Most of sites are scams...

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by amandasjay, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. amandasjay

    amandasjay Member

    I have tried freelance writing and copywriting in many sites. But most of them don't pay after the work done. Most of them are scams and it's a waste of time.
    Have you ever faced such things?
  2. gallantwriter

    gallantwriter New Member

    It depends on the platform that you are working on. You should try Fiverr, odesk or freelancer they always pay except you violate their terms and conditions. If you are not sure about any site not paying, just google their names and add scam to it. If the result is okay you can try them.
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  3. amandasjay

    amandasjay Member

    Thanks for the advice. Ill try as you said.
  4. Obanro

    Obanro New Member

    You are right. I have been writing and getting paid on Fiverr since 2015 and i can say there is no scam here. Though you might get banned if you violate any of their terms and conditions or have your work rejected by the client if your writing skills are bad or your work doesn't pass their plagiarism check. Aside these, you can make some cool money in Fiverr.
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  5. dankol12345

    dankol12345 New Member

    Yes, I can relate with what you faced. Recently, I was scammed via freelancer but not directly. It was like a dream but then that does not make these sites false, sometimes we fail to take precautions.
  6. dahunsi

    dahunsi New Member

    I also believe it depends on your platform. Many times, I've fallen into the traps of all these sites that promise cash in exchange for getting referrals. Eventually, I'll register, bring in more people (because I actually know a lot of people), and when it's time to get my money, there's nowhere for me to go. These people just use other as publicity avenues and hang them out to dry. To guard against falling into any of these traps, I usually have people log on to those sites for me. That way, I'll be sure that I'm not wasting my time in any way. Also, if a person I trust sends me a link, I'll feel much better about the site. I'm more confident to go on there in that case.
  7. Gooddeals

    Gooddeals New Member

    "Most sites are scams", I agree with you. In fact there are more scam sites than genuiue sites out there. Having encountered many of them (scam and real inclusive), here are some points that can help you spot scam sites:
    1. Huge Reward - If any site promise you huge rewards for doing less than nothing, than that site maybe scam. "Nothing good comes easily" my grandfather will always tell me.
    2. Referrals - I also observed that the first task in some of these scam sites is to lure many other people to the site. They try to use you to build traffic to their sites without pay. Genuine sites are not necessarily base on referrals; have the required skills, time and you will earn yourself some dollars even without referring anyone - referral is only a bonus in real sites.
    3. Payment Methods - Please do not be deceived. In most of these scam sites you will definitely see your points increase when you finish asigned tasks but you can never cash it out. This is because of their fake payment method (usually check). Although you will see different payment options but upon registration they will automatically choose pay check for you. That is never the case in real site
    Having said all those, permit me to surprise you a bit. Very few of these sites we label 'scam' are not necessarily scam. It may just be that you are not within their acceptable Jurisdiction.
    So before you sign up to any site read their terms and conditions and also read reviews - what are the present users testimonies and how many are they?
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  8. Sanela

    Sanela New Member

    I am just starting to explore that part of the internet. I hear that some people can earn good money writing posts on the internet. And they don;t need to go to a state job. I make my profile on up work site.
  9. AziziNET

    AziziNET New Member

    Freelancer would be a great platform besides Fiverr if you have the skills and experiences necessary by the employers. The site is not a scam, but beware of the employers. I had once met an employer that require me to pay before I could receive any copy typing job. I would advice you against any work that requires you to make any payment before receiving any jobs.

    It is best to work with reputable (based on their rating) or verified employer, if you want to avoid scammers. Some of the employers are new though, so they don't have any rating yet.
  10. Innesnesrin

    Innesnesrin New Member

    I agree that there are many scam sites on the net. However ,you Can easily check if the site is legit or not by googling the site's name added to the word scam .In this way, You find many reviews that can be trusted .for exemple, net business reviews.
  11. miss_patatas

    miss_patatas New Member

    How would you know if a specific site is legit? Do you have any idea? Because for me I'm a little on the gullible side wherein any site that would show me something for rewards, free and prizes I click it. Usually I end up having a virus or my system would alert me to not continue and block the site at once. Do you have any tips or suggestion which to look for before clicking a site?
  12. Jannette Guzman

    Jannette Guzman New Member

    Yes i agree, most sites are scams,they would promise you to earn lot of dollars but you will receive nothing in return to the fact that they would even advice you to invest on them.

    In the world today we shoud be wise enough, or else we will regret in the end. The best thing to do to avoid it is always check the website that you are planning to join nor invest
  13. reegee111

    reegee111 New Member

    It depend which site are you working. I recommend you to work freelance on Upwork. It is 100% legit and copywriting job is so easy.
  14. normandy123

    normandy123 New Member

    Yeah, agree. what I did, to find if the site are scam or legit, I search for the reviews of such sites and check risk ratings.
  15. MD047

    MD047 New Member

    Yup def there are a lot of scams out there but Fiver,Up work are great places to start off with as far as i know :)
  16. Gertrude Talasan

    Gertrude Talasan New Member

    I'm a freelancer and I like doing online jobs rather than on the field. Because of mom duties, I usually stay at home and work. There was this one time, somebody referred me a Copy Paste job on Anybody familiar with that site? You get paid $100-$150 for working for 30 days by just copying articles It was really easy. Unfortunately, I was on my 28th day of work and I was not able to log in anymore. It went wrong the whole day and I decided to give it a rest. To cut it short, I didn't get through and I was not even paid for the 28 days of working. So, I learned my lesson. Better check the site if it's secured or not, or all else, you get nothing. Good luck to all freelancers out there.
  17. cristysua

    cristysua New Member

    Yes to that. I just gave birth and decided to quit job as a call center representative to take good care of my baby. And as a mom, I immediately look for additional income and gives me a lot of links to try and boom, after a month of completing the tasks, I realized that I was being scammed. It is actually a slap in my face when I can't withdraw the amount I earned.

    But well, its a learning experience for me. Before I signup to a certain link, I'm doing some research first, if its legit or not. And good thing I watch this certain youtube promoting postloop as a good payer for online jobseekers like us.

    So, before you click to signup, its better to do some research and read reviews about it to avoid being scam again.
  18. cristysua

    cristysua New Member

    All you need to do for you to know if the site is legit or not, is to search for it. Google will definitely help you. You can also try youtube, as you will really see if they can make a payout or not.

    That's actually one of my ways to know if a certain site is legit or not aside from reading the reviews. I hope this info can help.
  19. jairus1111

    jairus1111 New Member

    I remember watching a documentary a few years ago that detailed how scammers, usually located in third world countries, set up computer clusters connected to the Internet and send out thousands of Nigerian scam emails every day.
    The name of the scam comes from the original form of this scam, which consisted of emails outlining a situation in Nigeria that required a massive transfer of money from that country into the United States for safety. For assisting with the money transfer, the recipient of the email is promised a percentage of the transfer amount, usually totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars to a few million. what a pain..
  20. Jhoanna_dc

    Jhoanna_dc New Member

    I have seen and came across some of these copywriting sites. They make you believe that you will earn money but first you have to pay thousand of dollars to get their "secret formula". If you ever came across of websites like that it is a scam.
  21. Jhoanna_dc

    Jhoanna_dc New Member

    I too have the same experience, I was really frustrated because I know I did the job, but I can't get the money because they said I need to pay premium account first. I also watched a youtube channel that said Postloop gives legitamate payment to online freelancers. I guess we watched the same youtube video. Goodluck to us!
  22. rblando28

    rblando28 New Member

    depends on the site,.. you can search online if it is legit or not.
  23. vincentcyb

    vincentcyb New Member

    I agree. In fact there are more scam sites than genuine sites out there. Having encountered many of them. You can easily check if the site is legit or not by googling the site's name added to the word scam. In this way, you find many reviews that can be trusted and give you ideas. It is important that we should be wise enough, or else we will regret in the end. The best thing to do to avoid it is always check the website that you are planning to join nor invest.
  24. mary rose mempin

    mary rose mempin New Member

    I agree that most sites are a scam. Nowadays there are so many sites you can see on the internet and many of them are a scam. I myself literally victimized by a scam website. They say that I can earn a lot of money if I join and give a registration fee but even 1 cent I did not receive any payment coming from them even I did all the things that they said to me. This happens to me many times and I couldn't help it but feel guilty for myself because of the wrong decisions that I've made.
  25. Leona

    Leona New Member

    i am also agree about that and I am also one of the victim of some scam sites. So now i learn that before I sign up to that website, I will do some research on the internet if it is real or not, so that my effort and my time will never wasted again and again.
  26. HishaamARB

    HishaamARB New Member

    It is demoralizing and frustrating to start a job and accumulate points or cash only to realise it was a scam. It is difficult to spot these scams. Plastered on their sites are many testimonies of people claiming to have received payment. I wonder if this is for real. I have tried a number of sites which resulted in a complete waste of time and resources. I am at my wit's end as to which to trust now. Many are scams I agree and its disheartening.
  27. Skull

    Skull New Member

    Well this is already a thing on the internet now. Scamming users is a bit of daily routine of online internet. Just a head's up, I suggest you do a deep background check since you're gonna invest time on it. Just remember there will be always a brighter side on the dark hours.;)
  28. angeldchaz

    angeldchaz New Member

    This would apply to most, if not all, freelance sites that pay for services that you will offer.

    1. Check Reviews - I put it first on the list because this is the most important way to check if the site is legit or it is a scam. The more reviews you will check, the less likely you will get into sites that are not paying out for the services you offer. Do not just check the top searches on Google. It would be much better if you also check forums that are for or by freelancers.

    2. Check Offered Rewards - If they offer payouts with great differences than the average offers on different websites, then this should be a red flag. Also check the required accumulated payout before you could withdraw. Most scam sites make the payout higher so you would stick with them for a little longer not realizing that you will never get the accumulated income you had on that website.

    3. Check for Affiliate Programs - Some freelancing sites offer affiliate marketing as a way to get more freelancers on their websites. Then scam sites would offer greater rewards - more than the legitimate amount. Like example, some sites offer 50% referral income and goes on different levels and so on. Always check that out.

    Have a great day and happy freelancing!
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  29. Jivesafety

    Jivesafety New Member

    I agree..
  30. Salman Tandih

    Salman Tandih Member

    Yeah ! like i try many times to search online job or earn money easy ,and a result is nothing just you told its just a waste of time

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