Netflix or Hulu?

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Netflix or Hulu?

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  1. Netflix

  2. Hulu

  1. andyoh4732

    andyoh4732 New Member

    which online streaming service do you prefer? hulu or netflix?
  2. Sandman14

    Sandman14 New Member

    I like Hulu better it has movies and t.v shows. I can watch This Is Us, while also I can go and watch the Great Gastby. But also there is their addons that you must buy and goes onto your monthly payment. But the base pay is cheaper then Nextflix. So when you add those it comes about the same price as Nextflix.
  3. kvp

    kvp New Member

    I never heard of Hulu. I use Netflix on all my devices and I'm happy that I can download the episodes/ movies and watch them when I travel with Airplane.
  4. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Netflix. there is more new and upcoming series and movies to watch.
  5. taylorrentmoney

    taylorrentmoney New Member

    I started watching both netflix and hulu about a year ago now and I must say the one I use most is hulu. Their show options bare The Office being on netflix have suited me more. My favorites being: Family Guy, Futurama, and Parks and Rec.. I am also currently watching American Dad on hulu.
  6. alpaolodecastro

    alpaolodecastro New Member

    Netflix, I don't really have a choice since Hulu is not available from where I live. So far, I am satisfied with my subscription, still able to watch shows and movies that I love.
  7. AbeTheBabe

    AbeTheBabe New Member

    I'm gonna be completely honest and say it really just depends on if you like movies more or television. I've been limited to my time with Hulu, but I've always had Netflix. I'm more of a movie guy, but with Futurama and American Dad (My two favorites!!!) on Hulu they really make a run for the money.
  8. DamianTyrell

    DamianTyrell New Member

    For a number of reasons Netflix continues to be the superior streaming service available in my opinion. While Netflix cannot own all content out there, and sometimes they lose popular shows to other streaming services like Hulu, it does has the most intuitive and easy to use user interface. Hulu, and even Amazon Streaming Video, have clunky and confusing user interfaces that prevent you from seeing how much content they actually provide. Sometimes searching for a particular show can prove to be laborious.
    Let me put it this way, if I were only to have one streaming service as my disposal I would choose Netflix.
  9. CampingNanax5

    CampingNanax5 New Member

    I love Netflix. My favorite show on there right now is The Ranch. I can relate very well with the show. I also enjoy watching the children's shows with my Grandchildren.
  10. aski

    aski New Member

    My vote goes to Amazon Video, rather than either of the two choices above. While both Netflix and Hulu have robust content libraries and I use both at home, the fact that Amazon offers a lot of syndicated content that isn't available on Netflix (albeit, occasionally at an additional cost) and integrates tightly with Amazon's FireStick and associated products makes it the easiest to include in my daily habits. This is combined with the ease of use of Amazon's ordering process for non-video products, even though the ease arguably comes at the cost of privacy.
  11. JaneBosch

    JaneBosch New Member

    I like Hulu more than Netflix. While Netflix has better original shows and a large selection to choose from, Hulu has more shows I actually want to watch. Hulu is also much better about uploading the newest seasons of my favorite shows.
  12. Lmrodz05

    Lmrodz05 New Member

    I prefer Netflix especially if you have a family because there's a lot of options for everyone in the house to pick. And it's also good if you have little ones like babies and kids because the Netflix kids section has plenty shows for both age groups to watch and enjoy.
  13. dlhathaway94

    dlhathaway94 New Member

    I have a tendency to lean towards Hulu, watching Netflix mostly for Dear White People and documentaries. Hulu has a wider selection of enjoyable television series and movies - although, that seems to be changing with the emergence of Netflix Originals. Hulu also offers some episodes the night after they air; this is appealing to me - as someone who does not have the time or energy to tune in every week at a specified time in order to stay caught up - because it allows me flexibility in viewing without forcing me to fall behind on my show because I missed it one week. This feature of Hulu's also makes it less overwhelming to start a show, because I don't have to worry about binge-watching becoming necessary.
  14. anhumphrey

    anhumphrey New Member

    I mostly use Hulu because I feel like they have a better selection of TV shows. Most of the stuff I liked on Netflix has unfortunately been taken down, but Hulu has pretty much every TV show I would want to watch. That being said, I still keep my Netflix subscription because the originals they've been putting out recently are pretty good. Haunting of Hill House anyone?
  15. Ruthbobosa71

    Ruthbobosa71 New Member

    I really love Netflex since Hulu is not available in my country.And netflix is wide variety of award winning Tv shows and documentaries, movies and of course thousands of users from the internet.
  16. Ade123

    Ade123 New Member

    So this for me is a no brainer , Netflix is my prefered choice over Hulu . Neflix has

    -More original content and shows.
    -Wide range of genres , international movies and shows - Korean Dramas, Turkish shows and a ton of educational documentaries.
    -No commercials and you can even skip the intro before every episode starts.
    -Netflix is not trying to replace your TV it brings its own TV and started its own binge watching culture.

    So like i said no brainer - Netflix please .
  17. zenithboi

    zenithboi New Member

    Netflix has lots of interesting movies.
  18. zlynch5123

    zlynch5123 New Member

    Don't make me choose. :) It would be a very hard decision for me, because it seems like both services are going their own paths. Netflix is trying to be more of a content producer than distributor now, whereas Hulu is the go to service for people who are trying to cut the cord on network TV but still want their shows. For me, the deciding factor would be Netflix has Black Mirror and Hulu doesn't, but that would literally be the tie breaker between the two. Netflix is for watching when I'm serious and Hulu is for watching when I want something in the background.
  19. kiefgonzales

    kiefgonzales New Member

    Netflix for sure. The only thing I watched in Hulu was its fiction-biopic 11.22.63, only because James Franco starred in it and involved saving John F. Kennedy's life in the process. So far, none of Hulu's shows caught my attention. Netflix wins by a long shot with shows like the critically acclaimed, You, rom-coms such as Insatiable, 80's throwback thrillers such as Stranger Things, and a whole bunch more variety shows and movies that you can binge to.
  20. BetteL29

    BetteL29 New Member

    I would say Hulu right now. Netflix has some great original content and a superior movie selection, but I think Hulu is catching up in the original programming department and is adding movies like Sorry to Bother You more and more frequently. Hulu also has a lot of popular series that Netflix does not, and many of them moved from Netflix. Shows with strong cult followings like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Happy Endings can only be found on Hulu. If you are a fan of television, I think it is your best bet.
  21. petot07

    petot07 New Member

    if your looking for original prooduction then it's netflix because they keep doing netflix originals that you can only watch there and it also interesting that it will keep hook while hulu is just a distributor that help you watch something that you've been dying to watch
  22. more2life

    more2life New Member

    I'm a netflix fan! So much to choose from and it's easier to find international titles. For me personally that is a huge plus to be able to be exposed to films, and television shows from other countries. Plus Netflix has a better anime selection in my opinion.
  23. xoxemmaxox

    xoxemmaxox New Member

    If it's up to me, I would choose Netflix, because i think that it has a wider variety of shows and movies. Plus, Netflix has better shows, in my opinion

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