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  1. Gribas

    Gribas New Member

    My favourite TV-series is a Brazilian novella “O Clone”. I know that my choice is a bit unusual, because I'm a boy. Why did I like it so much? Of course, the cast of the series was professional; even there were the special effects. But I liked the problems, which were risen in this novella. For example, the problem of drug-abusers. We were convinced that everyone can start using drugs and it is very difficult to help such people. And I liked relations between two religions: Christians and Muslims. “O Clone” gave us an opportunity to understand that Muslims are peace-loving and very traditional people.
  2. m9c290

    m9c290 New Member

    Black Mirror : Charlie Brooker’s wonderful television anthology series delves deep into the dark side of life and technology. I don’t think there’s another TV series which philosophically and satirically captures the impact technology is having on our lives. Each episode is like an independent film set in an alternate though altogether plausible (though at times exaggerated) reality. Be it Drones, Augmented Reality, Social Media, Internet Porn, Cyber Terrorism, Tech warfare, Online bullying or Hacking, we’ve got an episode dealing with each
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  3. nivramlop

    nivramlop New Member

    I personally loved the act and character of Nick Burkhardt, David Giuntoli in real life so my favorite TV Series is Grimm. Even include one of Philippine myths the "Aswang" so it added the flavor of the story. looking forward for more seasons and subs.
  4. dollbbylove

    dollbbylove New Member

    My favorite TV series has evolved into this long list of shows that may involve suspense, thrill, or twist. I find more TV shows are better than movies because the writers provide unpredictable scenarios.

    Below I will list my top 2 favorite shows and why they are my favorites to watch.

    1. Wentworth is based on a women's prison that shows it's perception on the corruption within the prison and how manipulative the prisoners and staff can be for their own gain. Lara Radulovich, who is the writer of this show has done a phenomenal job with the storyline and is incredibly innovative with the twist she provides in this series. I happen to love the turns and suspense in this show.

    2. Money Heist has created this character name Professor who brings a group of criminals together to start a money heist. This show will have you on the edge of your seat at every turn! You will also find that there's a reason to pay attention to the small details in this series, otherwise, you'll find yourself watching it the second time realizing you missed more than you thought. Personally, I love how each character develops, because they are all relatable in some way.
  5. anacaro

    anacaro New Member

    My favorite TV series is Seinfield, and what makes me watch it is that no matter how many times I watch an episode, it always makes me laugh. It's a classic.
  6. lokistar

    lokistar New Member

    New Amsterdam, started watching it and I was hooked. Just has the needed drama that keeps you watching and wanting to know what happens next. Love the characters and how each has their own set of traits and issues.
  7. himasrehasph15

    himasrehasph15 New Member

    First lucifer this series is one of the coolest series that i have watch the background of this TV series is awesome and it's also about family and the consequences of what you do wrong if someone ask me to recommend them a TV series this will be one of my recommendation.

    Second is Supernatural if some of you know this you know that it's cool and full of action the Winchester family hunting demons that is really cool.
  8. jazzlightly

    jazzlightly New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] House. I was on vacation and getting ready for my first year as an engineering student in the University when I came across this amazing series. After that, life was never the same again. I was carrying an anatomy handbook in my second semester and topped my psychology class only because it was the only subject that had a touch of medicine in it. I only lasted in Engineering for a total of three semesters and after that, I was happily studying medical laboratory science. I'm an intern now and I know the real-life scenarios in hospitals but I still binge watch House when I have the time. Now, THAT'S good TV.
  9. profc

    profc New Member

    "Game of Thrones" is my most loved TV arrangement that I've been following recently. I thought about the arrangement from a great deal of my Friends who used to watch this one scene after the other. I somehow didn't like the idea of waiting for each episode every week and forgot about it.
    In any case, all of a sudden out of shear intrigue, I've begun viewing the arrangement in a period span of around 2 months or less. Indeed you've perused that right, one scene daily. On the off chance that the scene charmed me well, that is a hold up time of 24 hours, I would watch one more scene that day itself.
    Presently I'm following the seventh season as some other GOT fan, one scene a week and I'll hang tight for the eighth season with a similar eagerness.
  10. Louieeeee

    Louieeeee New Member

    Too many to mention, but to one that popped in my head while writing this is 'You' the new Netflix Series release before 2019 starts. I love how different this is with the common and usual product we see today. It's dark with an interesting story plot. I like how the voice overs were created that make its viewers feel what the character feels. I love the mystery in it that makes me hungry to each episode. I'm overwhelmed how I create questions in my head that makes it more interesting to look forward to what's next.
  11. cheychan

    cheychan New Member

    I've always grew fond of "The Big Bang Theory" series probably because it is about comedy and some science. It's just nice to see the characters of the series evolve. I guess that is partly the reason why I was hooked from season 1 up until it's last season to this date. I also fell in love with the way they incorporate science and create jokes out of nowhere. The cast were also spot on. If anyone ever comes across my reply to this blog, I highly recommend this series! Then tell me if you also like it.
  12. sun00005

    sun00005 New Member

    i like showtimes, and eatbulaga, i love drama too like special tatay and onanay, mostly thai movie or korean
  13. Game of thrones. One of the best.
  14. jerichomendoza2

    jerichomendoza2 New Member

    I am not going into the plots because they are all pretty well known.These gems are meant to be experienced and I don't want to reveal any spoilers to spoil your fun in case you haven't watched some of them.Instead,I am going to explain why these shows are special and why they are my favorites.

    1.Game of Thrones- The main reason this show is great is because you cannot predict what is gonna happen next. The character you respect and root for has the maximum chance of dying and the villainous ones end up surviving longer. The cinematography is awesome and the war sequences are treat to watch.Valar Morgulis!!

    2.Breaking Bad- This may not have a complex story,lot of characters and visually stunning battles but this series proves even a simple concept can be made into a masterpiece if executed well.Everything is top notch,acting,direction,writing,cinematography and very cool usage of songs and background score.Surely,it has slow pace sometimes and it isn't edge-of-the-seat type but from the very first episode,you will get hooked. Season 5 is thrilling,gripping and towards the end you will surely cry. This series has the most emotionally charged,tragic and perfect finale and it's gonna stay in my heart forever. It also shows how practical knowledge of Science is useful in “special” ways-killing people,disappearing their bodies,escaping from tricky situation,such is the brilliance of Heisenberg!!

    3.Narcos- This is based on the life of Pablo Escobar,the famous drug lord of Colombia who was the kingpin of Cocaine trade. What makes this show special is the gripping narrative. There is not a single dull moment and it will keep you at the edge of your seats all the time. The encounters,chases and the superb portrayal of Pablo Escobar will keep you engrossed.

    4.Stranger Things-If you have not watched it yet then get ready to experience an exciting 8 hours of your life. This is the most gripping show I have seen recently and it has everything for sci-fi lovers-telekinesis,alternate dimension,monsters,mystery. Never had I imagined that a case of missing boy would turn into such a treat.Highly recommended!!Can't wait for season 2!!

    5.Sherlock- Each and every episode is a delight to watch and you will feel that Benedict Cumberbatch is made for this role.The mind boggling mysteries and Sherlock's deductions will leave you spellbound.The way some of the classic stories have been recreated in modern times with science and technology(for example Hound of the Baskervilles,study in Scarlet,scandal in Bohemia) is just awesome.This features one of the best villains ever in History of movies and tv series-Jim Moriarty who is just fantastic.Have’nt watched it yet??Then get ready to be Sherlocked.
  15. Kiingmaanii

    Kiingmaanii New Member

    Im really into Anime. Like anything from mainstream to fullmetal alchemist is cool to me but if i had to pick an actuall tv show i would say Law and Order SVU because that show is so interesting to me. I really like the plot that the show has and definitely has long enough episodes for me to binge watch. Also the shoe has been out for more than 10 years so i dont have to worry about finishing the series so quick.
  16. Treehugs

    Treehugs New Member

    Breaking Bad and Prison Break was the two things that comes to mind. I enjoyed each and every episodes filled with conflicts, plot-twists, actions and critical decision making.
  17. krstnshelley

    krstnshelley New Member

    Although I could name so many TV Series I finished watching, my top 2 picks are Friends and Grey's Anatomy

    Friends have always given me something to laugh about. Even when the hit TV Show ended 15 years ago, the humor it contains never fail to make me laugh. I love how it revolves within a group of friends sharing different stories and knowing the value of family and friendship even as they grow together.

    With Grey's Anatomy, I gained this interest in attending medical school. But I never did. I got so quickly attached to its characters so I tend to be over-emotional when someone dies. Moreover, the different kind of illnesses or trauma they encounter every episode never fails to make interested in it. The issues involving family and personal relationships, and the challenges faced by the people who want to be the very best at their profession are all so vivid and to watch out for in this TV Series
  18. Pacats23

    Pacats23 New Member

    "Band of Brothers" will always be my favorite TV series. It was all about a company of heroes who volunteered to fight against German Army and can be defined as the best company within 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment during their time. It was based on a true story from world war 2 lead by Major Richard D. Winters. They were so inspiring for me when i saw their compassion to one another. I had already watched this series more than 5 times.
  19. Malik901

    Malik901 New Member

    It's definitely hard to settle for one TV show as my favorite, but if I had to choose I would go with “The Walking Dead”. This show is one of the most exhilarating TV shows I've ever binge watched. It's interesting because you never know what's going to happen next and they set the show up to where it feels as if you're one of the survivors which is really dope to me.
  20. RonnieG

    RonnieG New Member

    I'm a huge fan of the Homeland series on Showtime. I think in every season, the plot is so well thought out and complex. it is usually aligned with current events.
  21. rhythm87

    rhythm87 New Member

    Fringe is my all-time favorite series. It is a science fiction series created by J. J. Abrams. I’m also a big fan of J. J. Abrams since the Armageddon movie up to Star Trek and Star Wars movies. The story follows the casework of Fringe Division, a special task force of FBI. The cases includes fringe science, experiments on humans, development of massive weapons, and parallel universe. Aside from the fringe science, the series also revolves on father-son relationship. Hence, the series is not only full of mystery and action, but also contains drama and family bond.
  22. mcmLiyamcm

    mcmLiyamcm New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    One of my favorite TV series is Mom. It has been running for 6 seasons. The main characters are Christy played by Anna Farris and Bonnie played by Allison Janney. I liked this TV series because they are both good actresses and the story is hilarious. The mother and daughter relationship revolves about bantering and teasing each other. As both characters used to be alcoholics they had lots of unfavorable circumstances that made them stronger and wiser. They are attending alcoholic meetings and are on the process of making their lives in order.

    This story shows that even people in distress can have better lives as long as there are family and friends that support you and make you laugh. It is good to see that they have reached their aspiration. Christy is attending college working on becoming a lawyer and Bonnie is about to be married to her current boyfriend, Adam. Aside from these two, there are more characters here, one is Tammy, a childhood friend of Bonnie that just got of prison and is trying to fit in the outside world. This TV series always makes me laugh since the dialogues are well-written and the story revolves about strong independent women. It is empowering to see women in middle-aged having fun and still discovering new things in life.
  23. Abbybvega

    Abbybvega New Member

    My favorite TV series is The Walking Dead..
    This show is one of the best ive seen.
    It is very exciting and thrilling.
    The effects, costumes and make up are superb.
  24. Lmrodz05

    Lmrodz05 New Member

    My favorite series is Game of Thrones and its my favorite because it's really one of a kind. Before GOT I haven't seen a fantasy show that didn't act like a "fantasy show". The characters in GOT are flawed and imperfectly human, they made tough decisions, had complex motivations, and had layered thoughts and feelings. It wasn't good vs. evil like we've seen so many times before in fantasy. There aren't truly good heroes with zero flaws and there aren't evil villains who are evil for the sake of being evil. There was always a reason for them to do bad things and sometimes there was humanizing quality behind the madness. It's about humanity, the good and the bad that came with it. And it treated magic as rare, unstable, and sometimes monstrous force which we hardly ever see in pop culture. It subverts all expectations that you have and leaving wondering what is going to happen next.
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  25. Bigbills

    Bigbills New Member

    Personally I have watched a lot of TV series and every week I make it a point to watch something new, But my favourite so far is Game of Thrones! That series was made to definitely blow minds away. I have watched season 1 -7 and i seriously cant wait for April 2019 when season 8 will come out. Winter is coming guys, and its bringing a whole lot of excitement with it. lol:D
  26. dannycash

    dannycash New Member

    Die Simpsons damit bin ich aufgewachsen einfach genial.
  27. xoxemmaxox

    xoxemmaxox New Member

    I love the show gossip girl because it keeps me on the edge of my seat all the time. From episode to episode, the drama changes, but remains just as interesting. I have watched 3 seasons in a month!!! Some might say that that's unhealthy, but I think that that is what entertainement is all about. This is the kind of Show that is so good that every time an episode finishes, you tell yourself: "Okay, just ONE last episode"

    I love it.
  28. sarlicayan

    sarlicayan New Member

    My all time favorite is "Supernaturals". This show have everything, love,life, family, horror, comedy, faith, forgiveness and many more. This show is truly epic and exiting. The actors are amazing in portraying their characters. Watching the two gorgeous brothers defy the rules of life and their struggles to keep their family gives me a sense of hope that I can survive in this world. This show is really worth to watch despite the dark story line.
  29. Pchi

    Pchi New Member

    Full House! With Song Hye Kyo and Rain Bi! Never got tired watching reruns and reruns of that series! :p:p
  30. Heidy

    Heidy New Member

    The correct answer is Supernatural. The show may have veered away from its theme over the years but the writers time and again come up with various scenarios and the actors deliver. I had the opportunity to meet the actors in person and yes, I was fan-girling in the course of one weekend but that led me to appreciate the show and the actors much more. The fandom has been steadily increasing because it is not merely a show anymore but a lifeline. People from all walks of life can identify with the characters and their issues. Because whether we like it or not, it's not happy sailing all the time, life throws curved balls every now and then. Just as Sam and Dean battle it out with creatures that go bump in the night, we all have our own demons to deal with as we go about our daily lives.

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