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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Vostro162, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Vostro162

    Vostro162 New Member

    Hey Guys,
    i stared to watch Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) and i love it !!!
    After Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan i searched for a new Anime and i definitely found it :D
    Its have a dark and bloody style so check it out and share your opinions
  2. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    One piece is my all time favorite. It talks about friendship, loyalty, love, leadership, respect, determination, goals and overcoming your weaknesses. Monkey D. Luffy is one of the best leader in the anime world. He is willing to give his everything just to protect his friends. He will do everything to achieve his goal which is to be the pirate king. Because of his love for his friends they are willing to die for him.

    The straw hats are the best pirates crew in the one piece world (of course because they are the protagonist). They not only help each other to achieve their goals as a group but they also help each other achieve their individuals goals. Even if their enemies are stronger than they, they never run away because they believe that their Captain can protect them and beat their opponents. Luffy's crew always believe that someday somehow, with their help, he can achieve his ultimate goal which is to be the King of the Pirates.
  3. Chubalina

    Chubalina New Member

    One piece and Gintama will always have a place in my heart. But for the year 2019, I really enjoyed watching "The Promised Neverland", "Fruits Basket" and "Kimetsu no Yaiba". I am also really enjoying "Dr. Stone" and "Vinland Saga". But yeah, if you are looking for something dark, bloody and intense, I recommend "The Promised Neverland", "Vinland Saga" oh and "Goblin Slayer".

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