Movies or books??

Discussion in 'Books' started by khushi07, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. simmonsalan29

    simmonsalan29 New Member

    Books hands down. However if a movie is based off of a book, I'll watch the movie then read the book to see how badly Hollywood messed it up.
  2. Andrew P.

    Andrew P. New Member

    Simple. Read the book first, then go see the movie with friends. Make sure to let them know that although you liked the movie, the book was superior. Because it always is (IMO).
  3. CelticsBill

    CelticsBill New Member

    I like reading the book first, because the movie version always leaves out little pieces of the book that aren't really crucial, but just annoy me that I'm expecting to see it and don't. Like, when I went to see 'Divergent,' I remember sitting with my friends and we were expecting to see when one of the characters get shot in the head by an arrow like in the book. It didn't happen, and to anyone who only sees the movie, it never existed. That's why I prefer the book.
  4. raqib310

    raqib310 New Member

    The Hunger Games
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  5. wilsonOTO

    wilsonOTO New Member

    Hands down, I prefer BOOKS. There is nothing more disappointing than reading a magnificent novel, where you felt you knew the characters and were totally immersed in the story line and then go see the film, and NOTHING is like the book.

    It doesn't matter how well acted or directed.

    I remember waiting anxiously for Misery, by Stephen King, to come to the theater. I went all by myself on a Saturday afternoon and couldn't wait to see one of my favorite stories, with characters portrayed by some of my favorite actors come to life.

    I left halfway through. I was so furious with how much was left out that I couldn't stand it anymore.

    If I had seen the movie before I read the book, it may have been different.
  6. breakingloose

    breakingloose New Member

    I personally prefer books over movies. I can imagine how my characters sound and look. I guess it all really depends on the reader, some like to have the story told to them and some like to tell the story. Some novels wouldn't be so entertaining as movies and vise versa, it all depends on the story line.
  7. wilsonOTO

    wilsonOTO New Member

    I totally agree. I have the same issue with some audio books. When we read a story, our own imaginations are actively involved. We give the characters life. But when someone else tells the story, I think we are disappointed because we knew how to best interpret the story for ourselves.

    Good thread, OP.
  8. laurel2592

    laurel2592 New Member

    I would choose a book over a movie any day of the week. However, I have found that if I want to watch the movie and read the book then I have to choose one of two options. I can read the book a few months in advance and wait for the movie to come out. Or, I can watch the movie and then read the book. If I read the book and immediately see the movie, I am constantly comparing the movie to the book and can never fully appreciate the movie on its own. For me, the book is better every single time.
  9. Rebeckah

    Rebeckah New Member

    Books or movies, hmm I think it depends on the person. Some people hate to read so movies seem far more entertaining. Others love to read, so the movies never measure up. I love both but I still find that the movies based on book plots do not always measure up. They are not as intriguing. Something about the twists and turns a book can take that a movie simply cannot bring to life.
  10. TuRon Davis

    TuRon Davis New Member

    I think that solely depends on how much a person enjoys reading. I personally prefer the movie because I'm not an avid reader. I find myself never finishing a book & or just not having the patience to get through it. Back in school in my novels class, reading the book first made watching the movie more exciting. Overall, a book can take weeks to read while a movie only takes around a couple of hours.
  11. Kaitlyn

    Kaitlyn New Member

    Watch the movie, then read the book-- So you'll be surprised while watching, and then understand references/get the full story when you read it!
  12. nomadbird

    nomadbird New Member

    Always books if you have a huge dream world!
  13. PerkyNorm4u

    PerkyNorm4u New Member

    Give me the books any day of the week. The books are better because more details exist and you can visualize in your own mind of the events taking place. The movies can stay partially true to the books but producers will alter certain details for a television or big screen audience. I get it and I don't complain about it. It's all apart of show business.
  14. Muthoni

    Muthoni New Member

    That is a tough choice to make because I love them both. When I am feeling lazy I prefer to watch a movie. I enjoy reading a good book every now and then. I have reserved my Saturdays to go to the library when I can. If I am pushed to pick one, I will prefer a movie over a book.
  15. RSS_Agent

    RSS_Agent New Member

    Books. Definitely.

    Given the choice between a book and an adaptation of the said book in movie form, I'd take the book. Why? Well, in my opinion, books give you a more personal feel because you can model the scenes yourself with every tiniest bit of detail. Something you don't find in movies because of real life constraints like time and budget.
  16. Headmaster

    Headmaster New Member

    Before the Internet was as ubiquitous as it is now, I personally preferred books mainly for their ability to provide information or entertainment on the go. But all that has changed now because with a basic Smartphone, one has access to vast resources of multimedia. I have eventually come to realize that I absorb information better when it is presented with audio, video and text. So watching movies/animation via a video portal like YouTube is my current choice over books.
  17. anafilipasilva

    anafilipasilva New Member

    I could never (ever!) enjoy a movie better than the correspondent book (when it has one, obviously...). It's never detailed enough for me, I guess... And the images I create in my own mind are usually way better than the ones I end up seeing in the screen. It's always very disappointing, I have to confess.
  18. lagoonlife

    lagoonlife New Member

    I prefer movies over books any day. I used to be an avid reader but I don't know I just stopped. Started watching TV and movies exclusively. I know movies omit a huge amount of stuff (eg Jurassic Park). But movies would be 6+ hours long if they went by every single one of the book's plot. Movies cut out the nonsense. I read online news and stories. But I have not read a book in at least a year . :eek:
  19. dearidee

    dearidee New Member

    I'm not a movie person at all. I always tend to find some gaping holes in the plot that make me lose interest. A well written novel stretches the imagination and allows me to visualize the characters' persona based off the author's descriptions of character idiosyncrasises.

    I'll take a good book and cup of coffee in bed on a cold Sunday afternoon over a Saturday night matinee any day.
  20. dreamescape

    dreamescape New Member

    I prefer reading books to watching movies. When I read a book, I feel more connected to a character because I can easily get into their head. I understand why they do what they do and I feel empathy. If I watch a movie, I see everything going on, and unless it's a great movie with complex characters, I really don't feel that connection.
  21. Henry White

    Henry White New Member

    Books are great, they require you to imagine what different characters, scenes, and situations look like. You get to create a character rather than following the template set out by a movie. Books gives you many details, that are sometimes neglected by movies to save money, which helps create a fantasy world to escape the harshness of this life. Honestly, I prefer movies because it requires less thought and allows you to sit back, chew on expensive movie theater snacks, and relax.
  22. ethan_meydrich

    ethan_meydrich New Member

    In my opinion, I think books are better. Most movies are made from just special effects and paying for certain actors. But books, however, are the author's thoughts and feeling conveyed onto a piece of paper.
  23. shanicacic

    shanicacic New Member

    In every opportunity to choose a book over a movie, I would take it. For every book that I've read and then watched the movie, I've always felt the book was more descriptive and satiated my imagination.

    I choose a book over a movie, every time.
  24. elguz

    elguz New Member

    That can depend on how books are interpreted in movies, although in many times, I have preferred the stories based on books over the ones shown on the big screen. This is because in many films, the important details of a book are either deleted or purposely changed, that is why a person who only sees the movie can have a different interpretation of the story than the one who reads it. But of course, films are of great help to readers who can't put into their imagination some of the scenes and settings described in the book.
  25. Mandi

    Mandi New Member

    Depending on the type. I usually watch movies to be entertained and read books to learn something. I've noticed that I've only been feeling like this lately, though. I always read for entertainment when I was younger. I guess I just don't have as much time these days. I feel like if I'm going to spend days reading a book, then I better be learning something! If I want to be entertained, a movie can accomplish this in just a couple of hours or less.
  26. radooqu

    radooqu New Member

    Why not both. Books will make you smarter and more literate though(not so say I am). And there's also the fact that you can fill so much more in a book than you can in a two hour movie. Even TV shows for that matter, take a look at Game of Thrones, one of the most popular TV shows today, how much of the actual story as well as characters are left out.
  27. sosei_reyes

    sosei_reyes New Member

    I admit that I often watch the movie than reading a book.
    But still, books are better than movies.
    Because there are some details in the book that the movie cannot explain...
    In my opinion, the words that we found while reading a book had a power to reach our heart, and free to use the imagination.
  28. Nicole

    Nicole New Member

    I prefer books to movies. I am the type of person who likes to read for thirty minutes to an hour and then focus on something else or go to sleep. I feel like watching a movie can take up too much time. I begin a movie and then start to think about all the things I could be doing while watching the movie. I typically wait to read a book until I am settling down for the night. For whatever reason, I can pick up a book and recall exactly where I left off. I cannot do that when I watch a movie.
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  29. Donna Mark

    Donna Mark New Member

    I would anyday prefer books over movies.Books make room for imagination. They are food for brain's creative center.Difference in movies and books is similar to that in gymming and yoga.While the former gives immediate mental gratification , the latter has a more holistic impact on the mind . That is pretty much the reason the movies made on novels or other books never match the richness of the books.

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