My Experience As A Computer Engineer

Discussion in 'Computers' started by springtech07, May 2, 2019.

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    I graduated with 2nd class upper in computer science from the university, I was expected to be a programmer, a web designer or a database administrator, yes i loved to be one too but I ended up being a computer engineer.

    The journey to becoming a system engineer started when I embarked on a year-long industrial training.
    As a matter of custom, in my country, a student of certain course is expected to go for a year industrial attachment in a place of choice where he is supposed to be exposed to industrial work ethic and other professional training possible.

    In my case I was fortunate to have found myself in one of the best computer engineering companies in the country. My love, interest and passion for this career path took a deeper dimension.
    Hence I ended up being a computer engineer in one of the top ten firms in the country.

    However I am already working towards starting a consulting firm of my own. This will be a good boost to my career in a mean way.
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    As a graduate it gave the theory to learn hardware and software. Hardware such as computer part and software for programming.

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