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Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by paypaliulianradu, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. paypaliulianradu

    paypaliulianradu New Member

    My first phone hmm…
    Well as the matter of fact my first phone was the legend Nokia 1100.
    I was in highschool I remember when my dad bought a Sony Ericsson ,and I was given my first phone . That black and white thing really made my highschool colorful.
    Talking about the features
    Calls , messages,broadcast messages,stopwatch,alarm clock,remainders and of course space impact .. the ultimate planet saver game . Snakes thought you how to use the arrow keys efficiently.
    I loved my phone chatting on that device was fun, to remind you the one hand typing, pressing a button three times to enter a letter.
    Last but the least, you can't beat that beast in terms of battery.
    Thank you for reading.
  2. josuel10

    josuel10 New Member

    My first phone is Lenovo A5000 and it last about 7yrs since i was a highschool student.
  3. GaryNewman

    GaryNewman Member

    My first was a Nokia, not sure with the brand. I had it when I was a kid and played Snake and my very first famous song that I remember being played there was "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Good memories! Haha!
  4. rpayanan

    rpayanan Member

    My first phone is Nokia 6130 with antenna. I love that phone because of it's size. That time it is considered the latest model. I love changing the housing with different looks and styles. I also replaced the back casing to remove the antenna to become internal. My heart was broken though when I accidentally dropped it and ran over by a delivery van. The only thing I recovered is the sim card.
  5. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    My first phone was Nokia N73, That time all people want to use this kind of phone. It's also has a good features.
  6. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I had my first phone when I was in college since my Mom won't allow me to have one in high school. I had Samsung, the old foldable one with the keypad. My Mom did not buy me one but it was given by my cousin. I can't afford to buy my own phone so I have to stick with the old one that she had used.
  7. Anncute

    Anncute New Member

    Ang una kong cellphone noon is nokia, napakatibay talaga kahit ibato mo pa or tapakan mo pa hahaha ang sarap alalahanin yung phone ko na yon grabe nagtagal soya sakin e kahit walaa kong text mate noon.
  8. arar0915

    arar0915 New Member

    My firat phone is nokia 3210, it's expensive bwhen it lunch but today it's like a scrap that no one want
  9. afolaya1998

    afolaya1998 New Member

    my first phone was a Nokia express music slide, at the time Nokia was the most used phone and it pretty amazing to use a Nokia
  10. nickremigio14

    nickremigio14 New Member

    My first phone was a Nokie 3310 back when space impact is super cool.
  11. Xannchan

    Xannchan New Member

    My first phone is Motorola, that was given by my parents as a reward to me because I have a good grades.
  12. jrl0700

    jrl0700 Member

    My first ever phone was a Nokia 3310. I made sure I have the best casing I can have along with the modified ring tunes.

    I held the highest score for Snake in our class too.
  13. leunice

    leunice New Member

    My first phone is Alcatel when i was in grade 6. It’s not expensive but that time i really don’t know what value of cellphone thats why it is okay if its not expensive because my parents still gave me a cellphone. Now my phone is Iphone xs max is really far from now and before.
  14. yoshibear

    yoshibear Member

    My first phone was Nokia 3310, Nokia 3310 still brings smile to my face though now it has become a meme.
  15. caitlinhayward

    caitlinhayward New Member

    My first cell phone that I purchased myself was the original Motorola Droid. I was 19 years old and thought I had just stumbled upon the newest explosion in technology. Turns out, I was right. The hefty price tag felt worth the endless features that Android thrust upon the market vs the "dumb phones" we had grown accustomed to.

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