Most Effective way to start writing non-fiction

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by O.Henry-n-Twain, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. O.Henry-n-Twain

    O.Henry-n-Twain New Member

    The trick is to start your first non-fiction book with a foundation based upon your personal expertise or knowledge base. It makes the writing a bit easier. It is a good way to get your feet wet. To determine if NF is your bailiwick or not
  2. Derk789

    Derk789 Member

    What are ways to enhance the experience for readers? How can they be taken away by your words?
  3. Peterr

    Peterr New Member

    title and introduction is the foremost strong step to begin a fiction (on any kind of story) for an inexperienced writer
  4. Afroxyz

    Afroxyz New Member

    The secret of non-fiction writing, just like every writing is being truthful. Pour yourself out. Leave no detail. Let the Ego stand aside from the Self and let the Self do the writing. Try very much to be impersonal.
  5. Jaw

    Jaw New Member

    Idea. Main concept of it before going into details and break into little pieces.
  6. jimroseofficial

    jimroseofficial New Member

    I am interested in this question as well. Life seems to have precluded my seeking any sort of higher education, but I have been devouring narrative non-fiction for the past few years. I would love to figure out how to get something on paper that folks are entertained and informed by, but can't quite get started. As with most things, it might be just a matter of the requisite discipline required to learn a new craft. I hate platitudes, but practice does seem like to only possible way to achieve perfection. I have a background in cooking and am very passionate about food, maybe I should start there...
  7. adamsmom

    adamsmom New Member

    It's good to write and start with yourself, the one you know best. You have lots of angle that you can share and write and you are able to speak your mind and be able to evaluate and reflect on your life.
  8. alfredamu

    alfredamu New Member

    I agree with Henry Twain that topics close to home is the way to go. We explain better what we have gone through and understand well, other than juggling foreign ideas. Written work that comes from the heart is easier to write, and better understood by the reader.
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  9. ejaysancha123

    ejaysancha123 New Member

    Gather all your knowledge and opinions to start clearly and make your decision for it and start writing whats on your mind and also your heart.
  10. Ruminatress

    Ruminatress New Member

    Non-fiction has always been a challenge for me. Not only does it force you to be objective and factual, but it also makes you bare your soul-- at least the majority of its facets. This is so unlike fiction writing, where random imagination always gives me an added boost of inspiration.
  11. Starmaiden

    Starmaiden New Member

    Non fiction writing begins with you. Every experience you ever had is a topic for a non fiction article or essay. Diary writing and journal writing is akin to writing your own autobiography, and Biographies are displayed in the Non Fiction section of the Library. Research is necessary for both fiction and non fiction writing.
  12. xknate03

    xknate03 New Member

    For me think of an interesting topic where your story will depend on. then start writing the story based on researches and facts around you or the society. In that way, many readers will become interested reading your work and some will even relate to the situation you are explaining. Make it simple, be realistic and use your personal experience
  13. missmacashuung

    missmacashuung New Member

    For those writers who want to write a book but don’t know where to start, I advise you to think like an acquisitions editor (the person at a publishing house who acquires manuscripts or book ideas from writers). An acquisitoins editor wants to scout out talented people to write books on the topics they’re responsible for curating at the press where they work. They might work at a lifestyle or craft publisher and want to find innovative new how-to books on the latest trend. They might want memoirs or advice books for women.

    Think about what your special topic could be—what subject of an article, blog post, or great quote from you would hypothetically catch an editor’s eye. What are you an expert on? What is your unique story to tell? What is the big idea that you can deliver?

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