My Preferences: Laptop Versus Desktop

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    To start off, I would like to point out that I love technology and just like most people today, am almost a slave to them. I cant leave the house without my phone.

    Talking about these two personal computers, I love both and have both, but I have difference preferences depending on different needs.

    For the laptop, I love them because they are compact and portable. They are easy to work with from wherever and this makes my work much easier. the problem comes in when you have a laptop that has the track-pad placed at the wrong place, this makes it hard to type, since you continually touch it and your cursor changes position while typing.

    Looking at the desktop, most are not easily portable but I have some serious inclinations towards them. to start with, it is much easier to upgrade my desktop as compared to my laptop. The following are some of the items that are easy to upgrade.

    Processor: With a desktop, most processor chips are easily accessible in the market and replacing your existing processor is very easy. just identify the processor type you have, look for the same in the market and you can replace it by yourself at home.

    Keyboard: Most desktops come with a very sturdy keyboard and even for the ones that don't. you can always buy another one and just plug and play because most have USB (it is rare to find a PS2 keyboard nowadays) The same goes for the Mouse

    Screen: for desktops, conventional ones, not the all-in-one PC's, you can always buy a new screen if yours has a problem or you want a better one with higher resolutions. for a laptop, if the screen has a problem, they would be costly to replace and if you don't, then you will have to connect your device to an external screen/ projector just to use it. thus inadvertently turning your laptop into a desktop.

    RAM & ROM: Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory (HDD) With the introduction of Solid State Drives (SSD), if you have a laptop and you want to use an SSD, then you are limited to replacing your entire Hard disk. in the case of a Desktop, all you need to do is introduce the SSD onto one of your free SATA ports and install your Operating System on the SSD. This will automatically improve your system's operation by increasing your speeds.
    For the RAM, most laptops have a complex process of opening the back since the access to the inside is not easy this will make it tough for you and at times you might have to employ the services of a technician to assist you. For a Desktop, you can effortlessly replace the ones in the machine with more powerful ones or add one or two since most Desktop PC's come with extra ports

    Graphics Cards
    : For most laptops, they come integrated with the motherboard, but with a desktop, you can easily purchase one, insert it into your PCI slot

    Cooling: With laptops, you would most likely have to purchase a cooling pad while for a desktop, you can purchase a fan at a low cost and easily install it.

    These are some things that would make a desktop superior to a laptop, but it all depends on the user and their needs.

    What is your preference and why?

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