Must A Woman Know How To Cook

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by jbaby, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. kianovember

    kianovember New Member

    I believe it's a choice. It is not set in stone that every woman must know how to cook. It is definitely not a pre-requisite in order to be considered a woman. It wouldn't hurt to know how to prepare your own meals, however, I won't be the one to beat anyone over the head with a stick if they choose not to. Fathers or men in general are spending more time in the kitchen compared to the last century and I believe it does nothing to emasculate a man.

    Our society is ever changing and so are the traditional roles once ascribed to women. Advancements in food preparation has made it easier and faster to get a meal and while it may not be the healthiest of choices, it is an alternative that peoaple have taken advantage of.
  2. Art Over Homework

    Art Over Homework New Member

    I think men and women should know how to cook. I as a guy I would like my wife to know how to cook if I get married. If I have to work 12 hours a day I would appreciate dinner already made when I get home. However I don't think it is the woman's sole responsibility.
  3. Leahlawn00

    Leahlawn00 New Member

    I feel like it's a very "old-fashioned" concept, that women HAVE to cook. In hindsight, no one has to be able to do anything. However, averse to the sexism I think that everyone should be able to cook, at a basic level at the least. As humans, we have to learn to not be dependent on others, the whole "women cooking for a man" would never suffice due to the fact that, well - you'll be on your own at times. And you can't live off ramen (despite it being delicious) and microwave meals. It's simply not healthy.

    TL;DR - Cooking is an important skill to have, but it shouldn't be restricted to gender.[​IMG]
  4. barwest

    barwest New Member

    I think a women should know how to cook because it brings out such a gentle and loving personality, but I also think an man should know equally as well. I myself am not a "cook" but I know how to cook good enough that I could take care of the household. Everybody should know how to boil water with out burning the water......It's call survival.
  5. Jeffear

    Jeffear New Member

    In my opinion the woman is the one who needs to prepare the meals while the man gathers them - like in caveman times.
  6. Jonathan Newkirt

    Jonathan Newkirt New Member

    Women should absolutely know how to cook. Or at least any women that I'm interested in. It's definitely a deal breaker if not, unless you at least make efforts to try. I personally have been cooking since a teenager, but also eating out gets very expensive and it's not always as satisfying as a home cooked meal. If you give a women groceries she suppose to give you a meal.
  7. mamalisa

    mamalisa New Member

    I think the ability or the need to cook has nothing to do with gender! Everyone should have some basic skills in the kitchen so they can feed themselves if need be. Cooking and feeding people is an act of for food and the comraderie that it evokes. Cooking is part art and part science and although science has not been a favorite subject of mine I find food science quite interesting!

  8. mamalisa

    mamalisa New Member

    What planet did you ship in from? I'm a woman and I hunt AND gather AND cook....perhaps combining skill sets will make for a perfect partnership in the kitchen!
  9. Skuarewon

    Skuarewon New Member

    Coming from a person who loves to cook. I know you have to know your place. If your not made for the heat, get out of the kitchen. I know there's people out there who burn water. Don't allow them anywhere near the cuisine(kitchen). Please feel free, if you have a passion for your craft. Take your time to create what you imagine and fuel the fire of proof, with your works. The kitchen is co-ed, its no place for people without standards. If you have no respect for the tools and what you can create with them. The results will be disastrous. This goes for anyone.
  10. aminachahdi

    aminachahdi New Member

    it is probably a good thing for anyone , not only a woman , to know how to cook . But if a woman doesn't know how to cook it is normal and won't cause any problems , you can get a whole menu of great food from a fancy restaurant using only a phone call nowdays .
  11. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    I believe that a woman or a man should know how to cook just because it is healthier to eat home cooked food. However, if only the man knows how to cook that is okay too. The house chores should be shared and it is not necessary that the woman should be in the kitchen.
  12. Msnikki416

    Msnikki416 New Member

    One of the best things about life in 2017 is that we as women do not necessarily have to know how to cook. It is not mandatory, or even customary, for women to do all of the cooking for the family. Today, dad cooks as well. In some cases, on a full time basis. There are even famiies with kid chefs, (that must be awesome). Today, it is more of a family chore, and no longer all on mom.
  13. sylviajasthy

    sylviajasthy New Member

    Of course, women need to know to cook: -

    Reason 1: Basic skill
    As women, cooking is a skill that needs to be known and hoped by our family member and future partner plus future mother in law ;)

    Reason 2: Cheap than take away or dining out
    Imagine take way food, usually, cost twice as it is cooked at home. While dining out is tripled because of cost including service tax and tip.

    Reason 3: Recognize ingredients
    Eating out contains ingredients that we do not know. You or a family member may experience food allergies to process meat, seafood, legumes, soybeans, artificial food colour, and mimic colours.

    Reason 4: Dietary balance
    Women should emphasize dietary balance in each meal. Our cuisine does not have to be complicated, just enough chicken and vegetable soup broccoli. the key is a balance.

    Reason 5: Cleanliness of cuisine
    Try looking at your favourite restaurant back kitchen, you will understand why as a woman should know how to cook.
  14. pkfolk

    pkfolk New Member

    In my opinion, saying things such as "a woman MUST know how to cook" are really mysoginistic and based just in gender roles and male chauvinist tradition.

    A woman must know how to cook, of course, but just as much as any human being needs to. Or what, is not a man in need to eat? Will he only eat if a woman cooks for him?

    As a woman, I think we all should try to picture ourselves as independent human beings and reject assertions like this one. Doing that, we will achieve full gender equality.
  15. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    NewsFlash: Everyone should learn how to cook! Whether it is simply frying meat or cooking gourmet meals, you should learn how to cook. That's one of the things that you need to learn if you want to be independent. It also helps you save money. You don't have to buy food everyday because you can stock up and cook instead.
  16. Men and women are equal. They must know how to cook.
  17. patokar

    patokar New Member

    It's obviously a personal choice to want to know how to cook, however, I think it's a good idea that EVERYONE know at least a few recipes to get by.

    Cooking and baking is very therapeutic for me. It's how I relax. My husband often says, "You've had a stressful day, let's just go out to eat." And I'll say, "No, the kitchen is what I need right now!"

    I love to cook and I love cooking for people. But I get that many people simply are not interested. Eating, on the other hand, is pertinent for survival so it's probably a good idea to have an understanding of food. Part of that understanding is how to prepare it.
  18. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    absolutely, how can she feed her family if she cant cook,...
  19. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Everybody should learn how to cook for both health and financial reasons.
  20. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    I think woman needs to prepare the meals. Although both the man and the woman must know how to cook.
  21. JuliaFB

    JuliaFB New Member

    I cook for myself. Not for many people. I tried to cook a big meal but the food doesn't taste right. The pork chop too dry, the steak too hard to eat, vegetables too much hot paper. Yes, women should know how to cook! Know family favorite dish. Prepare children with good food.
  22. halsoriano

    halsoriano Member

    My wife and I were married 3 yrs now and I'm the one who is in charge in cooking. My wife loves my cooking very much specially when we have an occasion. Sometimes while we are eating I randomly said to my wife that what if you cook for dinner...then she say's "hey put down that chicken leg and you know what i'm gonna make you some soup!":cry::p. But for me anything that my wife can do cook is acceptable for me at least makes me happy.
  23. Zyrylrago

    Zyrylrago Member

    Yes, but it’s not just a woman who needs to know how to cook. Man also need to know it.
  24. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I'm a woman and I love to eat but sad to say I'm not a good cook :cry::cry:. Please don't get mad at me I really try my best when I'm in the kitchen, some taste good but never mind the others. Well cooking for me should not rely only as woman's responsibility (not because I'm not a good cook), but a lot of hot and handsome man nowadays are good in cooking. They cooked yummy foods as yummy as them hehe, but honestly I'm happy that our society is now slowly adopting that fact that cooking is not only for women and that this also for men. Equality on these aspect is a must, it's not about "you have to do it because it's the tradition" it's all now about "if you can do it so be it, if you can't then don't". Men and women are both good in the kitchen, are great cook and best chefs. As long as they serve healthy and yummy foods, then it doesn't matter anymore who is in charge in cooking.
  25. quercitron

    quercitron Member

    To my opinion, it's bet that both men and women know how to cook. It's got nothing to do with the gender, honestly. Yes, it is assumed that women should know how to cook since they are expected to do most of the household chores based on traditions. However, when observed in a practical view, the situation wouldn't always be the same. Back then, majority of the workers were men while ladies were expected to do all the household chores and tending mainly to the family. Modern globalization shows that the ratio of female workers is almost in proportion with the male faction.

    Cooking is an essential skill that should be acknowledge by both men and women. It's literally part of the primary needs, considering the way we prepare and consume food.
  26. Shawty05

    Shawty05 New Member

    I believed it's a decision making of each individual to that kind of cooking task where we can utilize and develop our skills. Aside from that it will help to ourselves to become productivity and pro active in all aspect of our life.
  27. justyhet

    justyhet New Member

    We grew up in the scenario and tradition that only women are good in the kitchen but this concept has changed a lot as day past by so fast. Nowadays cooking is not only for women , a lot of hot & sexy men out there also good in the kitchen that cooks delicious & yummy foods as them. Women can do a lot of things other than cooking and her ability & capability should not be restricted because she has also the right to decide whether she would like to cook or not. Our today's generation promotes gender equality, that men and women are equal in all aspects as possible. This simply means that it is not necessary for women to know how to cook and it will not lessen the masculinity of a man when he choose or decide to cook
  28. zaide

    zaide New Member

    i love cooking even when i was a teen because my mother really great in cooking is my passion...and i believe that a woman knows to cook we be a good wife and mother to her family..
  29. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    I think everyone should know how to cook, atleast basic cooking skills!woman usually cooks for the family but I think its more atteactive when girls can cooks. Wifey material ‍♀️
  30. Aileen635

    Aileen635 New Member

    Everyone should know how to cook. Cooking isn't just something women should know. Not everyone can be a gourmet chef but knowing how to cook even just the simplest of dishes can be very useful and rewarding. Cooking shouldn't be treated like a chore that needs to be delegated to someone, but if a person just isn't interested... no one should be forced to do something they don't want to do.

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