Most of sites are scams...

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by amandasjay, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. darylalminanza

    darylalminanza New Member

    I also believe it depends on your platform. Many times, I've fallen into the traps of all these sites that promise cash in exchange for getting referrals. Eventually, I'll register, bring in more people (because I actually know a lot of people), and when it's time to get my money, there's nowhere for me to go. These people just use other as publicity avenues and hang them out to dry. To guard against falling into any of these traps, I usually have people log on to those sites for me. That way, I'll be sure that I'm not wasting my time in any way. Also, if a person I trust sends me a link, I'll feel much better about the site. I'm more confident to go on there in that case.
  2. Jason Dickson

    Jason Dickson New Member

    All of them aren't scams! You have to do your due diligence. So much opportunity online if you put in the work and apply yourself. I've heard many stories about people making it online and yes many are scams, but if you put in the work you'll get out what you put in! Don't give up!
  3. redpalm

    redpalm New Member

    always do a research first and do not invest what you cant afford to lose.
  4. xlr8_14

    xlr8_14 Member

    Yes a lot of sites in internet.But please conduct research to know more details about that site and research some tips to avoid all scam and become aware.
    Specially for those people who find bitcoin miners online,some fake bank site..beware of phising sites.
  5. Dean Morales

    Dean Morales New Member

    Scams are domino effect of the experience of people especially when they become victims of it. People are egoistic. They will not rest until they can say to themselves that they were not the only fool who fall for the scammers. And so, they become scammers themselves and multiply the chaos they've experienced.
  6. jwlsmacray

    jwlsmacray New Member

    I have searched for years for legit writing sites and not many out there. The couple that I have been hired for do not give you enough to make much. Disappointing. I know that I don't have all the skills for the better writing sites so those I have not tried to do. One I was excited about and they ended up rejecting me because they said I plagiarized and I was totally floored. I know I did not. I think they didn't like my style so that was their way of rejecting it. It was disappointing. I haven't looked much since and that was a year ago. :( I mainly blog. It doesn't pay but I get to write what I want. :D
  7. miracle2516

    miracle2516 New Member

    I think we all knew about scam sites.We can no longer stop this one. But the best thing to do is to be careful searching such sites. Look for the legit one. Check the reviews & opinions of the people about that certain site. You must think well before joining it especially from investing moneys. Give some time to think if it's good or not. Chill. Don' t be too rush.
  8. alfredamu

    alfredamu New Member

    It is true that most money making sites, in particular, are scams and users or contributors need to be cautious when getting involved. But again there are sites out there which are truly genuine. In order not to get conned users need to avoid sites which ask for money first before business starts. Well-meaning sites will not ask for money beforehand. In any case, what is the point of giving out money first if the ultimate intention is to get money?
  9. McMende

    McMende New Member

    I agree with you. Most of these sites are scams. I worked in a number of those and never got anything out of them. I especially remember one that I worked for over three days working 6 hours a day to reach the initial cashout target of 150 dollars. I was so disappointed to end up being told to provide 40 referrals to access withdrawals. I must admit that there are a number of sites that are legit and actually pay, but registering and being accepted as a tutor is pretty hard.
  10. Iamjudy

    Iamjudy New Member

    Most of the sites are scam. Well that's a real thing. We all know that nowadays many people are using internet for it is very useful & helpful to all of us. We can use it from our business, studies, communication, personal informations and many more. But we must also know that internet has danger , and the best example of it are the scam sites. We must be careful in posting our personal information, photos, even in investing moneys. Note yourself that there's a legit & scam sites. So you better search & review that certain site b4 joining it to avoid regretting.
  11. Iamjudy

    Iamjudy New Member

    Most of the sites are scam. Well that's a real thing. We all know that nowadays many people are using internet for it is very useful & helpful to all of us. We can use it from our business, studies, communication, personal informations and many more. But we must also know that internet has danger , and the best example of it are the scam sites. We must be careful in posting our personal information, photos, even in investing moneys. Note yourself that there's a legit & scam sites. So you better search & review that certain site b4 joining it to avoid regretting.
  12. AmosM

    AmosM New Member

    I totally believe in you, Once I was given a submission of referrals job by a certain site last year.The deal was to earn 5 dollars after the referral agreed to sign up in their website.They promise promised that they will pay after I hit 300 dollars mark.God knows how those guys sent a video of a dancing bear in my account
  13. dannypost

    dannypost New Member

    Brod Angel,
    Your information about this scam website are well noted. Do you think the BBB in America, and Scamadviser are a good site to check for a legitimate online website? I do include "scam" on the website when I made a check. Hope I read more on this thread. You are the first I read this guide, on how to look for scam.
  14. kyrieirving

    kyrieirving New Member

    yes it is true that many site are scam thats why before i enter this site i always search about the review of the site i enter and now there is more dangerous the phishing site so be careful guys before we enter any site make sure its legit and safe
  15. abisheknadarajan

    abisheknadarajan New Member

    80% of websites Scam.
  16. wilnil

    wilnil New Member

    Yes, the internet is choc full of scams/scammers. Sadly not much can be done to get back the lost time and money.

    In my opinion the best method is prevention, see below:
    -Have the most recent antivirus installed on your device(s)..
    -Have the most recent operating system for your device(s)..
    -Type the URL or e-mail address into a search engine and browse what a few people have to say about that particular website or offer..
    -Most web browsers will show a green padlock to the left of the website URL if it trusts the website..
    -Check out the actual website if everything is good so far, try to collect as much info as you can..

    Normally this will be enough to prevent getting caught in a scam; since I began following these steps I haven't suffered from a single scam. I really hope this helps, a lot of great information has been posted in the thread already, follow the advice here and you can't go wrong!

    'Til next time ~~wilnil
  17. AnukAusar11

    AnukAusar11 New Member

    Whilst I agree that majority can indeed be scams actually, there are also some sites that are not scams. You will have to check online in forums as well as surf the internet for reviews from people who have had experience with the site you are interested in. This is the standard procedure to avoid getting burnt. In all whether the reviews are positive or negative, you will still have to use your own discretion and tread carefully. There are fake people on genuine sites and there are also sadly genuine people who become victims of these internet scammers. So caution remains key in your dealings. Never give up, keep grinding and good luck!
  18. Zeroszero

    Zeroszero New Member

    That sucks. I can't relate because I've never had experience with freelance writing before or any sort of job experience in general, but I'm always willing to learn and see if it's right for me so who knows, I might just try. I think it'll help a lot of people out if you warned others about the sites you tested, especially to noobies like me who might be starting off from scratch. I saw someone mention using Fiverrr under your comment before replying and it looks like a trustworthy site to me. I've heard that a lot of people are making some good money there. The site interface looks simple and professional and has credibility. Though this post is pretty late so you've probably already tried it..
  19. cha

    cha Member

    In my opinion, yes there are so many scam website right now in the internet. I didn't experience it already but i hear so many about people that experience it and they complaining. And also everytime i using internet, i read news about it. We can't deny it coz it's obviously true. So before you click or join, make a research first and know if this is legit or not. No to scam and have a happy life.
  20. Raf2730

    Raf2730 New Member

    The search for a better job has led many people to register their curriculum in services that on the Internet guarantee large incomes and a wide range of jobs.
    In social media groups and on the websites of government institutions, many people have reported false job offers that reach their email. Where the scammers seek to obtain money or personal data of participants.:(
  21. eliza83

    eliza83 New Member

    I experience so many times a scam sites and it never pay any cents.I tried to invest not really big amount and they disappear after they recieved your membership fee.Not only you waste your time but also money and effort.
  22. Charles1968

    Charles1968 New Member

    Yes your right there almost all or maybe a lot of them are just scam it will be a total waste of your time effort and money somethimes expecting that you will be paid of what you have worked for and its very dissapointing sometimes make's me feel weak and not to trust on any sites no longer.
  23. soozee

    soozee New Member

    Seems that like any job it is necessary to do research. Getting feedback from others who have been through working with these sites. Experience is necessary but referrals are appreciated. Kudos to those before us who have endured the legwork. Hopefully you have found success. Thanks again for all the information.
  24. Mia D.

    Mia D. New Member

    I am also a stay at home mom for now. I can't work because of my son. I am looking for a way to earn money online unfortunately I ended up signing up to some sites that doesn't pay. Maybe it really depends on the platform.
  25. Lost93

    Lost93 New Member

    I can not claim that most sites are a scam. I tried various online jobs such as MLM, Affiliate Marketing, investing in various sites, programs, but none of it lasted a long time or brought me some secure monthly earnings. I can freely say that I have more than 3 years of experience in these online jobs.

    Of course, there are sites that offer money by writing, translating, web designing, and other things. Most of you have certainly heard about these sites, some have tried, and some may even work on those sites. In my opinion, these sites are only legal, because you must literally do some work to get paid, which is not the case with other sites that offer you nothing to do and earn. Some are full-time employees, and some work for some time or on a specific project.

    Even if you choose to join these sites and make money in this way, you have to be very careful. Perhaps the sites are legal, but there are always employers who want to deceive you and, for example, do not pay you for a completed job.
  26. shannettemc

    shannettemc Member

    I have made many attempts to try to work online and have come across almost nothing but scams! A waste of money that I don't have (that is why I am looking for work) and wasting time that I could be spending with my family. All for nothing, it is very frustrating. I hate scams!:thumbsdown:
  27. Trisha23

    Trisha23 New Member

    I agree. Ive also tried so many copywriting sites and gets nothing in the end. After all the long typing and inviting in the en they will always be something you haven't done. They get free service through scamming. Can someone please give me a legit site that payrs real money.
  28. michael16

    michael16 Member

    I had been into it, I tried any websites that gives lot of cash if you will join them and I joined, I gave a lot of my time and and last it was scam, but I done their jobs and task that they gave to me. But instead of being sad, I made those mistakes as a experience that must not be done again. When I enter a freelance writing and copy writing, I will make sure that it is legit and will pay you with the task that you have done. We all know that there are lot of scammers now a days, they ruin lives, they do not watched the lives of the person they scam. I do not know why they made it, at the end they will suffer with their doings. God bless you scammers.
  29. tamss

    tamss Member

    The bankers and financiers are badly overplaying their hands, again, and people are starting to catch on to the scam, and real wealth is tangible things produced with tangible effort. Loans made out of thin-air 'money' require no effort and are entirely ephemeral.
  30. Aleyaaahh

    Aleyaaahh New Member

    I really don't know how to identify a scam site. That is why I am watching vlogs or reviews from other people before trying it. There were times that I downloaded applications and tried it but I just uninstalled it later on because the instructions were good to be true and it lacks something. I am enjoying earning points and money online for my free time. We better be alert from scam sites so that it will not be a waste of time.

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