Monitoring Sodium, Sugar, or Fat In Your Diet?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Annie Rose, May 6, 2017.

  1. Annie Rose

    Annie Rose New Member

    Is there anything that you're restricting or watching closely in your diet? I have become much more aware of these health issues over the last few years so I try to monitor what's going into my body. I am rather strict about sodium and always looking for low-salt recipes. I'm not so careful about sugar restriction, and I try to watch fat content, especially trans fat.

    What about you? Restricting any of these things? Or maybe something I didn't list?
  2. ahwang

    ahwang New Member

    I don't eat processed sugars and I really watch my sodium and fat intake. However, I am very open to healthy fats such as nuts which are a great source of protein.
  3. aakbar525

    aakbar525 New Member

    I don't eat a lot of sweet things anymore because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but even with that restriction I still sometimes cheat hahaha.
  4. Cbailey184

    Cbailey184 New Member

    I try my best to limit processed sugars, but I could be much better about it. As of late, I am monitoring my sodium intake as well. Not cutting it out, just being mindful of what I am putting in my body!
  5. Panaesthetism

    Panaesthetism New Member

    Sugar is by far the most important thing to watch out for. I'm always carefully monitoring my sugar intake, and doing my best to stay away from all processed and added sugars, which has helped me hugely in terms of maintaining a healthy weight over the years. Sodium can also be dangerous if your intake levels are extremely high, but unless you eat a lot of salty or processed foods, it generally isn't as much of a problem as sugar, aside from issues that are directly related to sodium intake. Fat is probably the most controversial of these three; many people believe all fats to be dangerous and bad for the waistline (hence the use of the word "fat" to describe being overweight), but many fats, like the ones found in nuts, are actually healthy and even necessary for the body to function. I definitely make sure watch out for saturated fats and trans fats, though; both of those can be killers if you consume them regularly.

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