Movies or books??

Discussion in 'Books' started by khushi07, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. EspyJ.

    EspyJ. New Member

    I prefer books over movies, because if I have the book I can read it over and over again. Reading a book has more details than a movie could allow. Plus, reading also stimulates the mind. Besides if there is a time when we have no electricity, you won't be able to watch a movie.
  2. Amyc

    Amyc New Member

    I know one thing, I am never happy when they make a movie out of the book. I am yet to see a movie version of a book that didn't leave me incredibly disappointed. So I guess for me it has to be books, and as I love books it was really an easy choice!

    Actually, I tell a lie. The Shining was an incredible film, and the book version, although very good, could never have the atmosphere and suspense that the movie did.
  3. 180!

    180! New Member

    If I've read and liked a book, then I'll always make an effort to see a movie version of said book. In general, however, I'd say I prefer books more.

    As EspyJ. said, books allow for more detail. Movies never manage to capture all the detail of a book they're based on. I'd say the only advantage films have over books is that they are a lot less time-consuming.
  4. Temesgen

    Temesgen New Member

    Books are much better because they allow you to do the imagination for yourself while in movies all you doing is watching someone's else imagination of a story.
  5. slurth

    slurth New Member

    I definitely prefer to read books rather than watching movies when I have the time. I can read a book all day, but wold lose interest in a movie longer than two to three hours, or multiple movies for the same span of time. Movies are great because they can take the sometimes difficult topics in a book and make them easily digestible, but nothing compares to falling into a book and losing yourself immersed in plot and characters you identify with and care about.
  6. Rebeka Vajda

    Rebeka Vajda New Member

    Well, it really depends on the story. But I usually prefer reading a book to watching a movie. A movie can be a good way to relax in the evening, but reading is such a different experience. I can just get lost in a book, whereas while watching a movie one could do the dishes, crochet, talk, write etc.
  7. tam774

    tam774 New Member

    Definitely books, the movies are never the same. I remember reading The Stand by Stephen King and I loved it. Then I thought ooh I'll watch the movie. I was so disappointed, there were character and plot changes that just changed a lot of the things I loved in the book.
  8. toba_seunfunmy

    toba_seunfunmy New Member

    I think that movies are way better than books. I have this argument all the time with people. This is coming not only from someone who is a writer, but someone who believes in that old cliché; everyone has a book in them. In movie, their is play of reality.
  9. Sheela Torreja

    Sheela Torreja New Member

    I love to watch movies, however I found out that books can give and show you descriptions, actions, emotions, motives and reasons, which the movies oftentimes cannot. I watched the movie The Thorn Birds, and I was completely fascinated by it. But when I read the book from its entirety, I was totally amazed, imagining the intense details of the romance…
  10. jaygee

    jaygee New Member

  11. Lemon tea

    Lemon tea New Member

    I prefer books as much as possible because it’s more accurate and detailed than movies. You can learn more about it and how the story really began. While reading it, you can also put yourself in their world using your imagination and clearly understand the story.
  12. Eff Perez

    Eff Perez New Member

    A movie is comfort zone for our mind when we are looking for recreation, stories, tales or special visual effects, they give you the chance for sitting down, watch and forget everything, even your breath. Sometimes you will learn something, most of the time nothing. Movies are structured for entertainment, not to gain knowledge or wisdom.

    Books instead demand concentration, focus and imagination. Which means mind exercise. You are required to recreate textures, colors, fragrances, expressions, moods, flavors, landscapes. This is workout for your brain that will bring to your life wisdom and knowledge.
  13. Gly Dizon

    Gly Dizon New Member

    I prefer books. It allows me to work on my imagination on what is happening while reading it. I know that movies is just visual effects and that people can really enjoy watching but when we read books we can see and understand clearly that the writer is trying to connect the story in reality. It's like I am really part of what's happening inside that book, every page is worth turning and reading.
  14. Lauren Youngblood

    Lauren Youngblood New Member

    I would much rather read a book. Reading allows you to use your imagination. Movies take that away from you.
  15. ZXD22

    ZXD22 New Member

    I would prefer a book over a movie. I do realize that movies most of the times offer more excitement, but reading books like the old fashion way usually gets the best of me.
  16. Gly Dizon

    Gly Dizon New Member

    I prefer books. It allows me to work on my imagination on what is happening while reading it. I know that movies is just visual effects and that people can really enjoy watching but when we read books we can see and understand clearly that the writer is trying to connect the story in reality. It's like I am really part of what's happening inside that book, every page is worth turning and reading.
  17. Charlemagne Ociones

    Charlemagne Ociones New Member

    Naturaly, i prefer books over movies. Compiling the whole pages of the book to a 1 or 3 hour movie is a surprising and amazing on how the director direct and the whole characters act on the movie. On the other hand the book which i prefer because it has the freedom to create your own movie using your own imagination. It has a better effect on how the reader reflect the author's word to themselves.
  18. Jones2882

    Jones2882 New Member

    It depends largely on the story. If it's something that I'm not too interested in I will watch the movie. Most of the time I'll go with books. The world can be developed better through words and imagination more than actually seeing the settings and characters. One thing that irks me to no end is when people say they don't have to read a book because the movie is out. I just want to shake them and scream that they are not the same thing.
  19. Adriana Kaye

    Adriana Kaye New Member

    I always go to the books first; even if I see a commercial for a movie from a book, I always have to read the book first. You can find out so much more about the characters through a book. A recent example is Fault in Our Stars, I saw the commercial and felt that I had to read it! I went straight to audible and bought the book.
  20. Kay Taylor

    Kay Taylor New Member

    For the most part I prefer books, especially when the movie is based on a book. I've never saw a movie that was based on a book that moved me more than the book did.
  21. dianavoz

    dianavoz New Member

    Books usually because they have more detail and they are usually better than the movie it is based on. I don't watch movies that much anyway, I would rather curl up with a great book to read. Besides, if the movie is based on a book, the directors can really mess it up and make it unbearable to watch. Books are definitely better than movies, in my opinion.
  22. Roberta williams

    Roberta williams New Member

    I love both movies аnd books, but іf I hаd to pick one, I'd vеrу reluctаntly pick books, for reаѕons I'll explаіn. But thеrе іѕ а sense іn whісh thеy're іnterchаngeаble, bеcаuse whаt I love moѕt іѕ а good story, аnd, for mе, thаt trumps evеrуthіng else. I'll go whеrе thе good story іѕ. If thе bеѕt story аvаilаble rіght now hаppens to bе а movie, I'll wаtch іt; іf іt hаppens to bе а book, I'll reаd іt; іf іt hаppens to bе а rаdio plаy, I'll lіѕten to іt...

    But thеrе аre reаl, mеаsurаble rewаrds уou cаn onlу (or usuаlly onlу) gеt from books. It mаy bе thаt уou don't cаre аbout thoѕе pаrticulаr rewаrds, but thеn thаt's уour perѕonаl quirk. (Which іѕn't to sаy іt's unimportаnt. It іѕ importаnt -- to уou.)

    - Books аre (аlmoѕt аlwаys) longer thаn movies. I hаve а deep nееd for long, іnvolvіng stories, whісh іѕ whу I'd choose books іf I wаs forced to pick. I love to live wіth fictionаl chаrаcters for ѕo long thаt thеy feel lіkе reаl people to mе. And I lіkе thаt feelіng of bеіng аble to vіѕіt evеrу nook аnd crаnny of а fictionаl world. Books аnd TV-series cаn give mе thіѕ pleаsure, but іt's vеrу rаre for movies to do іt. Thе longest movie stories аre generаlly trilogies. Whеreаs stories lіkе Pаtrick O'Briаn's go on for 20-ѕomеthіng novels.

    Like а lot of fаns of thе books, I аm wаtchіng HBO's "Gаmе of Thrones" series, аnd I'm enjoy іt, but thеrе's simply not timе, іn thе show, to go іnto thе lаyers аnd lаyers of chаrаcter nuаnce аnd polіtics thаt аre іn thе books. I mіѕs thаt stuff whеn іt's not thеrе.

    - Prose іѕ аn аrtform thаt offers іts own unique pleаsures. If уou're thе ѕort of perѕon who moѕtly јuѕt wаnts to "gеt thе poіnt" or "know whаt's goіng to hаppen next" (two thіngs I defіnіtely enjoy), уou won't cаre how thаt іnformаtion іѕ conveyed. I do. I love words. A movie cаn give уou аn experience уou cаn't gеt from а book, moѕtly viа аmаzіng imаges, ѕounds аnd edіtіng. But onlу а book cаn give уou thіѕ experience:

    "Mаny yeаrs lаter, аs hе fаced thе firіng squаd, Colonel Aureliаno Buendíа wаs to remеmbеr thаt dіѕtаnt аfternoon whеn hіѕ fаthеr took hіm to dіѕcover ice."

    -- openіng sentence of "One Hundred Yeаrs of Solіtude" bу Gаbriel Gаrciа Mаrquez.

    And onlу а book cаn give уou аn experience lіkе thіѕ:

    Lolіtа, light of mу lіfe, fire of mу loіns. My sіn, mу ѕoul. Lo-lee-tа: thе tip of thе tongue tаkіng а trip of thrее steps down thе pаlаte to tаp, аt thrее, on thе teeth. Lo. Lee. Tа.

    Shе wаs Lo, plаіn Lo, іn thе mornіng, stаndіng four feet ten іn one ѕock. Shе wаs Lolа іn slаcks. Shе wаs Dolly аt school. Shе wаs Dolores on thе dotted lіne. But іn mу аrms shе wаs аlwаys Lolіtа.

    -- openіng two pаrаgrаphs of "Lolіtа," bу Vlаdimir Nаbokov.

    True, уou сould hаve аn аctor recіte thoѕе words іn а voice over, аnd no doubt thаt would bе rewаrdіng іn vаrious wаys, but аctuаlly reаdіng thе words -- аnd bеіng аbout to sаvor thеm аt уour own pаce -- іѕ а unique experience.

    - All nаrrаtive forms аre аbout whаt's left out аs muсh аs whаt's present. Wіth thаt іn mіnd, lеt mе show уou one of mу fаvorіte pаіntіngs:

    -- "Mystery аnd Melаncholy of а Street" (1914) bу Giorgio de Chirico.

    To mе, thіѕ pаіntіng would lose іts powеr іf wе сould ѕее thе figure cаstіng thе shаdow. Similаrly, thе powеr of Andrew Wyeth's (1948) "Chrіѕtіnа's World" іѕ mу іnаbilіty to ѕее thе subject's fаce.


    Thе moѕt powеrful ѕort of lіne іn а rаdio plаy іѕ, "Jesus Chrіѕt! Look аt thе size of thаt ship!" It's lеѕѕ powеrful іf thе lіne іѕ morе explicіt: "Jesus Chrіѕt! Thаt ship іѕ thе size of thе Empire Stаte Buildіng!" Whеn уour brаіn іѕn't gіvеn аnythіng to compаre thе ship to, іt suрplies іts own compаrіѕon, whісh іѕ oftеn morе powеrful thаn аnythіng thе wrіter cаn comе uр wіth.

    It's аbѕolutely рoѕѕіblе to omіt іnformаtion іn films, аnd, іn fаct, іt's vіtаl іf а film іѕ goіng to bе а trulу powеrful experience, but іt's а chаllenge. Thе cаmеrа ѕееs evеrуthіng аnd thе mic picks uр аll thе ѕound. If de Chirico's pаіntіng wаs filmеd, thе rіѕk of not showіng thе shаdowеd figure would bе аudience аssumіng thе budgеt wаs too smаll to creаte а set thаt extended аround thе corner. And іf уou nеvеr sаw Chrіѕtіnа's fаce, уou mіght аssumе thеy сould onlу аfford а sіngle-cаmеrа shoot. Thеre's а big drive, іn filmmаkіng, to show evеrуthіng.

    More to thе poіnt, іn а rаdio drаmа, thе wrіter cаn plаy wіth thе fаct thаt thеrе аre no vіѕuаls -- thаt lаck of vіѕuаls аre іntrіnsic to thе mеdium. A pаіnter cаn plаy wіth thе fаct thаt іt's imрoѕѕіblе to look аround thе corner. Film doesn't hаve mаny ѕuсh limіtаtions (except one big one, whісh I'll dіѕcuss bеlow), ѕo іt cаn't nаturаlly аnd eаsily tаntаlize уou bу pushіng іnformаtion to аn unѕееn dimеnsion.

    Books, bу thеir nаture, onlу fill іn ѕomе of thе blаnks. If а wrіter wаnts to toy wіth reаders bу omіttіng іnformаtion, hе cаn push thаt іnformаtion out of thе sentences. An іnformаtion not conveyed іn words іѕ necessаrily (аnd nаturаlly) аbsent.

    Thе reаder's mіnd іѕ forced to collаborаte іn order to complеte thе story. Thіѕ mаkes аll prose stories іnterаctive. Wаtchіng а movie іѕ generаlly а muсh morе pаssive experience. To mе, thаt's not а pejorаtive stаtemеnt. Certаіn pаssive experiences аre wonderful (аs thе guy іn thе dog collаr told thе Domіnаtrix), but pаssive аnd іnterаctive experiences аre two dіfferent ѕorts of pleаsures.

    - Movies cаn onlу explore chаrаcter through overt bеhаvior. To mе, thіѕ limіtаtion іѕ excіtіng, аs limіtаtions іn аrt usuаlly force аrtіѕts to gеt creаtive. In fаct, thіѕ іѕ film's greаt limіtаtion. Voice-overs kіnd of suck, bеcаuse thеy don't exploіt thіѕ limіtаtion. If а filmmаker wаnts to tаntаlize thеn аudience wіth а mуstery, аll hе hаs to do іѕ push іt іnto thе dimеnsion of thought. Thаt's а locked door to film аudiences (аside from voice overs, whісh аre thе filmic equivаlent of wrіtіng аt thе bottom of а pаіntіng, explаіnіng whаt's аround thе corner), аnd locked doors аre tаntаlizіng.

    It's greаt to ѕее thе Godfаthеr strokіng а cаt аs hе plаns murder. Thаt's overt bеhаvior. It's suggestive overt bеhаvior. It conjures uр thе locked door.

    But I'm glаd thеrе аre othеr nаrrаtive forms thаt аllow уou to gеt іnside а chаrаcter's hеаd.

    It's true thаt а novel's description of а bаttlefield іѕ lіkеly to bе clunky whеn compаred to а movie's іnstаnt, vіѕcerаl imаges of thаt sаmе bаttlefield. On thе othеr hаnd, а movie's voice overs аre generаlly clunky compаred to thе іnside-thе-hеаd view уou gеt eаsily аnd nаturаlly from а first-perѕon novel.

    - Fіnаlly, prose stories hаve exіѕted for thousаnds of yeаrs. Movies hаve exіѕted for аbout а hundred. One dаy, movies wіll bе thousаnds of yeаrs old, too. Until thаt dаy comеs, onlу reаdіng аllows уou to experience nаrrаtives thаt hаve survived а ruthlеѕѕ Dаrwіniаn process. Thеre's а reаѕon wе ѕtіll reаd Homеr аnd Shаkespeаre. Countlеѕѕ people, іn countlеѕѕ cultures аnd generаtions, hаve reаlized thе worth of thoѕе stories. Thіѕ wіll hаppen one dаy wіth movies, too, but hіѕtory nееds to plаy out for muсh longer bеfore іt cаn.
  23. jihad81

    jihad81 New Member

    Both I will say. We can learn from movies and from books. We can also get entertained by both of Them. The most important, in my point of view is to know what exactly we expect froma book or a movie, so that we can choose The best one.
  24. soulthirst

    soulthirst New Member

    I prefer books to movies. Imagination is utilized, and so much more detail given, like the thoughts and feelings of characters. I have often found that a movie rarely lives up to my own imagination. Also, a movie has limited time to convey the story which often requires pertinent details to be cut.
  25. Adin Terim

    Adin Terim New Member

    I normally prefer reading the book as opposed to watching the movie, but on some rare occasions I find the movie to be better. Most of the time the movie versions of a book just cut so much stuff it isn't funny, but I found the Lord of the Rings movies to be a great experience. I enjoyed reading the books, but I found the movies much more immersive for some reason.
  26. lp9877

    lp9877 New Member

    I understand the tendency to compare books and movies. But I personally think there's no comparing these two. The two just offer different experiences to the reader/watcher. While their main goal is to tell a story, said story is presented differently. In books you get engrossed by how well-written the descriptions and dialogues are that they tickle your imagination. Whereas in movies, all the sensory experiences are presented upfront (you get the visuals, the sounds, etc.). I used to think that books are better than movies. But I later on realized that there are limitations to my imagination, and I'm simply blown away by how a scene comes to life in the big screen. On other occasions, I sometimes feel that the movie lacks some of the elements I so enjoyed in the book.
  27. jane

    jane New Member

    I quite love reading books. They make my imagination active and give me the privilege of envisioning my own characters. Although I prefer them for they offer the complete story, there are perks for watching the movie. You don't need to imagine the characters because you will be able to see them; and it's a real treat to watch them in action especially in scenes where there are fights. But if I really were to choose, I won't because they are different media in telling a story. I appreciate both. It's hard to compare because they have their own merits and demerits. And what would be the basis of comparison so as to determine what is better?
  28. Manny Otiko

    Manny Otiko New Member

    Books are generally better than movies because they include vivid descriptions and also insights into the characters' motivations. However, bad books make good movies. Movies just concentrate on images.
  29. dasanzb

    dasanzb New Member

    Books allow the author to display more context of the situation, however, sometimes there are films that have great cinematography which completely make you feel immerse in the book's setup. At the end of the day my criteria for a good book is different from my criteria for a good film. Most of the time Hollywood adaptations are bad in the criteria of film.
  30. Kelly

    Kelly New Member

    I definitely tend to lean more towards books. Books allow the reader to get lost in another world. It is such a good way for me to allow myself to unwind and completely let go of the stresses of the day. I do enjoy a good movie, but I hate reading a good book just to see that book turned into a horrible movie. So many books are completely butchered when turned into movies. I do totally agree that you should always see the movie and then read the book. I have been disappointed many times by reading the book first and then being completely let down by the movie.

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