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Discussion in 'Television' started by anndreayelyah, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. anndreayelyah

    anndreayelyah New Member

    What is your favorite TV series and what made you like it?
  2. Serenity49

    Serenity49 New Member

    My favorite television series by far is snapped on the oxygen channel. What made me like it was the fact its all true crime stories.
    It amazes me how some people can really commit murder, raped, and other crimes without a conscience.
    So at the end of the day, there are people in the world that really commit these horrific crimes.
    So like always, I cant wait for the next episode and the next adrenaline rush.
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  3. dado15

    dado15 New Member

    1. The walking dead, best tv series.i don't know about you guys. But when i'm watching this tv series,feels like i'm one with the survivors, and from all the actor/actress zombies great actors makeup artist cast they are all amazing ilove walking dead tv series. the walking dead.jpg
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  4. lorielync

    lorielync New Member

    “Grey’s Anatomy” is my all-time favorite tv series. I actually like medical dramas, in general. But “Grey’s Anatomy is, for me, the best of all medical dramas. No wonder they are going for another season this year. I feel very attached to the characters, maybe because I’ve been watching them for so many years already. The stories are good and the cast are great.
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  5. Chaze22

    Chaze22 New Member

    "Supernatural" all the way. That show is amazingly uplifting, despite its dark story lines. The persistence of the characters and the sense of family outweighs all the pain and turmoil. Also, basically all the people involved in the show are wonderful human beings. Many of them have been publicly candid about their own mental health struggles, and speak out lovingly to their fans in an effort to raise awareness and promote healing. Truly, these warm, wonderful individuals have saved and improved lives with their voices, and their genuine appreciation of those of us who watch and listen. To me, that’s part of why the fandom is so expansive and dedicated.

    "Friends" well Rachel somehow gives me hope that I’m going to make it to the top someday when I feel so depressed and feel like I want to give up. Rachel went from jobless to having a job offer in France for something she’s passionate about. Phoebe inspires me to look at life at a brighter side that no matter how tragic life can be, sometimes it is still beautiful. And when I feel like I have to be someone else just so I’d feel accepted, Monica would then remind me I only have to be me and the right person will love me for who I truly am.
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  6. providerjorda

    providerjorda New Member

    ''Super book''you can get a lot of good character, Life , Attitude,Good moral, and more!
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  7. Caguioa747

    Caguioa747 New Member

    Battlestar Galactica, the rebooted version. The relationships between characters feel so real and dynamic. The characters themselves never feel contrived or like their being forced to behave some way for the plot. The acting is so good that I still have a hard time seeing most of the actors as anyone but the characters they play.

    It’s also a sci-fi that has an intense focus on the role of religion, spiritualism, and scripture. I’m an atheist, and I just thought that was super ballsy. I feel like this show gave me insight into the minds of all sorts of people.

    The worldbuilding is very well done. There are so many little things that make the BSG world different from us (as well as some big things) and it’s all integrated nicely. For the most part, the exposition of the world is done so well you don’t notice it happening.

    And beyond that, I just love the story. I love the politics, and the way they don’t make either side good or evil. I love the character development. I love rewatching it, knowing where characters will end up.

    And it has a great musical score IMO. I just love everything about this show. I have shown it to multiple people who vehemently hate sci-fi and “space shows” and they’ve all been hooked. I always describe it as a show about people’s relationships with one another during crisis.
  8. tenwoe12

    tenwoe12 New Member

    My best TV series is 13 reason why which is based on the story book, and it is about a high school girl who committed suicide as she was not able to cope up with the situations even when she has been very strong and brave girl. World seems to stop considering her presents. Hence, lead her to death.
  9. kynnlyster

    kynnlyster New Member

    For me, its Game of Thrones... Regardless of those sex and nude scenes, the story is clearly the best.
    The storyline is good, those unexpected deaths of some characters, their pasts, and the connection of character's stories. Also the visuals and graphics is great. It's an epic fantasy medieval fantasy story.
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  10. wgchild

    wgchild New Member

    My favorite television show only lasted one season. Joss Whedon's "Firefly" is a space western focused on a not-gonna-play-by the-rules captain and his motley crew as they travel through the universe pulling unusual and often unlawful jobs. The dialogue is entertaining, the settings and costumes are appropriately gritty and the actors have great chemistry.
  11. ripplegrin

    ripplegrin New Member

    The good place has been my most recent beloved series and the one I think I've heard the least amount of discourse about. I have always been fascinated with what happens in the afterlife and this show has an interesting interpretation on it. The character dynamics are also something I enjoy greatly. I have yet to watch season three but I am extremely excited to watch it!
  12. kstanuch

    kstanuch New Member

    For me, It's Always Sunny in Philadephia is top tier, I can re-watch episodes anytime. Seinfeld has a similar vibe, but not as edgy. In terms of drama, Breaking Bad was amazing. "Lost" had potential back in the day, it was amazing watching it with other people... but then it jumped off the rails.
  13. laynepicataggi

    laynepicataggi New Member

    I think The Fosters is one of my all time favorites. It is a relatable series with lots of crazy situations. I liked the characters and how there were gay moms and adopted kids and different colored people. Not discriminated at all and I loved that.
  14. lyssabeth11

    lyssabeth11 New Member

    It's difficult to settle on just one tv show to label as my favorite, because there's several I like for different reasons. If I had to settle with just one however, it would have to be the US version of The Office. Besides the sheer hilarity of the show, the writing is absolutely brilliant and the over-the-top, eccentric nature of each character is portrayed by the actors perfectly. I've watched every season well over 10 times by now and still fail to find myself tired of it, which I suppose is a testimony in itself!
  15. Carrascoshiela

    Carrascoshiela New Member

    I love the good doctor series. But the korean version is better in my point of view. Maybe because its more on the dramatic side. But for the US version its actualy a great adaptation. The whole concept makes me want to forget about sleeping. Its just shows that people with autism can be treated and can perform a duty as a doctor. It may sound impossible in real life but you know maybe if people will start accepting maybe we can help more people with autism to explore their given gifts not just to function as a normal human being.
  16. Klint

    Klint New Member

    My favorite TV series is Game of Thrones. I am greatly enthralled by the idea of having seven kingdoms, of kings and queens, of lords and ladies, and also of the fascinating creatures that can be seen in this series. This TV series is a great depiction of our current state of lives in the real world; people seek wealth, power, and sex, people will betray one another for a chance of obtaining these three. This TV series is not centered on only one major character, but rather revolves around the background stories of every one of them. If I would rate it, I would give it 5/5 because admit it, this is a perfect TV series. I am absolutely looking forward for the next season.
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  17. Apollo2018

    Apollo2018 New Member

    My favorite TV series is a Korean Drama entitled "Jumong" and it has a very good story and concept. I really like the script of every episodes it makes me feel happy, sad and inspired. It has a very good action choreography and the artists are very talented to take their roles especially when it comes to romance.
  18. NikSuks

    NikSuks New Member

    The Wire, HBO. The way ,,The Wire" depicted American reality and reality of people living in poor social conditions, forgotten by institutions and system is just amazing and painfully real at the same time. It had 5 seasons and each season covered a separate storyline from the previous one, yet, all seasons are connected in overarching arc of the series and that is-the life in American city of Baltimore.
  19. Cael

    Cael New Member

    Well my favorite i think it's actually the one that started this new era of TV-Shows...
    i remember gathering with friends to watch every episode..which usually did not explain anything but added a thousand new questions
    i think that was its magic
    after that many other followed like Battlestar Galactica
    Now i'm totally sucked by Waling dead and Game of Thrones
  20. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    I thought CSI: Las Vegas was pretty good for the first few years until they started dropping all the
    main characters and dopey has been actors took their places. William Petersen carried the show
    all those early years and people got connected to his "crew". By the end of the series there wasn't
    anybody from the original cast left (I don't believe) but I had stopped watching it a couple of years before
    that happened.
  21. Cindy5967

    Cindy5967 New Member

    My favorite television by far is Walking Dead. I haven't been to happy with the way the story line has been going however this will always be my favorite show all times. When I am watching Walking Dead I feel connected to the characters. I feel everything they feel. When they go through something I go through something. When a couple of the characters died I felt like someone in my family had died. If anyone hasn't watched it you should try.
  22. PurpleTaco

    PurpleTaco New Member

    I'd have to go with ''The Haunting of Hill House''. It's so rare to find a horror show that is not only very well scripted, but also stays away from all the genre clichés - not to mention is terrifying in that unsettling, insidious way. There is just so much hidden meaning to it. Definitely recommend it to any horror fans!
  23. Vincent254

    Vincent254 New Member

    Definitely 'Friends'. Anyone who has watched the show will agree that it is outrageously funny. Each episode follows a fresh dose of hilarious antics of six friends trying to navigate life in New York. The characters are well-written and explored, and they have such wonderful chemistry. The show, with it's refreshing outlook on life, was and still is a major culture influence. If happiness was a show, it would be 'Friends'.
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  24. Sugah

    Sugah New Member

    Mine would be 'Sam and Cat', I dont know how, but those two got to me #winks
  25. Nora1

    Nora1 New Member

    My favorite T.V. series is Game of Thrones. The story depicts a lot of real-life problems in our society such as pornography and corruption. It's a great eye-opener for people who are easy prey on those adept at lies. I was reluctant to watch this series but my son still convinced me so here I am, acknowledging its brilliance. Unlike the regular cliches of other series, Game of Thrones has numerous plot twists which usually leaves the viewers in tears. I'm absolutely looking forward to the next season this 2019.
  26. sulatkamay12

    sulatkamay12 New Member

    Currently, I am working my way down the 'How to Get Away with Murder' series on Netflix. I have loved watching crime shows ever since my pre-teen years due to the fact that my father is a criminal lawyer himself but this is my first time watching a legal drama.
    The plot line is without a doubt the best, with a few inconsistencies here and there however the cinematic effect makes up for them. The characters are each well-established and unique, with every single one having a different yet connected story to one another.
    This also served as a great eye-opener for me and how the justice system sides with the way a story is told, not the truth itself.
    Overall, this is a great series for adrenaline junkies such as myself for every single episode will have you holding onto your seats for dear life.
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  27. tikosi tina

    tikosi tina New Member

    My childhood favorite is Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and still nice to re-watch it.All of his episodes are exciting, as they are depicting a fantastical ancient world full of adventure, myths and monsters.
    Kevin Sorbo who plays the superhuman son of Zeus is great in the role.Hercules represents superhuman power, incredible courage and tremendous victories.He is using his half-god strength to help people.He is fighting for a noble cause, and only if needed.
    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys became one of highest rated and most beloved television shows, and is still followed by many fans.
  28. prateek22

    prateek22 New Member

    My favorite TV series is "The Vampire Diaries". This is the most interesting series i've ever watched.The characters in the series are one of the factors that attracts audience attention. The storyline and screenplay of the series is great and amazing. Its stroyline is very emotional and heartbreaking throught different episodes that is the reason why i love this supernatural being series.
  29. kendiiii

    kendiiii New Member

    My favorite TV series has to be Jane the Virgin. There are so many twists and turns that keep you on your feet and, as a hopless romantic, I can't help but get completely absorbed in all the numerous love-plots the serie has.
  30. Cio

    Cio New Member

    My favorite TV series is "Mr. Bean" although he is a comedian, it has always a lesson at the end that we can apply in true life. One more thing about Mr. Bean is he can act as a role model to everyone that no matter is the problem we as individual can solve it.

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