Name one song that never leave your playlist.

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mhaiee, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Mhaiee

    Mhaiee New Member

    It's Distance by Christina Perry for me, although I have a whole bunch of anime/Japanese songs together with that I always listen to for years now.
  2. Tanay1234

    Tanay1234 New Member

    "Let her go" by passenger and "a sky full of stars " by cold play have never and will never ever leave my playlist .
  3. lehlohonolo

    lehlohonolo New Member

    August Alsina's "You Deserve Better" will never leave my playlist because it reminds me that i should never settle for less and always aim higher because you deserve it.
  4. xshayx

    xshayx New Member

    Love me harder by ariana grande. I don't know I just love this song. What I also about Ariana in this music video are she can be both cute amd sexy. I also like The Weeknd's rap in this song were he added spice to make the song perfect.
  5. saragb17

    saragb17 New Member

    "shape of my heart" by Sting. I love it so much. It's about a gambler who plays cards not for winning purpose, but because he wants to know something. Not only the lyric is beautiful but also it is the song at the end of my favourite movie "Léon: The Professional". I like it so much :)
  6. maezee

    maezee New Member

    "Ikaw Lamang" by Silent Sanctuary. This one is an OPM song. Been on my playlist since College. I love everything about this song, the lyrics and the melody.
  7. ronneldash

    ronneldash New Member

    "Redbone" by Childish Gambino. It's just a good way to funk the day up in the morning.
  8. ronneldash

    ronneldash New Member

    I love listening to "This Is Me" by Keala Settle from movie The Greatest Showman. Please pay it a listen and you'll realize how empowering the lyrics is! It's very moving.

    This has become my favorite self-affirmation song to play along my playlist.
  9. vangiecarino04

    vangiecarino04 New Member

    "Look At Me Now" by charlie puth because when you listen to this music it tells to other people that I made it and I have learn to this music is be optimistic no matter what.
  10. KaezhaDG

    KaezhaDG New Member

    The song that never leaves my playlist the Weeknd's The Hills. Why? Because there is a wattpad story called Montello High: School of Gangsters and I love it so much and while reading it, The hills is also playing and that made me love The Hills as well. I don't know what have happened why it turned out like that but I just think that they fit and are perfect together.
  11. CarlaBorden1

    CarlaBorden1 New Member

    "THE CLIMB" by Miley Cyrus

    Everytime I hear that song, it reminds me of so many thing in life. That song is also our graduation song and it means alot to me. The lyrics says it all. I will keep this song forever in my heart.

    Keep on moving ..
    Keep climbing ..
  12. jaytthrow

    jaytthrow New Member

    I love alternative music. My favorite band is Matchbox 20 so their song that never leave my playlist is "Back to Good".
    I really love to listen to that song not just because of the band but because the way they created and the way they sang the song. Every time I listen to it I feel great. I can listen to it ten times continuously. I just love that song ever since.

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