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Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by Ian Achacoso, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Ian Achacoso

    Ian Achacoso New Member

    Hi there guys, I am having a problem about postloop right now. I got their approval but I only rated 3.70, so how can I open the other forums if I'm not eligible to their rating system? Can someone help me out so I can increase the ratings they gave me. The lowest rate on there forum to be open is 4.00, so how can I increase my rating guys? rates.jpg ratings.jpg
  2. Kuro1109

    Kuro1109 New Member

    Same as mine. I do not know how to start since I cannot subscribe to any of the forums. I've read the frequently asked questions and I've learned that ratings do expire after 30 days.
  3. sareenapotato

    sareenapotato New Member

    Same here! I received the same rating too. So we cant do anything to make it higher? we just wait for it to expire?
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