Money or Love?

Discussion in 'Books' started by NarsNightingale, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. nimomearsey

    nimomearsey New Member

    I can't believe people are still having this discussion till to date.It's very clear that money isn't everything but the only thing and to be honest in this century you've got to have some cash to illustrate love otherwise one might think that you're taking them for granted!
  2. briannaorr123456

    briannaorr123456 New Member

    I would choose love. Love is more important than anything in life. Life is not about money but it is about love. Money cannot buy happiness nor love. Love is priceless and only a few people have it. Love creates happiness.
  3. rickyfax

    rickyfax Member

    No matter what circumstance you may in, you can't replace love with money. Nothing in this world could be greater than love. Money may lost its value but love remains dominant. What's the point of being rich but poor in love?
  4. Jonasaguilar

    Jonasaguilar Member

    I think you can view this question at another angle, which means what kind of person do you want to be?

    If you are honest to yourself and ready to struggle for your life even your children’s life, you can choose love. Imagine that: you get up earlier than most of people in your city. People crowd you on the subway or the bus. You work hard but you still cannot get enough money to enjoy life. From time to time, you and your lover argue about trifle because of money. You think you are busy and tired but you still have to struggle for a living.

    If you choose to Chase materialistic happiness rather than spiritual happiness, like the female leading role in Gone with the wind, you will experience suffering the pain of forbidden love. And your indifference will harm your family. Gradually, you will be more depressed than before.

    No matter you choose which life, life can’t be satisfactory. So how to choose? Be the kind of person you more want to be. As to me,of course, love.

    After all, I cannot spend money in my grave, but I am willing to be buried with my true lover in one grave.
  5. ledesiigner

    ledesiigner New Member

    Love is important. Don't ever think it's not. But don't ever think it is possible to survive in this world without money. Both are dependent upon on one another. And also we can't compare both these, if one is life then other is necessary for life.
  6. Israelwalex

    Israelwalex New Member

    Personally, I'd pick money. Truth be told, with money comes love. Or should I say there are better chances of being loved when you have money. Trust me, money is needed to keep love alive. A good example is Tyler Perry's Acrimony. Yeah, I know it's a fictional work but we've known that some fictional works depict real life situation and this movie falls in this category. In simple terms, where there is no money, there is hardly ever love. I am speaking from experience so this is my opinion though
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  7. free23elle

    free23elle New Member

    In a world where money is almost everything , I still choose love. Yes, I can't use love to buy everything that I want, but money can't also buy love. If I want to have money, I can work hard to earn it, but sometimes no matter what i do I can't have the love that I want if it's really not for me. Money can make us happy for a short period of time, when we're used to have everything except for love, money can't do something to feel the gap of being empty.
  8. Chain081395

    Chain081395 Member

    LOVE of course!! Because you can earn money but you can't easily earn true love. But in our generation, sadly, there are people who value money instead of love. We should not forget that before the money came into our daily lives, there is our GOD who LOVES us. :):):)
  9. StraweberryCupcake

    StraweberryCupcake New Member

    Love and support it is more important then money, when you come to the situation when you can't share your happines and money with the others and can't have sincere friendships etc. Then you can maybe realize that having a lots of love is better then having a lots of money.
  10. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    Money is not everything, but everything else needs money including love.
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  11. mondjan

    mondjan New Member

  12. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    money is king, king is love
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  13. GraceFuller

    GraceFuller New Member

    Love! Feelings are forever, but material items fade away.
  14. Samdan78

    Samdan78 New Member

    Money and love are the strongest things that rule the world. They make us go out of our ways to do thing we sometimes shouldn't have done. To choose between the two is very difficult. But considering the fact that we live in a materialistic world where money plays indispensable roles and determines my well-being and the amount of joy and satisfaction I can have, I think it is more logical to choose money. I am convinced that I can find love if I am rich. If am a rich man, many beautiful women would love to date or marry me. I will be able to help many people and receive their love. People cannot truly find lasting love when they are poor because their poverty robs them of the fertile grounds where love blossoms.
  15. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    need money get love
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  16. rhina002

    rhina002 New Member

    I want choice both because first of all we need money to our life because money can do anything to buy.
    And for the Love is your long lasting in your life, love for family,friend,pet and your special someone and also for God.
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  17. Richy1

    Richy1 New Member

    To me the the are important in Hunan life because is good love and loved by someone, so money is still important to have for smooth relationship affairs.
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  18. AlienOcean

    AlienOcean New Member

    For how I am, I'd always choose love over money but unfortunately we have to admit that in today's society without money you basically can have or do nothing.
  19. Omoluabi

    Omoluabi New Member

    Love weigh more value but also required money. So are working together.
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  20. Richy1

    Richy1 New Member

    Money is required to gain love.
  21. nicegentleman

    nicegentleman New Member

    Love hands down. Money is easy to make and easy to acquire. However, love? You have to wait for the perfect moment to acquire that. Me? I've found my true love, but a lot of people haven't. Trust me, love is way better than money.
  22. dreamer12

    dreamer12 New Member

    Wealth is so much more than money. Wealth maybe relationships. Wealth maybe your health. Wealth maybe your spirituality or intimacy with God. In life you should have your own definition of wealth because once you define it then you will also find the reason for it.What you prioritize in life is what you pursue. If your priority in life is money then you will pursue with all your effort to have it. If your priority in life is love then you will pursue with all your effort to have it.
  23. Reychiel Rosell

    Reychiel Rosell New Member

    for me is love,love is more important.more than anything in this world without love people will distroy everything that we have if we have money..some people distroying each other because of ill be better to choose love over money..
  24. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    For me money because I'm practical person and we need money always. But when Im younger ofcourse love because I don't see how important is money than just to love. It's also painful to love than to have alot of money.
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  25. romilda

    romilda Member

    love since it is hard to find real love. money can be found in so many ways.
  26. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    I will choose love over money. Sometimes, money can change people. They being greedy and out of control. While love makes you feel how wonderful life is, how great was god. Love is priceless, while money is just a thing.
  27. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    For me its love.
  28. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    i think you can should balance both love and money because sometimes love start to get complicated when money get involve its proven in all aspect Family, Friends,Partner. We tend to forget love when greed hit us, then We tend to forget about our future because we are crazy being in-love but if we learned how to balance love and money then we can achieve both.
  29. Arzu123

    Arzu123 New Member

    i choose money cause love cannot feed you when your hungry and the only time i'll choose love over money is when it comes to my mom but other than her i choose money over love.
  30. romilda

    romilda Member

    Love of course.

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