Movies or books??

Discussion in 'Books' started by khushi07, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. EchoRune

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    I like both, although I would rather see the film before I read the book so I won't get preconceived notions going into the theater. Later when I read the book I often find parts that weren't in the film, it's always an interesting surprise. Then there are books that never seem to make it to the big screen, but I enjoy the journey. I like supernatural books, it feeds my imagination. I also take the time to read the books my kids are excited about so I can understand what they are so enthusiastic about. It makes for endless nights of discussions on plot and character development and differing opinions. It helps me connect to my kids in a special way.
  2. Without fail I've found books to be better. Books provide me with enough information to use my imagination to create the settings and characters. I've enjoyed many books I read, but I think my favorites were The Hunger Games trilogy. Though I loved the books, I was so disappointed by the first movie that I haven't watched the second one or the first part of the third one. The one cool thing about the first movie was how it showed the gamemakers creating the beasts. Even when I love a movie, I suspect I will always like the book better.
  3. Well stated. Because I enjoy books more than movies, that's what I need to do. When I read the book before I watch the movie, I'm disappointed by how the characters look on screen and how different the story and the world of the characters is compared to how I saw it in my mind while reading the book.
  4. cathy34

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    I would prefer movies than books, although books are into details but I still prefer movies because it's entertaining especially if the actors and the actresses do their job very good in playing their roles.
  5. Mavent Nascent

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    I love to cuddle up with a good book. Especially during the winter. However, I don't have a lot of time to read and actually finish the type of books I like. So, for a quick fix, I settle for a good movie on the couch. However, I find myself watching a classic or a book made into a movie and miss all the great detail that are actually in the book.
  6. totul

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    Books is better than movies, because I love reading the book.
  7. jstifer1

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    I always prefer reading a book over watching a movie. As much as I love relaxing in front of the TV with a good movie, I'd much rather read a book. A movie does all of the work for you, whereas a book gives you more freedom, since you can interpret the story and characters yourself. I also love being able to read together with my family when we're together; we all sit in our living room in front of a fire. Even though we aren't talking, and we're all in our own heads, I still feel closer to them than if I was watching any kind of movie with them.
  8. Niqi

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    I love both! I find it best to read the book before watching the movie version unless the book is full of too many descriptions or battle scenes. I tend to hear myself reading in my head instead of forming images so battle scenes are much too difficult for me to grasp. After watching a movie though, it becomes so much harder to be shocked or to visualize things the way the author intended since the movie influences so much. Sometimes I have not had the time to read the book first and must then decide if I want to read it after.

    I loved reading the Hunger Games and liked the movies but felt that they missed a lot. I never read the Lord of the Rings but loved the movies. I loved Harry Potter and am thinking of trying to read the series.

    There have been a few movies that I have liked better or equally as their book. Warm Bodies was a wonderful movie but only an ok book. The Fault in Our Stars was a great movie with fantastic online chemistry and heart and equally great book.
  9. admired_gurly

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    I love books because you can stop and start them at any time but when you pick it back up it's like you never stopped. You get the full story in a way that movies often don't have time to portray and you imagine things how you want them. Books make you think more openly than a movie does, a movie often tells you exactly how it is. The only time I have ever loved a movie as much as a book was "Tomorrow When The War Began" because it followed the book so perfectly. I must have watched it at least ten times and was so upset they didn't make more!
  10. lynette39

    lynette39 New Member

    I am most often disappointed with the movie adaptations of books. I loved the LOTR trilogy and, for the most part, really liked the Harry Potter series. One that surprised me greatly was "Hugo." I never thought that it would work, but dang if they didn't make a mini masterpiece!
    I cannot for the love of all that is good and holy figure out how they were able to adapt "The Giver" to a movie that made any sense! So much of what makes that book divine is how the reader comes to realizations slowly, as Jonas does. I personally reuse to see the movie, as I don't want to spoil the depiction of the book in my head.
  11. Macktothema

    Macktothema New Member

    I definitely prefer movies to books. The main reason being that I love to discuss things, and it is much easier to find someone who has watched, for example, The Matrix movie than it is to find someone who has thoroughly read The Matrix book. Also, a movie is much more captivating, in my opinion. I sometimes catch myself yelling at my tv when watching a movie due to the stupid mistakes that the characters make. I've never caught myself yelling at a book, lol. Lastly, movies are more straight to the point, while the character and plot development can be a very long process in books. There have been way too many times where it wasn't until page 150 that I finally got to the juicy stuff in a book. In movies, the action normally happens about 30 minutes into the film.
  12. JonasTheGreat

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    Ehm, movies.
    Reading books never really caught my attention. I can't seem to get 'into' a book. I never really get that feeling where I don't want to put the book down, that excitement in as to what will happen. Movies, however, can easily grab my attention and keep my entertained. Same goes for TV series, especially.
    Could be that I just haven't found the right book yet, but I'm not convinced I ever will.

    When we're talking about non-fiction, the image might change a bit though. Right now I'm reading the Steve Jobs biography, and books like this one would never work out in a movie. I am enjoying that book so far!
  13. R3GUL8TR

    R3GUL8TR New Member

    I believe both the movie and book are important to watch and read. I always enjoy watching the movie first then following up with reading the book to see what was left out. When I read the book first and watch the movie second, I usually end up disappointed with what was removed from the story. Sometimes these book details are found in the deleted scenes of the additional features of the movie.
  14. courtalicia

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    The argument is simple, do you prefer books or do you prefer movies? However, the answer is more complicated than just one word. A book is something that you lose yourself in. It's something that sparks the imagination and allows you to visualize things in a way that is unique to only you. A book doesn't have a time frame - it can be read quickly to get to end as fast as possible or it can be read slowly, savored, and absorbed. A book can be an experience, an adventure and something that consumes you. However, a movie can be an experience too. An experience that can be shared with friends and family, something that you can bond over among snacks and drinks, something that forms a memory. While a book can be shared with others after the fact, a movie is something that can be shared in the moment. Movies have a time frame, an ending that is in sight. As I said, the argument is simple but the answer is complex. It comes down to personal choice.
  15. abo abdrhman

    abo abdrhman New Member

    both i guess..there are something or some parts which we understand better with vision not with brain...So both are equal.
  16. Lillian Leal

    Lillian Leal New Member

    Books are much better, they leave more to the imagination.
  17. Torie Novara

    Torie Novara New Member

    I enjoy both books and movies, but I think they provide different pleasures. Reading a book allows the reader's mind to be creative and go more in depth with the story. Watching a movie doesn't take much thinking at all. Reading a book is intellectually stimulating; watching a movie is relaxing and fun. It just depends on what I am in the mood for at the time.

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