Must A Woman Know How To Cook

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by jbaby, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. jbaby

    jbaby New Member

    I always wonder, are there people in this world who feels joy whenever they are in the kitchen or is just a necessity for us to go into the kitchen?
    as for me the latter is the case. oh! how I hate cooking most especially when the whether is hot.

    the question is must a woman know how to cook? must she be that perfect chef, whom people should bite their tongue at the taste of her food?

    your answer should be with reasonable reasons

    I often heard this phrase that 'another woman will snatch your husband if you don't know how to cook' like uuhhh? Is food the essence of our living?

    Shouldn't it be a thing of choice?

    My own opinion?
    she must not know how to cook
    If your wife/girlfriend cannot cook, I don't think its a sin for you to teach her or better still do the cookings yourself.
  2. AlyssaDenise

    AlyssaDenise New Member

    In my own opinion, every single person should know how to cook for the simple reason that you need food to survive! Not just a woman or a man. I mean, there will come a point in every person's life where they have to feed themselves, whether it be because mom/dad/your nanny isn't home or because they live on their own in a one bedroom apartment with a cat. A granola bar or chips won't cut it for a good dinner.

    And yeah, lots of people feel joy in the kitchen. Cause in there you can make countless of marvelous things than only you can make in your own way. It's kind of like making art.

    Learn how to cook or don't learn how to cook, you're right, it is a matter of choice. But I think there's something oddly attractive and wonderful about a woman who knows her way around the kitchen. :)
  3. Lop

    Lop New Member

    I'm a man and I enjoy cooking. Cooking is fun and being the cook you control the outcome so I typically add a lot of cheese to anything that calls for cheese. :D
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  4. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    Cheese is life! :D
  5. -helenae

    -helenae New Member

    Honestly, everyone should learn to cook, male or female. It's part of being an adult. I didn't really realize how essential that was until I went to college and lived with roommates for a while- when I was younger, my parents were big proponents of always eating out, so I never really learned to cook from them. But on my own, I discovered first and foremost, it's cheaper to be able to make your own meals if you're aiming to eat healthy (and in college... that's hard, lol). It's also a really great social activity- people want to come hang out in the apartment where someone's always baking cupcakes or making a home cooked dinner. And after enough Pinterest browsing and familiarity with recipes, I've realized cooking's also just really fun- by this point, I know what I like, I know my own unique spin on things, and that makes it easier to improvise and have some confidence in what I'm cooking.
  6. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    Knowing how to cook was an essential skill for helping my family stick to a tight budget when I first began my freelance career. There wasn't a lot of extra money laying around for pizza, so I had to learn to make my own. It amazes me now how we ever ate fast food, considering how unhealthy it is.

    Making food at home is fun and easy, once you understand how it's done and over time you learn to use favorite recipes by heart which speed up the process. As you say, Pinterest is really good for finding new recipes to love.

    Now I just take knowing how to cook for granted, though some of my friends are still amazed anyone would even want to do this, considering you can so much more easily go out to eat!
  7. littlewitch66

    littlewitch66 New Member

    Personally I feel it's an old fashioned concept, certainly here in the UK. Gone are the days when it was considered a woman's role to stay at home to cook and look after the children. A house husband was unheard of! These days families adapt a routine that suits them whether it be the woman who stays at home or the man. There's no stigma attached to it any more and if a woman can't cook .. so what! Indeed some of the best cooks are men, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey to name a couple.

    I think it's good to be able to cook whether you're male or female but many people can't and get by ok. I guess they must live on fast food and takeways.
  8. jmbrundige

    jmbrundige New Member

    I think it's really old-fashioned to think of it as "a woman's job" to cook. Not everybody likes to cook, and I don't think someone should be pressured into taking on that role just because of their gender. What really annoys me is when men refuse to cook, or when parents don't teach their sons how to feed themselves. Cooking should be an essential skill, and a personal responsibility. I cook for my roommates, but I do that because I love them and I enjoy cooking. They never expect me to cook, and they always buy the groceries and clean up afterward to show their appreciation.
  9. KristinS

    KristinS New Member

    I am an Italian girl, my mother made me and my sister learn how to cook. You see, Italian families are all about FOOD! Italian women are expected to know how to cook and do it well. Every family event was a feast. You were also expected to eat, and eat, and eat some more!

    But honestly, I am glad my mother taught me to cook because many of my girlfriends can't even boil water! It is sad that they have to eat out every day. It is even sadder that their boyfriends and husbands make fun of them because of it.

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  10. Beverly

    Beverly Administrator Staff Member

    A lot of 'modern' women look down on the art of cooking as if somehow it's insulting to their dignity to cook or not intrinsically linked to one's own survival. If you don't know how to cook, you are limited in your food options by what you can find in the deli, restaurants (assuming you have money to go out every meal); fast food places or worse consigned to quick serve/canned/frozen meals.

    Knowing how to cook and being able to cook well are maybe two different things but you have to start somewhere.

    I didn't really start learning how to cook until I was in my twenties and then it was a very slow climb uphill. I didn't grow up cooking, though all the women in my family (mother, grandmothers, aunts, etc) knew how. Not sure why no one took time to teach me to cook as it's been one of the most useful skills i have for my own personal use as an adult.

    Whenever I talk to friends about some of the stuff that I cook, they are amazed as their usual fare is limited to Ramen in a cup or scrambled eggs.
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  11. Jimscubbie613

    Jimscubbie613 New Member

    I completely disagree that a woman should know how to cook or be the one that is obligated to cook. My family unit I work as a professional and my husband just retired from the military and we have teenage children. He took over as the "mom" and cooked for the family. In fact he was a much better cook than me!
  12. mesush

    mesush New Member

    I am basically an Indian woman taught to cook from childhood as everyone expects them to be perfect cook if nothing else. However, my mom never put any pressure on me to learn cooking but as I said women in our country are born cook and I am no exception. I can cook almost everything that an average family needs. However, being a Punjabi I know to cook both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, especially the chicken dishes.
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  13. I think it's a matter of choice, preference, and the relationship that you are in. I am in a relationship where I do most of the cooking and my significant other (the woman in the relationship) does very little of the cooking. I enjoy cooking and she doesn't. She would rather clean than cook, so why shouldn't I cook and let her do the cleaning? It works for us.

    There are a few things she cooks really well...macaroni and cheese from scratch; Penne when she uses jarred sauce; and she's an excellent baker. Beyond that, she can burn toast and makes a mess cooking much of anything that turns out barely edible. I don't think it's necessary for the woman to cook, and if a man expects it, chances are the woman is with the wrong man.
  14. nalin

    nalin New Member

    Definitely Why not?

    This is primary responsibility of women to make home and cook food. Since past time this has been tradition for male to earn and for women to cook and maintain home and take care of children and other house hold things. As the time progressed most of all women now go out for work and they should never forget what there primary duty is. They are of course allowed to go out work and earn and live life as they want but they have understand the duty and responsibility they have upon them for house. cooking is daily need for all and this is must for all women to cook for family with help of husband or without.
  15. laurie98

    laurie98 New Member

    I think everyone should know how to cook. Boiling pasta isn't hard. I don't enjoy cooking by any means but if I want to eat, I have to cook. When I get married someday, I'll pick a guy that can cook so we can share in the responsibility.
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  16. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon New Member

    I agree with @laurie98, everyone should know how to cook to some degree. Personal opinion? In a relationship, both should either have equal basic cooking skills, or one being more involved than the other. Especially when a family is formed. But it all depends on who is the dominant breadwinner in that relationship/household, and how many hours they have to put into that particular career per week.
  17. OwenQ

    OwenQ New Member

    To add to the chorus, everyone should know how to feed themselves. Man, woman, children of the appropriate age. Not because it's fun or fulfilling or whatever, but because it's just a basic, useful life skill like your reading or your arithmetic. It's not that hard to be able to cook basic, cheap, hot and/or fresh meals. A little harder to get the balance of 'tasty' and 'healthy' right. It's a chore you should be prepared to handle, whether that's occasionally or daily.

    Now, in the context of who does the cooking in a household - that's up to the household. Whether that's sharing it as a chore, something that the individual with more time or inclination does, they're all factors that should be weighed and decided upon.

    That said, as a man, it was very amusing when my female cousins were all completely floored that I knew how to cook. Apparently one of their husbands didn't know not to microwave the silverware.
  18. Kreative

    Kreative New Member

    I enjoy cooking, personally. It's part of my creative personality. HOWEVER I think it is important for EVERYONE to know how to cook.

    Case in point: When my mom left my dad in 2007, I went to visit him a few months later. The man was surviving on fast food and macaroni casserole, and kraft dinner. Why? Because that's all he knew how to cook and no one else was there to cook for him anymore.

    I quickly put together a simple recipe book for him, complete with grocery shopping lists, so that he could make other, healthier meals. He then went on to show my little cousins essential skills like boiling water, making eggs and bacon etc.

    Personally, my motto is "never marry a man who doesn't cook".
  19. Kadedra Hallmon

    Kadedra Hallmon New Member

    As a young woman it's imperative to learn cooking skills not for a guy but for yourself. There are times where I don't want to dine out I rather dine in instead within the comfort of my own home. I may not know how to prepare every single thing but I am thankful for what I do know.
  20. ZR17

    ZR17 New Member

    I personally do not believe that women HAVE to know how to cook however I also think that everyone should know how to cook for the sole reason that eating out every day is definitely not healthy and nothing beats a home cooked meal. Men and Women should both know how to cook in case their is ever an instance where they can't eat out.
  21. gisellewebber

    gisellewebber New Member

    I agree I love to cook but I think its important for us as women. We can we choose if we want to cook or not. I enjoy making meals for my dad and I. I love making stew steak stork chops. Lasagna. I love the crock pot as well
  22. Ashley Easterwood

    Ashley Easterwood New Member

    I do not believe that a woman should have to know how to cook but I do agree with @ZR17. A woman or even a man for that matter should know at least the basics when it comes to cooking. In my case.. I know how to cook but it's not really something I enjoy doing. I like to bake. My husband on the other hand loves to we balance each other out!
  23. malak4life

    malak4life New Member

    no.. not really i believe guys and girls should know how to cook because it is so messed u to say girls cook while guy dont or guys work while girls dont.. so dont me messed up and follow so called "status" do what u want. if u dont wanna learn how to cook. then dont. be u. be happy.
  24. birlaandrei

    birlaandrei New Member

    I'm not stereotyped, but I think it's important for a woman to know how to cook. Even though things are changing nowadays and women are more focused on careers than domestic activities, it is important that they do well in the kitchen. I do not say this from the point of view of a man, who may also eat pre-cooked foods, but with the appearance of the first child, things change radically. It will have to benefit from the best diet for healthy development.
  25. Dark_fatcake

    Dark_fatcake New Member

    Hahahah, such posts make me laugh. Everyone should cook. But I do understand the reason why such a question can be asked seeing as how women are a child's first educator while the man goes off to fend for his family. But with change to this generation it's a must that all must cook.
  26. inna113

    inna113 New Member

    I also agree that everyone should know how to cook. And I am not talking about professional skills, but just an average knowledge. Food is really important for our health and we are responsible for ourselves and our kids. And it`s a great pleasure to cook something tasty for your family, no matter if you are a woman or a man.
  27. catchmyflight

    catchmyflight New Member

    No they do not. BUT i love it when they can. When I, as a man, come home late i love itwhen there is a nice meal on the table and a good girl witch smiles at me haha. Yes i recomment lerning how to cook as a women.
  28. Lei Nichole

    Lei Nichole Member

    In my opinion, I don't think it would hurt for every individual - whether male or female - to know how to cook at least 3-5 of their favorite dishes that are high in nutritional value and that many different people could enjoy. I've always cringed at the stereotypical stamp on women where " a woman's place is in the kitchen." I think every person has the right to view cooking how they choose to, some women love to cook and are good at it, some are mediocre but have potential and a willingness to learn and others could care less and would much rather buy takeout - all of it is very okay. Follow your own rule book ladies! :cool:
  29. Swag Money

    Swag Money New Member

    This is quite a stereotypical question as the question is assuming women are the ones who do all the cooking when it can be both men and women, some of our best chefs (eg Gordon Ramsey) are male
  30. carolinagirl

    carolinagirl New Member

    I think it is equal important for a man or woman to know how to cook. My husband has several dishes he prepares for us, and I do as well. My husband makes awesome Spaghetti. He also makes great Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

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