I have since enrolled in college for computer networking and technical support, gotten an amazing therapist, and have been discovering new ways to make money online. All of this has given me a sense of purpose and motivation.

    I think there is a massive problem with video game playing in the world that needs attention. We spend far to much times sitting down and need to get active. I've finally met my goal of only having 3 games on my phone, vs the 5-6+ for years. One of which is of course Pokemon Go, the other Fallout Shelter, lastly it's Angry Birds Evolution's. I find with limiting the amount of games I have on my phone, the less time I spend gaming.

    Further, I do feel I play Pokemon Go a bit much. I've recently discovered a friend who loves driving around playing, which I was very against before this. I believe the game should be played by walking, biking or on a moped at the very most. I'm taking action to play less, or at least less driving around, because that takes away from the active lifestyle.

    I want to spend more time working and posting on forums like this.
  4. renz joseph lopez

    renz joseph lopez New Member

    In my opinion outdoor games is a way better option when you really think about it cause it'll be good for your health and overall well being. I play mobile games too like nba2k,angry birds, Mario but when my boys ask me if I'm free to play ball i will not hesitate to go outside and play with my boys cause being outdoors playing interacting and socializing cannot be replace by mobile games even that games is so hype. Being outdoors playing with your friends will give you memories to be talked about in the future have a laugh with it, but their is a game like Pokemon go that will get you outside and stretch those legs of yours and find those illusive wild Pokemons but your line of attention is still stuck on the screen it's nice but you still using a phone, i prefer hiking, riding my bike or just walking around enjoying the scenery.
  5. antolin_cj

    antolin_cj New Member

    Go for outdoor games! Because outdoor games gives us the energy, and we also guven a chance to meet different people while playing
  6. Basics101

    Basics101 New Member

    I'm not choosing whether Mobile Games or Outdoor Games. I'm used to mobile games I've never played any outdoor games, but I still have a lot of friends. I mostly just sit on a sofa, grab my cellphone and just play games.
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  7. zythandra

    zythandra New Member

    I would suggest outdoor games. There are lots of benefits in playing outdoor games, you cannot just improve your sportsmanship but also get the benefits of being able to have a fit body.

    Unfortunately, that’s not my thing, for me I’m more on PC, console and mobile games. I fell in love with video games since the DOS games in PC. I used to play games that can be stored in a floppy drive. Then during high school it is all about PlayStation. But now that I have to prioritize my time to work so I can pay my bills, rents etc., I switch to mobile games because I can easily open any of my accounts anytime and anywhere. All I need is a good data connection or better yet a good Wi-Fi.
  8. mftmadam

    mftmadam New Member

    Mobile games are fun, but outdoor games are way more fun. Hear me out, yes mobile games are popular these days. I do agree that it's a handful of entertainment, and it saves energy because you can do it while sitting or laying on the bed. But all those hours playing and getting radiation from the phone screen is really bad for your eyes, on the other side there's outdoor games. Yes it's tiring, but the sun lights vitamins every morning and the weight you will lose while doing physical activities are worth it.
  9. hstinscdln

    hstinscdln Member

    Mobile Games. Playing mobile games over outdoor games has its perks. Staying indoors secures my safety. I am physically weak and safety is an issue for me. With mobile games, I can still enjoy playing with my friends without putting my safety at risk. Also, it is a lot more comfortable to play in my bed. Ever since I was I child, I already used to play games on my computer and as I grew up, electronic games became my thing. Then, there came android. A lot of games were made available there and I became a mobile game addict, Be it an online game or an offline game.
  10. Marion102513

    Marion102513 New Member

    Outdoor games i reccomend especially nowadays that i have observe that the millenial kids are more focus on their gadgets that playing outdoor games. I, myself grow up playing a bunch of outdoor games and it more enjoyable and more healthy not just physically , mentally, but also emotionally. It also encourages kids to have friends that they can connect deeply with each other.
    Outdoor games can strenghten our immune system, it is also a way of exercise without knowing that and enjoying in the process. It helps builds kids thier self esteem.
    It broke my heart just thinking about children today just prefers mobiles games than do the actual fun part. Yes i admit that it is quite fun when playing mobile games but it is an unhealthy trait.
  11. Senpaimaster

    Senpaimaster New Member

    In my opinion yes it’s heather but it can also be dangerous,such as games like Pokémon go and other AR games,cause people to focus more on the game then what they are they’re actually doing.And when Pokémon go was at its Prime time where mostly everyone had an account it caused more crimes,such as kidnapping,driving and on the phone,& etc...But indoor mobile games are bad as well they teach kids that it’s OK to stay indoors other than exercising and not only kids it’s interesting how many people actually do this sort of thing but I prefer to have an equal balance of indoors and outdoors.But it’s mostly about the entertainment so just enjoy your self.
  12. mrvuducdung

    mrvuducdung New Member

    Mobile games and outdoors games are both suitable with almost all people. But we need to choose in diffirent status. Why? Because i think when we feel stress, for example with our work, but we can't go out immediately, the weather is not good you can choose mobile games at home with friends. But somedays, when the weather is good, your body is strong, you want to take part in some activities, outdoor games are suitable for you, you also play sports such as : football, volleyball, increase and improve your health.
  13. honeylaosanchez

    honeylaosanchez New Member

    With technology, it has made our lives easier. From the computers we use to work on, easy access to the internet which we can use for our schools' research and most especially leisure such as video games. Video games have a lot of benefits like you can strategize and play with your friends at home through the internet, have fun playing just lying down on your bed or sofa, and you will not get physically tired. But on top of these many great advantages, I think that playing outside is more fun. Outdoor games can be a form of exercise and will help you maintain a healthy life. Unlike playing video games where you just lie down the whole day. In addition, you can get vitamins from the sun instead of being under the shed of your home.
  14. totoadrian

    totoadrian New Member

    Outdoor play in interact basically for a children and also help for health.Most of games playing are in side area ,park and backyard. children spend much of time indoors,paying games on the tablets or TV is so boring . So mostly people and child play a games in outdoor, there are some relevant benefits of playing games in outdoor such as physical fitness mental health strength development social development lose weight fun with friends skills developed understand social rule
  15. leovinodbelen

    leovinodbelen New Member

    Mobile games can be done outdoor in indoor. For my personal.experience its good to play the games with youre collegues, and others. It will help to us gamer to easy to win in a battle games.
  16. Misterjuan12

    Misterjuan12 New Member

    Mobile games are so accessible this days it makes it overrated. I still prefer going outside gatherimg with my friends and playing street game. The accelerating feeling of running freely and the joy of the company of others makes me feel that its still better than any other mobile games.
  17. KimmyAnne13

    KimmyAnne13 New Member

    For me it is okay to have outdoor games than playing mobile legends. Because outdoor games can make you physically fit and it is more enjoyable than mobile legends
  18. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Well being from the united kingdom it rains a lot , so playing computer games were a big part of my childhood .I did obviously play outdoors in the park , in fact i had bushey park very near to my house and would enjoy playing there as a child , i have many fond memories .To conclude i think its best for children to play indoors on games but not to neglect the great out doors .Thanks Jordan Durante
  19. ianderstand

    ianderstand New Member

    The only mobile games I consider to be real games are the MOBAs and Hearthstone. Casual mobile games should be in a different genre of their own.
  20. OpTicaLBlitz

    OpTicaLBlitz New Member

    I prefer outdoor games to mobile games. Mobile games to me are nothing but cash-grabbers with a few exceptions. Outdoor games, on the other hand, is actually fun and keeps you fit and healthy in the meantime. And if you play outdoor games with your friends, it is more fun and you get to be closer to your friends.
  21. clydeterence

    clydeterence New Member

    Outdoor games. I normally prefer to be an outside person, as i am a hiking enthusiast. Other than at extreme hot and winter, I prefer to spend my time outside. Outside means, trying to explore the nature more. I relaxes our mind and give us fresh air. There are lot of activities to do outside, like hiking, camping, trekking, mountaineering etc. Come close to nature and enjoy.
  22. Segal

    Segal Member

    I choose Outdoor game, because it's very interactive and very good for the brain
  23. Mhingnhormz

    Mhingnhormz New Member

    Mobile games or outdoor games: For me it should be both, both games makes everyone happy, it also depends on the character or personality of a person. It could be an outdoor for those extrovert people, and mobile games for the introvert people whom they could freely express their emotions or opinions such as mobile legend nowadays, where you'll be able to chat and express with your teamates. For me, whatever games it is, what makes it important is what the game could offer you as individual, if it makes happy and comfortable then so be it.

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