Name the games you kept playing for years

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by zezo, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. cer1e

    cer1e New Member

    GTA: SA & Minecraft. I've want to play again the games that I've played before but I have problems and lack of resources.
  2. johnmichaelescalona

    johnmichaelescalona New Member

    actually, i had a lot of games to play but, God of War is one of my favorite video games of all.
    because, it has a unique fight scenes and it makes me feel so really good when i play that game.
  3. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    Im still playing mobile legends even though it was so annoying especially when your teammates are sooooooo.....NVM.
  4. Alkmendo

    Alkmendo New Member

    call of duty 1 and2 and3ad4 all parts
  5. Iamlucky111

    Iamlucky111 Member

    GTA San Andreas.
    San Andreas was not just a game. You really were CJ. You had to train that guy by doing to the gym, by practising at the shooting range, by doing various activities and much more.
    San Andreas had so much freedom that almost any other game in that era. Look at GTA V. It was amazing. The graphics, missions and everything. But imagine a game like that but then more than 10 years ago.
    I have played San Andreas for countless hours. .I have finished the stpry multiple times. . Love the game life time
  6. bads05

    bads05 Member

    I once addicted to ps3 games, I really like RPG games its gonna make you excited like discovering places, weapons, upgrading your character, your shield. I played Kingdom of Amalur, there are lot of discoveries, beautiful places. and also I like middle earth, the character is so cool, I like his abilities, you can use arrows to teleport behind your enemies and kill them instantly one after the another.
  7. AjKr

    AjKr New Member

    It was 2005 and I just bought a new PC with 512 Memory Graphics card so I went looking for new games and picked up a few and one among them was Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition. The game had 4 CDs the Installation took a while to put in 2 others and I launched the game. I was impressed with the Graphics on this, something that I had not seen before, not just in NFS games but in general at that time. I have played this game several times since then and even now I enjoy playing this than any game ever.

    NFS came up with a lot of games since then and re-visited Most Wanted in 2012 but it just did not feel the same or better than the previous one.

    I don't like this just for Graphics but also the Story line and because it seems like I am in control of the cars I am driving in the game and the challenges are not very hard.
  8. Russel1Westbrook

    Russel1Westbrook New Member

    Postal 2 for the computer That game was grand theft auto before grand theft auto even came out because it was a sandbox small city where you could do anything you wanted to do to any body and you had missions that game is fun even 20 years later
  9. Russel1Westbrook

    Russel1Westbrook New Member

    Just about any and every basketball game because I've played the sport ever since I was 4 if I get NBA 2K 20 I will be so happy I play that game for hours and online and at people's home when I visit to me basketball is the greatest sport ever created
  10. JTibIV

    JTibIV New Member

    In my experience, the game that I played for a decade now is Dota 2. This game is really fun playing specially if you have a group of friends to play it with. It is a memorable game for me because I remember the bonds that my friends and I have while playing this game.
  11. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    In my case i played Runescape for almost 15 years, it's a RPG and i started playing in 2004 but never stopped. The game doesn't have an end. Of course you can reach the "max", but then there's always something for you to do even if it is to keep training your stats. As the years go by the game took a lot of updates and started loosing it's greatness, some players left, the others slowly stopped playing... Even so, for those who accomplished most marks it's hard to leave the game because it took us lots of hours to reach it. Anyway it was a nice experience and i don't regret it.
  12. elaineeeeeey

    elaineeeeeey New Member

    I like Simulation Games and Role Playing Games.
    So far the games I have on my phone until now are:
    - Harvest Town
    - Virtual Families 2
    - Fallout Shelter
    - Homescapes
    - Clash of Clans
    - Order Up!!
    - Ragnarok M
    - Sand Balls
    I've never get bored of this games. I always play on it everyday.
    tell me what your games so I can check it out to.
  13. derek2002

    derek2002 New Member

    league is the best that i have played for years even until now
  14. aradralami

    aradralami New Member

    I keep playing Total war series special medieval total war 2 Attila and Rome 2 total war, These games are awesome I recommended to strategy lovers
  15. RenzG

    RenzG New Member

    Currently, I'm in to more mobile games because of my busy schedule and I really like Final Fantasy-based ones like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.
  16. tusata

    tusata New Member

    Well, how to say this I am adicted to gaming of any kind my first adiction was HOMM3(heroes of might and magic) turn based game that got my imagination the reason behind that was great multiplayer you could play on one pc back in day we didnt had good pc like these days and not cheap as now
    The second love was elden scrolls 3 :Morowind that game i played like for ages and still play it, was mind blowing when first got out
    Any RPG would do for me i would be looking all over internet to find that special game i would play for ages
    Some time i had playstation and played GT2 for quite some time you remember that race marathon race that last like a lot i would play it 2-3 times a day!!
    Actualy there were list and list of games i played for ages there would not be space on this post to write it down from comodore games to pc games
    Got nostalgia every time i remember some games, we usualy play some old games when we find time
    Well that all of me :)

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