Must A Woman Know How To Cook

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by jbaby, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. For me yes women should know how to cook even the basic so she can feed our kids healthy and safe from the bacterias. Because if we also eat in the fastfoodchain we don't know if the process of it is clean and proper, We must prepare our own food for our family
  2. YayiLilet

    YayiLilet New Member

    Everyone should know how to cook, not just women. It is an important skill. For one, you tend to save money when you cook your food yourself and don't buy cooked food. It's also healthier because you know what goes into the food you and your family are eating. I have always enjoyed cooking and have been experimenting with recipes since I was in my teenage years. You can say it's been good for my soul, too.
  3. Amester2003

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    A women shouldn't know how to cook, but it would be a great additional skill for women to know how to, it would also be a great skill for men to know how to cook as well. Not everyone should be committed to know how to do something but it's beneficial to know an additional skill.

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