Most of sites are scams...

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by amandasjay, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. darylalminanza

    darylalminanza New Member

    I also believe it depends on your platform. Many times, I've fallen into the traps of all these sites that promise cash in exchange for getting referrals. Eventually, I'll register, bring in more people (because I actually know a lot of people), and when it's time to get my money, there's nowhere for me to go. These people just use other as publicity avenues and hang them out to dry. To guard against falling into any of these traps, I usually have people log on to those sites for me. That way, I'll be sure that I'm not wasting my time in any way. Also, if a person I trust sends me a link, I'll feel much better about the site. I'm more confident to go on there in that case.
  2. Jason Dickson

    Jason Dickson New Member

    All of them aren't scams! You have to do your due diligence. So much opportunity online if you put in the work and apply yourself. I've heard many stories about people making it online and yes many are scams, but if you put in the work you'll get out what you put in! Don't give up!
  3. redpalm

    redpalm New Member

    always do a research first and do not invest what you cant afford to lose.
  4. xlr8_14

    xlr8_14 Member

    Yes a lot of sites in internet.But please conduct research to know more details about that site and research some tips to avoid all scam and become aware.
    Specially for those people who find bitcoin miners online,some fake bank site..beware of phising sites.
  5. Dean Morales

    Dean Morales New Member

    Scams are domino effect of the experience of people especially when they become victims of it. People are egoistic. They will not rest until they can say to themselves that they were not the only fool who fall for the scammers. And so, they become scammers themselves and multiply the chaos they've experienced.
  6. jwlsmacray

    jwlsmacray New Member

    I have searched for years for legit writing sites and not many out there. The couple that I have been hired for do not give you enough to make much. Disappointing. I know that I don't have all the skills for the better writing sites so those I have not tried to do. One I was excited about and they ended up rejecting me because they said I plagiarized and I was totally floored. I know I did not. I think they didn't like my style so that was their way of rejecting it. It was disappointing. I haven't looked much since and that was a year ago. :( I mainly blog. It doesn't pay but I get to write what I want. :D
  7. miracle2516

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    I think we all knew about scam sites.We can no longer stop this one. But the best thing to do is to be careful searching such sites. Look for the legit one. Check the reviews & opinions of the people about that certain site. You must think well before joining it especially from investing moneys. Give some time to think if it's good or not. Chill. Don' t be too rush.
  8. alfredamu

    alfredamu New Member

    It is true that most money making sites, in particular, are scams and users or contributors need to be cautious when getting involved. But again there are sites out there which are truly genuine. In order not to get conned users need to avoid sites which ask for money first before business starts. Well-meaning sites will not ask for money beforehand. In any case, what is the point of giving out money first if the ultimate intention is to get money?
  9. McMende

    McMende New Member

    I agree with you. Most of these sites are scams. I worked in a number of those and never got anything out of them. I especially remember one that I worked for over three days working 6 hours a day to reach the initial cashout target of 150 dollars. I was so disappointed to end up being told to provide 40 referrals to access withdrawals. I must admit that there are a number of sites that are legit and actually pay, but registering and being accepted as a tutor is pretty hard.

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