Music Reduces Depression

Discussion in 'Music' started by IreneJay, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. IreneJay

    IreneJay New Member

    Music has a direct effect on our hormones it can even be considered a natural antidepressant.
    This is because certain tunes cause the release of serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters)
    in the brain which leads to increased feelings of happiness and well-being. Since we know music can directly influence our hormones, it only makes sense to throw on some Beethoven (or Dark Side of The Moon?) before bed when in need of a good night’s sleep. Listening to music can also help you learn and recall information more efficiently.
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  2. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    Music makes you remember those memorable moments and Sad yesterday, but sometimes music was like a person that says "you can cry on my shoulder", where you can release your emotions and it makes your feelings okay.
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  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    I would rather listen to music and chill rather than be dependent on tablets.
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  4. vanessadv

    vanessadv New Member

    It depends on the genre. My depression is boosted whenever I listen to sentimental songs. So if I'm sad, I prefer listening to rock or reggae music.
  5. nic15

    nic15 New Member

    Music is a medium to express our emotions or feelings in a kind of certain way. People tend to listen to music whenever they feeling something either they are happy, sad, excited or depressed. Some music describes our feelings in a way that to find comfort and we feel in a way that music understands us. Thus, it helps the person to increase or reduce the specific feeling they are experiencing and for me music would be the best company to be with.
  6. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    I agree with this. Music is something relaxing that can give you peace of mind. It takes all the stress away, and all that negativity inside of you. Without music, it's really boring.
  7. yayanaz13

    yayanaz13 New Member

    It is actually based on the situation and the person itself. Sometimes the song might makes you more depress if it reminds of you about someone or thinking back about your problem. So, you need to hear the song that have a motivation on its lyric which might enhance your positivity.
  8. Kalantiaw

    Kalantiaw New Member

    Depression? Just listen to the songs you were growing up to and enjoying. Remember the feeling.
  9. Robsky

    Robsky New Member

    Music really reduces depression. This is because music makes us feel relaxed. Music is a good outlet for people who are having anxiety and too much stress. Music helps divert everyone's attention to think about the positive things while making us feel comfortable. It also gives us the opportunity to discover our musical talent and in the long run, improve ourselves. By these statements, I can definitely say that music really reduces depression.
  10. Orochimagaara

    Orochimagaara New Member

    Yes off course, but you need to do some things while you listen.

    1º you need real concentration, all the time. If you are with your headphnes but thinking in depress things, don't do nothing.

    2º concentrate in every instruments, all the time till you get in the wolr of music and you don't need no more to pay atention to music, your brain do it for you.

    This is LISTENING, and this helps depression of course because your brain is apart from bad thoughts
  11. aprilmonedero11

    aprilmonedero11 New Member

    For sure Music reduces depression.I mean just listen a song ,does that not make you want to hum or dance.
  12. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Somehow it helps, because listening to our favorite music makes us feel good. Still it varies in situation, somehow other people feel more depressed once they heard music that brings back bad memories and it depends on individual on how they deal with it. Depression is a serious mental problem but hopefully each individual learn to divert their attention from being depress to being active. Yes, music really help for it's the language that our inner self want to say that our mind and mouth denies. Listening to music that makes us happy attract positive energy and may bring us closer to being optimistic and productive rather than being depress.
  13. mhatter47

    mhatter47 New Member

    Music is the great healer.we know music can affect directly in our hormones, about the topic if depression boosted when we listen to a sad or sentimental song its true and anyone relate this who experienced depression.Somehow if we know God and we praised him through music we worship and honor him then its a great excitement.
  14. RyanIsTrying

    RyanIsTrying New Member

    Music definitely decreases depression. There have been varies times I was in a bad place and music no doubt saved me from the end. I believe everyone should at-least have that one song that puts everything into perspective or at least makes them feel better.
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  15. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    Yes, I agree this term and i think that music decrease my depression definitely. There are various types of music and all the music are different but i like specially Hindi music and Bhojpuri music. l feel relax when listen music, so that everyone's should listen music. It refresh my mind daily and i feel happy. I prefer romantic music also.
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  16. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    It surely does, music can change your mood 180 degrees in a few minutes or even seconds. They just get you out of any mood and take you into a different world where you can relax, hyper or evens sleep. Music is the only language that everyone can speak from the smallest babies to the oldest grandparent.
  17. KMG666

    KMG666 New Member

    Definitely, I have friends that experience depression and don't have means or money to treat it or go to a specialist and what they all have is a thing called "MUSIC" , they say music helps them relax and it serves as an escape from what they are experiencing at the moment in their life. Please spread the love always, Spread music!
  18. raiwenkai

    raiwenkai Member

    Music can also stimulate the mind. In my own experience every time I feel sad and stressed I just turn on the radio and listen to some love songs and it feels great and relaxed
  19. harlina

    harlina New Member

    It depends on the kind of music a person listens to. But definitely, music calms and soothes an exhausted mind. It has the power to relax your senses.
  20. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    Is listening to music reduces depression? I would think it may help, by listening to music, it can divert their feelings. They can sort out their emotions, eased their minds and reduces anxieties. But listening to music is just a factor, a help to reduce depression, one must adhere to clinical help for thorough help.
  21. ramachap

    ramachap New Member

    In fact, music is a powerful tool to alleviate human anxiety. Stress reduces this music.
  22. jjforman

    jjforman New Member

    Music, without a doubt, is capable of stirring up emotions within an individual. Science has proved it, but we have known of this phenomenon for centuries: ancient tribes using music to reach different states of consciences, composing film scores as an art to interpret the emotions on the screen, or singing the national anthem with all your friends at an important game. Hence, music can have a positive effect to those with depression, though the complexity and long-term treatment needed to curing depression does not make music a one-stop solution.
  23. mateusredfield

    mateusredfield New Member

    Be careful. I do not believe that. A good remedy and a doctor are always needed. Music can help but not that much. I really love listening music but it is not a remedy, please be careful with that. Surely you can listen music to be motivated, happier, more calm, and gain strenght mentally but nothing will substitute medicine.
  24. tessa602

    tessa602 New Member

    Music may probably not the be all and the end all to reduce depression but it actually does help. Some people tend to find it hard to express their pain or longing because they are used to projecting a brave front to other people specially their loved-ones, thus entertaining their pain as much as possible is not something they will resort to. However, once that person suffering from depression hears a certain music that reminds them of their agony, there will certainly be a feeling of gloom for awhile but as soon as he/she sings with that music, a feeling of relief and peace will definitely follow.
  25. Cesssie

    Cesssie New Member

    Indeed. Based on my experiences, I could say that music lessens loneliness. Whenever I'm down or sad or worse depress, I tend to listen to music and sing along with the artist. That way it lightens up my mood.
  26. mimi93aly

    mimi93aly New Member

    I will never disagree with this statement. Because most of the songs made me realise that we are all going through something. "There's so much more in life than what you're feeling now."' Invisible
    We are all goimg through something. It maybe small or big problems but always trust in yourself and believe on what you got. Try to listen to that song and feel it. Then think about all of ypur problems again. If you ever feel like giving up just listen to a song. It will make you feel better.
  27. BettyLaFea

    BettyLaFea New Member

    For everyone who suffers from anxiety/depression let’s accept who we are, put on some music and let go! Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. Music is the best medicine. Music has proven time and again to be an important component of human culture. From its ceremonial origin to modern medical usage for personal motivation, concentration, and shifting mood, music is a powerful balm for the human soul.
  28. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    First I think you have to be self aware of the reason you love a certain genre of music. The lyrics to any type of song tend to be repeated almost hypnotic, so if you are repeating negative lyrics speaking about negative things that could compound your existing depression. Know to listen to more upbeat positive lyrical music will definitely help pull you out of depression, but you have to be mindful of the music you are listening to and stay positive.
  29. Teachergeorge

    Teachergeorge Member

    The music artistes may have had similar experiences or persons close to them. They get inspired to compose a song addressing a specific vice for instance jealousy or materialism in a romantic relationship. A keen listener who is undergoing the same experience identifies with the song, realizes that he or she is not the only one and the healing power from depression resurfaces.
  30. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    It has never been easier to listen to music. The distribution of music via Internet through smartphone apps or streaming services has dramatically changed the way people interact with music on a daily basis. Whether in the car, at work, at the gym, or while doing chores, people in general spend a lot of time listening to music. New consumer research has shown that on average 68% of smartphone owners stream and listen to music for at least 45 minutes each day. Another survey revealed that 2 in 3 people listen to music in the workplace with the intention to boost mood and creativity.

    The use of music for self-regulation of mood and emotions has been known for centuries, and has been the subject of scientific investigation over the past decades. With a growing understanding of the benefits of music on physical, psychological and psychosocial health, research about the application of music as a therapeutic tool in the treatment or management of mental health disorders – such as depression – is still in its preliminary stages.

    Here are 3 different approaches where music has been used in research and therapy to promote health:

    Neurologic Music Therapy: a research based treatment system using music and music elements for rehabilitation of brain and behaviour function by focusing primarily on cognitive, speech-language, and sensor motor disorders. This therapeutic approach is administered by an accredited music therapist with a certificate in neurologic music therapy. The interventions consist of research-based therapeutic exercises to facilitate functional non-musical outcomes, and to train and retrain abilities in cognition and psycho-social function, speech and language, motor control, emotional growth, and social skills.

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