NETFLIX - "13 Reasons Why: Final Season" gets a trailer!!!

Discussion in 'Television' started by siolsenbrad, May 21, 2020.


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  1. siolsenbrad

    siolsenbrad New Member

    Netflix's - 13 Reasons Why: Final Season gets a trailer and people are so hyped!
  2. ftmabalot

    ftmabalot Member

    Maybe I cannot state 13 reasons but I can state a few. Final Season gets a trailer to encourage audience to watch. Encourage people to see what happens to everyone in the series. Who gets to die and who gets to live? Who gets a happy ending and who doesn't. Netflix has so far gave its audiences very good stories. I. for one watch some of their shows and series. Getting a trailer for a final season is like saying to the word, "Hello there ! Catch us please for one last time. You'll never see us on TV again so might as well give us your precious time". It is Netflix' way to get people excited and it makes people talk about it, thus creating a media frenzy.
  3. riaparaiso26

    riaparaiso26 New Member

    I still like season 1. Great facts and emotions discussed

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