Mobile gaming or PC gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Heckler17, May 8, 2019.

  1. Onleet

    Onleet New Member

    Although I enjoy both mobile gaming every so often and PC gaming, I mostly prefer PC gaming(and even console gaming). I just like the various elements provided within PC and console gaming more. Mobile gaming is something I usually do in a rush, on my way somewhere else. Sometimes waiting for something to begin or end at home too. PC/console gaming is something I take part in for a deeper, much more meaningful connection with a game.
  2. ScribeLive

    ScribeLive New Member

    I like Mobile. Mobile gaming is growing super fast and could one day be a viable rival of PC gaming, but at current; it is not. Video Games are about the immersive experience they create with users, and without full controller functionality mobile will always be a substitute for the "real thing". How can I take a game seriously while answering a call from my wife wondering why my trip to the store was taking so long?
  3. raymond fernandez

    raymond fernandez New Member

    mobile gaming because you can played it whenever you are and also what time you want to play :) playing games in mobile is really nice :)
  4. fernandez

    fernandez New Member

    pc gaming is the best because
    PC gaming is the most affordable it’s ever been—and for a lot of people it’s also the best value for a multitude of reasons. Yes, Microsoft’s powerful Xbox One X console delivers a surprising amount of bang for your buck. Hardware costs are just part of the equation, though.

    Here’s a handful of reasons why PC gaming is a better value than consoles.

    First let’s talk about the elephant in the room: raw initial dollars. That’s normally where the PC’s fallen behind in the past, compared to consoles. “Yeah, I could spend thousands of dollars on a PC or $300 to $400 on a console.”

    PC gaming is still more expensive, at least up front. That hasn’t changed. If you can build a gaming desktop for $400, you’re either a wizard or extremely good at snagging discount parts and waiting for sales. More power to you.

    But the PC isn’t that much more expensive at this point. You’ll can build a console-beating Ryzen gaming PC for under $550, or a much more powerful gaming rig for $850.
  5. raffff

    raffff New Member

    I am a DOTA and DOTA 2 player, but recently I kind of hook into mobile gaming like PUBGM and Mobile Legends, it is more relaxing and easy to play, you can even lie in bed while playing or while having a toxic release (poops, lol). So, for me, mobile gaming it is.
  6. Kalantiaw

    Kalantiaw New Member

    PC gaming always. But you can't take the pc anywhere. So mobile gaming is in close second place.
  7. jylemmm

    jylemmm New Member

    For me, considering the availability of resources nowadays, PC gaming is still the best platform for playing games. PC can withstand prolonged gaming and grinding without causing too much damage on its hardware. Unlike on mobile gaming, when you spend long hours of gaming, your mobile phones will experience heating and the obvious battery drain.

    But still, the convenience there is on playing on mobile phones is of advantage. In time, with the advancement of technology, these cons on mobile phones will be solved making the mobile gaming be the best gaming platform.
  8. Kalantiaw

    Kalantiaw New Member

    Agree. There is a middle ground. PC streaming. After you're tired of sitting in front of your PC, you simply stream it to your mobile device, i.e. via Geforce Now. :)
  9. Kyan03

    Kyan03 New Member

    For me there are some fundamental problems with mobile games.

    1. The screen is just too small (even if it’s high resolution) for detailed or complex games. Even old RPGs, written for lower res-screens, are near impossible to read on a small mobile.
    2. Control systems are poor. Touch controls put your fingers over the action and are often imprecise. Gyro controls are really imprecise. External control pads work well enough, but then you need a stand for the screen, and power for the controller, and… it’s all getting a bit complicated.
    3. Games burn through battery power fast.

    There’s also some serious issues with how games have developed on mobile which, while fixable, are heavily entrenched:

    1. Many are Free to Play. This tends to distort games, effectively making them pay to win. That does not make a good game - challenges should be player skills, not funds.

    While there are some paid games, these often struggle for visibility next to F2P, so few are made now.

    2. Finding a decent game to play is hard - there’s so many come out that few review sites cover all of them, and many of those that do have very poor or biased reviews.

    3. There’s little quality control - some platforms, like consoles, insist on a minimum quality level. No mobile app store does.

    4. Almost all games are designed for short play sessions. This means most are overly simple for my tastes.

    So, while I do play some mobile games, I currently prefer console or PC, and I can’t see it changing any time soon.
  10. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    I really like mobile gaming because its convenient. I can play anytime, anywhere. Butttt I like PC Gaming more because the games are better in pc
  11. KMG666

    KMG666 New Member

    PC Gaming RULES!!! I mean Mobile Games are on the rise, but you just can't beat the graphics and the finesse of a desktop Computer. from DOTA 2 - the mother of all MOBO which mobile legends and other games alike are patterned from. But I think I do sympathize to the mobile gamers because it soooo much more accessible to anybody and any time rather that a Desktop Computer.
  12. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    Pc gaming of course, it is easier to control, larger screen so less headache and less eye strains. However, the graphics of the mobile phone are better than the graphics of the PC, unless you use a gamer's pc.
  13. Franco22

    Franco22 New Member

    PC Gaming is still the best, for one reason alone for me...Living the MOD LIFE Baby!
    A gaming PC is a full-fledged personal computer, unlike mobile phones that are, well, phones. As a result, you can modify games to give them features that aren't a part of the intended experience.

    Have you seen Fallout mods out there? Or Old games getting difficulty patches, making them fresh again? Those additions come via the wonderful modding community, a wizard-like collective that makes the magic happen.
  14. LoggyDogDog

    LoggyDogDog New Member

    I'd say computer. Mostly because it's the one I have that is accually able to play games. I don't own a console, nor do I own a good phone. Tho, consoles can be pretty fun aswell, I recently ordered an N64 with Super Mario 64, and it's going to be very fun even tho they are older games.
  15. romelece

    romelece New Member

    Mobile gaming is more convenient for me than PC gaming. If I find a mobile game that interests me, I spend time and allot my free time to that game. Mobile games are available and mobile data is affordable in different promos or subscriptions that suit my gaming requirements. Smartphones' play store offers a lot of variety and genres that I can choose from.
  16. fairnlove82

    fairnlove82 New Member

    it is depend on you what you like and what kind of time do you have if you are in office or in a college then mobile is reliable for you but if you are in home and have some free time then PC and GAMING Machine is well and both have different joy. PC is very best for real imagination experience.
  17. Chris96

    Chris96 New Member

    PC gaming is the best compared to mobile gaming, PC gaming gives you the best experience of the game and the realistic graphics make you become engaged and emotional to the game. I've seen players become emotional when playing games like FIFA and NBA2k, PC gaming makes you feel like you're part of the game. So definitely I'll go for PC gaming over Mobile gaming.
  18. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    pc gaming still best gaming experience.but mobile gaming is very convinient beacause you can play games outside.
  19. mithul

    mithul Member

    PC's are best for playing high definition games.furthermore i would say that those are not practised as mobile gaming are the trend setters and also they are the future for upcoming generations.
  20. Jacob16

    Jacob16 New Member

    Well, in my opinion i think that PC Games are way better than mobile game.
    with that being said, i would like to explain why i see it this way.
    First of all, PC games are very much better in quality and graphics. also game controls are really more comfortable and free. and at the same time you gonna find PC games have a variety in type of games that you can play more than these in mobile games. hopefully i delivered my point of view in the right way :)
  21. lppenna

    lppenna New Member

    for sure pc gaming. Mobiles may have improved processing and so on. But nothing better than playing a game with a keyboard and mouse that makes you comfortable for a few hours
  22. younglungu

    younglungu Member

    pc gaming.
  23. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    For me i choose mobile gaming its so very convenient and hassle free and you can games while in you work or on street and mobile games its so cool for me :thumbsup:
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  24. MeepMop

    MeepMop New Member

    I think both are great. They each simply have their own strengths. PC games have better experiences in terms of graphics, game play, and usually overall polish. While Mobile Games are more about convenience and being able to play games wherever you go.
  25. anithachirakkal

    anithachirakkal New Member

    It's true that mobile games are more cheaper than game on a pc gaminggaming pl – but only to a certain extent. The industry of PC gaming is cooking a more innovative way to not just offer a more convenient and efficient way for PC gamers to interact but to also flop the mobile gaming prices.
  26. Celsojay

    Celsojay New Member

    It depends on the game but I love to play on both side ether it's pc or mobile no problem for me as long as i enjoy the game,. Its your happiness
  27. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    Mobile gaming. Beacuse i dont have a pc
  28. Rijumon007

    Rijumon007 Member

    PC Gaming...
  29. archiejay

    archiejay New Member

    Mobile gaming is very handy compare to PC gaming. It's small size and light weight make it easy for anyone to carry any where they want. Anybody can enjoy playing mobile games while traveling or staying outside their house. There are a lot of games you can choose to play and download to your device. Most of them are free and ready to be played by anyone.
  30. Alkmendo

    Alkmendo New Member

    I see pc games is past the mobile games

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