Name a movie that made you cry.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Mian_zeeshan07, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Mian_zeeshan07

    Mian_zeeshan07 New Member

    There is only one hollywood movie that made me cry and that is
    "A walk to remember "
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  2. jongki

    jongki New Member

    The movie that makes me cry is "Hachiko: a dog story". It is all about a dog and a University Professor who met at the train station in Shibuya train station in Odate, Japan. I love dogs. I love how loyal they are to their owners.
  3. divche26

    divche26 New Member

    Pursuit of HappYness starring Will Smith and true to life his son Jaden Smith. Usually, movies show the sacrifices of a mother for their child/children but this movie revolves on how a father struggles in life for the welfare of his son. I recommend that you sit with a box of Kleenex because this movie will really touch your heart. A movie that I will always cry regardless I have seen it for a 100th times.
  4. Vacko

    Vacko New Member

    One and only, the "Titanic"
    Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the greatest of all time. He has done great job in that particular movie, as well as couple of latest ones such as The revenant.
  5. missionreport1

    missionreport1 New Member

    There are plenty. For example, 3:10 to Yuma. Not exactly the best film of all time, but certainly one of the most underrated ones which everybody must see by the way. It's a star studded western film that actually does pretty well as a stand alone and does not over rely on the cast of heavy weights. Manly tears were shed at the end of the movie and my god was that a well written villain.
  6. gilbertogo23

    gilbertogo23 New Member

    Koe no katachi, or "a silent voice" is a japanese animated movie that tackles sensitive issues such as, bullying and suicide. i wont spoil much of the story, because i would like you to see it on your own. and dont forget the tissues.
  7. Mary26

    Mary26 New Member

    I think titanic this movie is the best love story ever, but is so sad. I cried a lot and I'm not that type of person that cry in the movies. I love Jack and Rose. Vote for the best movie ever.

    I think this movie is absolutely amazing. I love it. I watched it when I was 12 and it left me absolutely distraught. Depressed for days after. The film is 3 hours long and I cried for about 1.5 hours. I think the actors are amazing and have made really made a truly depressing master piece. Thank you for letting us see the true horrors of what happened that horrible day.

    Sad sad sad sad sad a film can't be this sad its just not right I can't watch it without crying last time I watched it I got de-hydrated

    It's s the best movie on earth. If you haven't watched it what are you doing with your life?
  8. davidoneill

    davidoneill New Member

    Son of Lassie. It is a 1945 movie about a super hero pup being chased by Nazis in occupied Norway. I haven't dared to watch it since my mother found me bawling on the carpet aged 7, but even thinking about it still makes my stomach churn with anxiety!
  9. Ms.chia

    Ms.chia New Member

    Actually there's a lot.Like Stars on Earth.This movie made me cried a lot.It's a story of 11 yrs old boy with dyslexia. A Walk to Remember which is my favorite love story movie.Brave Heart, The Shawshank Redemption and The Schack.
  10. vicdragon

    vicdragon New Member

    The movie entitled the midnight sun really made me cry. It is a love story with a twist. The girl has a special condition that is allergic to the sun that it can make her die. The story is so sweet and simple, and full of love. Until that one day that the girl died.
  11. Ckeen

    Ckeen New Member

    Dog movies are definitely tear jerkers for me. I cried at the end of Marley and me, Old Yeller and Where the red fern grows.
  12. iamgleeny

    iamgleeny New Member

    Hi I am a Filipina nurse and I want to honestly share this documentary film with you. It is a true to life based documentary film entitled "GIVE UP TOMORROW" you can actually search and watch this film on youtube and it's now trending for almost few weeks already. The story was about an innocent man who was convicted among with six innocent guys for a henious crime they never committed.The crime was rape with murder of two sisters from a certain city in the Philippines, the seven men were sentenced to a double life imprisonment which then converted to death penalty after three years. The man has fourty two witnesses saying the same story that he was innocent but because of the injustice and dirty politics in the Philippines they were all denied by the judge, their human rights were violated and they never got the chance for a fair fight. Year after the judge who prosecuted them committed suicide and by 2014 they were saved when the death penalty got abolished and until now they were still hoping that one day the court will reopen the case so that they can finally prove theirselves and get the justice they deserve. The man always tell himself that whatever struggles he is suffering today "give up tomorrow" and when tomorrow comes give up again tomorrow, this film absolutely made everyone cry.
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  13. This might sound weird, the movie IT made me cry.
  14. Jenniferdainty

    Jenniferdainty New Member

    City of Angels starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. This is indeed a tear jerker movie for me. Even though, it is still one of my favorite love stories. It contains a message about how powerful and strong love is. You are willing to give up and sacrifice everything in the name of love. This movie is heartbreaking yet inspiring. Be sure to grab a tissue before watching this film.
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  15. Sirjp

    Sirjp Member

    A Walk to Remember. It was such a classic movie.
    The Mission. It was a movie showing how the character's dedication to his faith .
  16. Rheaosumo

    Rheaosumo New Member

    Many beautiful movies makes me cry but, Hacksaw ridge is the movie i recently watch that makes me cry. Inspiring movie, its about the american army who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot. He prefer to be a medic than to be an army holding a fire a gun. He helps his colleagues though its difficult for him to help most of them, but he never give up.
  17. jhirem12

    jhirem12 New Member

    The movie that made me cry was 3 Idiots. It's about 3 friends who were taking engineering course. It has lessons on life, suicidal tendencies, friendship. It's like a all in one movie. My friends told me before that I will miss 1/3rd of my life if I will not watch the movie. Turns out they were right.
  18. Domenik

    Domenik New Member

    It was already mentioned, but there is no one who didnt cry at "Hachiko". That poor dog :( Im going to cry soon here just THINKING about it.

    You want to cry? Thats your movie!
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  19. Chinet23

    Chinet23 New Member

    There have been a lot of movies that made me cry but the recent one is the local independent film here in the Philippines, "Kita kita". That is "I see you" in English.

    It's a rom-com movie which story revolves around a Filipina tourist guide who fell in love with a Filipino (man) in Japan. She got blind temporarily because of the stress brought about by a heartbreak. Coincidentally this man is not much in the looks department.

    Although embittered by the past failed relationship, this man tried everything to win her heart. When she got her sight back, he died through a car accident.

    Just a quick scene to confirm his death and then everything went pitch black. This made me cry because I was left hanging on my seat. The woman in the movie just shed a little tear while I did all the rest of the crying. They showcase a humorous movie but actually has a tragic plot.

    By the way, I lost my husband in 2012. Sniff. Sniff.
  20. ileri_aim4eye

    ileri_aim4eye New Member

    A movie that made me cry is Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson, I just returned from seeing Hacksaw Ridge and I am exhausted. That is not a bad thing. I am simply emotionally spent. I'm kind of a sap so I was near tears for about 30mins straight. Holding back tears for 1hour takes quite a bit out of a person. I can't pinpoint exactly why I am so emotional. It's simply that the entire story is so moving. I never ceased being amazed at the courage, selflessness, and determination that human beings are capable of. Some people simply have a strength inside them that I truly cannot comprehend. When I see depictions of this greatness, it moves me.
  21. mpasquarosa

    mpasquarosa New Member

    When I was very young, the first movie that made me cry was Marley & Me. I was a young boy so I didn't understand the concept of death until that moment, and all I can say is that I was devastated the rest of the night.
  22. kristyjane

    kristyjane New Member

    There were a lot of movies that made my eyes bawled out. One that I can remember was a Filipino movie, Four sisters and A Wedding. The movie was the youngest brother of the family getting married. He has four sisters that showered him with so much love and he wants the approval of the entire family for his wedding. though it was not centered on the wedding itself but about the rough patches that needed to be fixed within their family. It was entertaining and at the same time heartwarming movie.
  23. The Judge

    This movie showed everyone the power of love you feel for your love ones can make anything impossible possible.
  24. RChristine

    RChristine New Member

    There is a lot of movies that made me cry but I forgot the title of most of it but here's the list that I still remember:

    *A walk to remember
    *The Notebook
    *Cool kds Don't Cry
    *Space Between Us

    I knew that some of you are familiar with the movies that I'd mentioned above but for those who don't know the movies, I am recommending these to you. I already watched Titanic but it just made my heart beat fast because of the tragedy but It didn't makes me cry.
  25. Nikko0209

    Nikko0209 New Member

    A Walk To Remember. I really want to watch this film again. Goshhhhh! This is one of my most loved film. The best! Who agrees with me? I love Mandy! ❤️
  26. niel02

    niel02 New Member

    The movie that made me cry is a walk to remember because this film gives me really chills. Watching this kind of movie gives me a life lesson, it talks about judging a person without knowing his/her intention why he/she chooses to be that kind of person. However even how bad he/she is, still they had a good heart. We can learn lots of things to some people who had their thoughts and opinion, no matter how dumb they might to be. there is always one saying that I will never ever forget that is "You never can judge a book by its cover".
  27. writeside1

    writeside1 Member

    The movie that made me to cry is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. This Bollywood film was very romantic and starred by Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukherji. There was a love triangle in it.
  28. cheschanco

    cheschanco New Member

    I'm sure I'm not the only one, but that climax scene is pretty moving and there's a lot of shock value in the way things unfold during those scenes. I could barely control myself when I was in the cinema hall... and it is supposed to be a kids' movie!
  29. yahs

    yahs New Member

    A walk to remember xD

    I dont know but i cry a lot in this movie.
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  30. leonram1214

    leonram1214 New Member

    "Taiyou no Uta" starring the Japanese singer Yui made me bawl my eyes out. It is about a romantic story about a girl that only goes out at night because she cannot be exposed in the sunlight. It will trigger her disease and it would have dreadful effects on her body. Everyday he is looking at a boy he admired in her house and on one fateful day, he finally encountered him. That is the start of their tragic yet beautiful love story.

    A lot of you maybe thinking that it is really similar to the recent Hollywood remake "Midnight Sun". Yes it is, because it is the original material. I am really furious about the remake because they really change the major plot points of the original Japanese Film. In addition, it is supposed to be a sweet and innocent love story not some generic tearjerker chick flick. If you are interested, please do yourselves a favor and watch "Taiyou no Uta".

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