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    Director Henry Selick matches the Gothic whimsy of Nightmare Before Christmas and adds even more compelling emotional content with this adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novella. An unhappy little girl discovers an alternate reality that seems to offer all the magic and wonder her real home lacks, only to discover the sinister implications behind the candy-colored exteriors. Gaiman’s inventive approach to fairy-tale rules matches Selick’s luminescent colors and blend of everyday emotions and dream-like wonders. Perhaps the Average stop-motion film ever, it even looks great in 3D.
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    Ohh i loved Coraline ,even tho it cheeped me up a bit.
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    I remember when Coraline was released, I was a Sophomore in University, and I remember it being a recommended movie by my professors. At the time we were creating stop motion films, so it was great timing. However the movie really creeped me out, especially the “buttons for eyes” part. I never finished watching it, but I did try again about two years ago, 7 years after it was released, and I appreciated it more, since I understood the storyline and was knowledgeable about how it was created. Still freaked me out, but overall I loved it. Also I knew it was based on a book but I never knew about the book, and after I tried to watch it the first time I never bothered to buy an actual copy.

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