Mobile gaming or PC gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Heckler17, May 8, 2019.

  1. derek2002

    derek2002 New Member

    PC games are way better than mobile games. You can play different games on PC that has a decent graphics.
  2. Maxim

    Maxim New Member

    A computer will always be preferable in the gaming industry. Yes, the phone is more convenient in that you can always carry and carry around with you. But pc has better performance.
  3. Pajbot

    Pajbot New Member

    PC gaming. You get to play on a larger screen, which means you can play for longer without your eyes suffering - and it's more comfortable. Also with PC gaming, you get to enjoy games that have taken much more time and effort to make than any mobile game out there, thus making them high quality and a creating a better gaming experience. If you have the money to get yourself a PC then I would highly recommend this option for anyone out there. Enjoy :D
  4. Hamza5971

    Hamza5971 New Member

    First things first , it might sound a little rude but the bitter truth is THERE IS NOTHING SUCH AS MOBILE GAMING , mobile gaming is not gaming its just a way to pass time, whereas PC gaming is meant to be played not to pass time but to enjoy, which in my opinion is not possible in mobile gaming as PC/console gaming provides game which have great graphics ,story-line ,big maps , main missions and many other side missions.

    All this comes at a cost of higher energy consumption , higher processor/RAM usage and more drive space required which is not possible in mobiles which means mobile games are not as good as PC and they aren't even near.

    At the end it is just my own opinion and many people can and will disagree with it.And i believe that one day it would be possible to play all console/PC games on mobiles with the same experience and that day i would accept it as true gaming.
  5. ikobaliko

    ikobaliko New Member

    It's PC for me. I don't have anything about mobiles but I prefer to play games on a wider screen.

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