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Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by Princiology, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Princiology

    Princiology New Member

    I have been trying to register as a freelancer for Upwork for quite some time now, but all I have ever gotten is rejection (too many freelancers).

    Do you have any idea that can help me on how to register rightly? I'll be glad to receive your helping hand.
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  2. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    Hi there, If Upwork doesn't push through you can always try Fiverr. Now, if you really want to work in UpWork you can try to register again, but this time register a new set of unrelated skills, you can always update it when your in, right? Do this and it will help a lot in the approval of your new registration.
  3. Lara Cabagnot

    Lara Cabagnot New Member

    I have been inactive in Upwork for sometime and did updated my skills and profile and and boom, I have interview schedules. I think there's an algorithm on the Upwork system whenever you refresh and update your skills.
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  4. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    I like your answer! Yes, Upwork works on an algorithm, so catering to the algorithm can definitely help. The key point here is keywords. Focus on getting specific about what you can do and who you can help. Upwork prefers freelancers who know exactly what services they offer and can back those services up with experience and skill tests.

    The other key point is activity. You have to stay active in order to be visible. That means applying for jobs, getting interviews, etc. All of these activities are positive "signals" to Upwork.
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  5. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    I used upwork a lot before but they usually like regular hourly workers, which I'm not, I'm a fixed rate contract worker. I don't know why but after a doing a successful contract they usually terminate my membership. I then would have to spend the next 2 days to register and wait for approval. It happened to me 3 times already. I stopped doing upwork and I switched to Mturk, it's better.
  6. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    Is Upwork one of those one's where you have to pay $50 or $100 to take the skills tests? Or are they free?

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