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    I flew out to New York for a vacation as I was a bit stressed out from work. So, I figured a trip would clear my head.

    Walking out of JKF, I called a taxi to take me to my hotel in Manhattan. On my way there, I was looking at the sights and all the lights. 'New York is beyond beautiful' I began thinking.

    30 minutes into the drive we passed by a near coffee shop and I thought I saw someone familiar. So, I told my driver to stop. And as I looked out the window, to my surprise it was one of my long time crushes.

    It was you!

    I told the taxi driver to wait for me as I ran across the road, walked up beside you and said "Good Afternoon Miss!"

    When you looked up and saw me your mouth dropped and you screamed out my name and said "OMG! Look at you!"

    You jumped up, gave me a hug and asked how I was doing, and why I was in NY. I told you I couldn't talk because of the waiting cab. So I said, "Give me your number so I can call you when I reach at the hotel."

    You gave me your digits and I ran back to the cab with a grin on my face.

    I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful you were and different your body was now compared to when we were in high school.

    Finally, I arrived at the hotel, checked in and smiled as I reached my floor. I opened the door and my eyes lit up as I saw the room's view of the city.

    Glancing around the room I noticed the plush, all white queen size bed and a hot tub in the corner.

    I could smell the relaxation at an arm length away.

    Before I could even unpack, I sat down on the bed and called you.

    "...Hello! Yes it's me... What are you doing tomorrow night? ...I've got nothing planned. How about we go out to dinner and you can show me around for a bit and we can catch up!? ...Great! Text me the address and I'll meet you at 8"


    We met at the restaurant and you were wearing this lovely ocean blue dress. I still couldn't believe that it was really you. "Wow, you really look beautiful tonight!" I said.

    You mumbled a 'Thank you' as I took your hand, guided you to your seat and we reminisced over dinner.

    Every time you spoke I got lost in your eyes. Those same eyes that had me so hypnotized all those years ago. You noticed that i wasn't paying attention so waved your hand in front of my face to bring me back to reality.

    I jumped out of my daydream and nervously chuckled.

    That's when you flashed your pearly whites at me and i took all the courage I had to tell you how I felt about you all these years.

    You bit your lip nervously and told me you wanted to take me somewhere. So we hailed a taxi and pulled up to this abandoned spot.

    We walked until we reached a bridge that had the clearest views of the sky and the stars.

    "I like to come here to clear my head sometimes. I used to come here to think about you. I've liked you for as long as I could remember." She confessed to me.

    We looked at each other at the same time and all I wanted to do at that moment was kiss you. But before I could even make a move, you yanked me by my shirt and planted the kiss on me first.

    Smooth... gentle... slow. Was how it started and then we were both hungrily kissing each other.

    "Well, this is our chance. It's now or never." I said as we pulled away breathlessly. You quickly nodded in agreement and we rushed back to your place with excitement and fervor.

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